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Taxation Without Reparations?

posted 2/7/2010 8:16:22 AM |
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tagged: whig

I think my cat is a Taliban. I got him from my sister a few months ago. B4 that I believe he was training in Yemen with the rest of those Al Qaeda assholes. They must've trained him and then smuggled him N2 the country (I'm still not sure about my sister's level of involvement, but it is clear she is involved). It's plain as the nose on Ur face if U know what 2 look for. For instance, I see him lying down facing Mecca at least five times a day.(he could be praying). He certainly acts like he's involved in Jihad against me. I'm telling U...if he had thumbs he would have blown me up weeks ago...

I'm fucking hooked on Lost. But I'm not hooked on Lost the way most of U are hooked on Lost. Most of U are hooked on Lost at the beginning of the sixth and final season. Not me...that would be 2 fucking easy. I got hooked on Lost watching the reruns, so I'm somewhere near the end of the fourth season. Why? Cuz I'm a fucking rebel. But that's not why I mention being hooked on Lost, I mention being hooked on Lost only 2 let U all know that as the show approaches it's fifth season I am still completely fucking lost.

Let's have an AMDs Best Boobs contest! I'll be the judge! Just msg me for info on how 2 email me Ur titty pic...

Jerry Springer is a fucking genius (I don't care what anybody says, that show is fucking brilliant!).And talk about a guy who knows how 2 market himself! It wouldn't surprise me 2 see him running for Senate some day. Fuck it...I'd vote for him. Do U really think he could do any fucking worse than the assholes we have now?

The one problem I do have with The Jerry Springer Show is that people from other countries watch it and think that's how all Americans act. They don't understand that the guest pool is generated almost exclusively in back woods trailer parks (white guests) and inner city ghettos (black guests)! That's not a fair representation of the real America! I least I fucking hope not...

On the other hand, fuck people from other countries and what they think! If they weren't completely full of shit they'd be Americans themselves...

I have decided that the best kept secret of the Cold War was how fucking good looking Russian women are! I mean...seriously...they really were sending over some Olga Korbut looking bitches, while back home in Mother Russia they were keeping girls like THIS and THIS all 2 themselves!!! How is it possible we never knew about WHORES like these???? Do U have any idea how fast we would have surrendered if when they said "The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!" THIS is what they fucking meant???

I think it's kinda weird that the guy playing against the Saints in the Super Bowl 2day grew up a Saints fan. What are the fucking odds? Admittedly, they do go up if Ur dad was the quarterback. I'll give U that. But hey...what are the odds of that? Furthermore, who gives a Shit?

I know...I know...the girl isn't taking a shit. Do U really think I am interested in viewing stranger's bowel movements? Do U really think I am that fucking sick? I mean, what kind of fucking PERVERT would be N2 such a thing? Not ME, that's for goddamn sure! Fucking sick bastards...

That's enough for now, I guess. Truth be told, I'm really just trying 2 get mentioned in next week's AMD Week in Review without having 2 resort 2 offering sexual favors...

Keeping U posted


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Feb 7 @ 8:37AM  
I got a sexual favor to offer Mr. Parker.

Good Morning to ya over there on the West Coast! 5:30 in the fuckin' morning & you ain't got shit to do except blog?? Morning wood, don't waste it.

Feb 7 @ 10:58AM  
Jerry Springer is a fucking genius (I don't care what anybody says, that show is fucking brilliant!).And talk about a guy who knows how 2 market himself! It wouldn't surprise me 2 see him running for Senate some day.
You may not realize it, but Jerry Springer was a councilman and mayor of Cincinnati
in the '70s, and he actually ran for governor of Ohio once, too. Unfortunately, some, er,
indiscretions early on cut his political career short.

Just think--Jerry could have been a guest on his own show!

Feb 7 @ 3:54PM  
I think my Penguin Hooker is a Scientologist.

Feb 7 @ 3:59PM  
Lost sucks. Island survival was a great idea but that invisible monster bullshit...

Cable is the ripoff of the century. I get 6 dvds a week from Netflix way cheaper.

I liked The Wire, Weeds, Dexter, True Blood and Prime Suspect.

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Taxation Without Reparations?