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Super Bowl Commercials and Questionable Content

posted 2/7/2010 4:42:09 PM |
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First.. and most importantly.. Who Dat? Who say dat when we do dat? Saints! Go Saints! (this message brought to you by the civil war going on in the apartment complex.)

Secondly and less important but more interestingly.. I've been looking at the ads that have been banned from being shown during the Super Bowl. Some, like GoDaddy dot com I can sort of understand as they are kind of reminiscent of a certain wardrobe malfunction at another game.. but others.. well.. one in particular.

ManCrunch. ManCrunch is a gay dating site, much like AMD but for gay men exclusively. Ok.. so what's wrong with that?

Evidently a lot, according to CBS anyway. They refused to show a commercial for the site that shows two men kissing when their team makes a touch down. WTF? And again I say, WTF? They will allow Mick Jagger to flap his old man wings in public, but a commercial showing two men kissing is verbotten?

To make matters worse, I just heard one of the commentators make a statement that just plain pisses me off. Just plain aaaaaaaaargh. The statement was, "it's like the Oscars for straight men." WTF? Only straight men like football? I don't happen to be a straight man.. or even a slightly crooked one. I'm not even a completely straight woman. and I love football. Why, in this day and age, when we are supposed to be politically correct, to be tolerant of the differences of others, why, when openly gay and bisexual actors and actresses are very popular on television and movies.. when even straigh actors play gay.. when there are whole shows based on homosexuality etc.. why? What is it? Is clicking a link that might take you to a Gay site suddenly going to "Make You Gay"? I can prove it don't.. I clicked the link a lot of times.. no gay rubbed off. I'm no gayer today than I was yesterday. I betcha each of you could click a linky to a gay site and still not be gay. Heck .. many of you have been propositioned by people of the same sex and still not become gay.

The point of my rant? Sigh.. co-freaking-exist people. And if you are concerned about equality and people's rights? Write to CBS complaining that this ad was banned from their station.

Remember the poem.. with the ending.. and when they came for me, there was no one left to speak.

Speak. Speak loudly.

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Feb 7 @ 5:06PM  
That does not surprise me. They are however showing an ad encouraging women to ignore doctor's opinions. They even co-wrote it.

Feb 7 @ 5:18PM  
I love you skwirl, baby, but in rereading your blog post I have to ask; so what, who cares? I don't...

Feb 7 @ 5:32PM  
It doesn't surprise me. I'm not sayin it's right or anything though

Feb 7 @ 5:36PM  
Well obviously I care. I'd say that's one. I'm sure there are others. What I don't get is why it's ok for them to deny the ad for no really good reason, but allow a commentator to get away with a remark that is blatantly sexist?

Feb 7 @ 6:03PM  
Thus I call it the 'Stupor Bowl' (see wut I did ther?)

Feb 7 @ 6:26PM  
Even Doogie Howser is gay
I don't know his name in the series he's in now
You know what??? I don't really give a shit who is and who ain't

Feb 7 @ 6:33PM  
I think his name is Barney... in How I Met Your Mother.... I just love that show!!!!

I think he's hilarious.. or should I say... "legendary"

Feb 7 @ 6:56PM  
When that whole big fucking scandal over Adam Lambert kissing guys and otherwise acting queer at the AMAs first blew up, the news report I was watching about the shit blurred out the guy on guy action but showed Madonna tonsil wrestling Brittany Spears not even ten seconds later! I swear 2 GOD ten seconds or less! My question is how is that not some kind of weird homophobic double standard?


Feb 7 @ 8:32PM  
The narrow minded stupidity isn't surprising. Do they honestly believe they are "protecting" anyone? This day and age of computers and internet...yeah, I'd say it's safe to say that a majority of net surfers had clicked a link to a gay website. I agree,
co-freaking-exist people

Feb 7 @ 9:14PM  
Sometimes I think the execs in charge just LOVE to mess with the general public. There are guys kissing guys all over the boob tube...and they're gonna ban it from the Stupid Bowl???? To protect lil' ole' moi???? Puuullleeeezzzz!!!!

Honestly, I think they do it just to get a rise out of us. With that being's not right...and it's definitely a double standard. And of you so eloquently put it Ms Skwirl...we all need to co-freaking-exist.

Feb 8 @ 12:31AM  
Homophobia is still alive and well the world over...even in the halls of CBS.

As long as people buy into the idea that homosexuality is a moral decision and is an abomination, there will always be homophobia.

Many religions support the idea that homosexuality is a sin and regard gay people as sinners that need to be saved...

Feb 8 @ 7:45AM  
verboten- forbidden for enquiring minds !
They will allow Mick Jagger to flap his old man wings in public, but a commercial showing two men kissing is verbotten?
Big lips make you gay if I'm understanding it correctly.
Will Smith & Paul Blart the mall cop kissed in a movie Hitch some time ago but that was about money & acting. It doesn't mean they are gay. Kenau Reeves & River Phoenix did to but they were acting as gay men in that film. Robin Willams played as a gay man before as well as many other actors & actresses but either way it goes it doesn't make a flying fuck to me one way or the other & to each his own. Regardless of inner or outer conflict of gay & heterosexual differences the Saints did win the Super-bowl knowing that attending personnel & television viewers are gay. I wouldn't lose any sweat off my balls over this ...

Feb 8 @ 10:20AM  
I didn't get a chance to watch a lot of the game, or the commericals last night

Feb 11 @ 2:53AM  
That Snickers commercial looked pretty funny. Finally got to see it a day or two after the Super Bowl.

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Super Bowl Commercials and Questionable Content