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AMD Week in Review

posted 2/6/2010 10:57:57 PM |
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And here we are, another week in review. Looks like the fun is making a comeback here in Pervia, which is what the Review is all about. Fun, it makes life so much more enjoyable don’t you think? Reading something that can make you smile, laugh, or even think. Yes, sometimes a joke gets repeated, but, so what? The person posting it is taking the time to try to bring laughter into others lives. They don’t have to do that, but they are because they want others to smile or laugh. Nothing wrong in that. Speaking of making others smile……let’s get going here before I get yelled at for being late again.

Sunshine79 starts off with “New Ford For Women!” It’s called the YCC “Your concept car”, yep, it’s tailor made for women….. I’m still waiting to see if Ford accepts rubber checks.

somnium told us about “Men in Black actor charged with breaking into Conn. Bank” It’s really sad that a talented actor such as Rip Torn has been reduced to trying to break into a bank while drunk. I actually hope he gets the help he needs for recovery.

selectusername filled us in on “Penguin Hookers”. How do you like that? Prostitution even in the world of penguins.

DickSlippery is playing out the tunes for us in “Mother” by Pink Floyd. Rock on DS!!!!

Sunshine79 asked “Good Samaritans Or Child Traffickers?” I think we’ve all heard about the Baptist group who was found moving children who are victims of the earthquake in Haiti to the Dominican Republic. I found it suspicious they were transporting without proper paperwork. But, in all fairness, they may not have known. Only time will tell.

TexasRacer asked “Was I too prepared?” NO NO NO NO!!!! OMG! You forgot the KY, they have this new “His&Her” stuff, goodness! Haven’t you seen the commercials for it? And you forgot the mood music. No wonder she slammed the door.

Cootiesprayer stopped in to say “Hi everyone…” and gave us an update on her surgery and how her life is going.

RJ53 asked how we get our “News”…I watch some on Fox, but mostly I watch my local news. If I really want to know what my elected officials are doing (or not doing), I will turn on Cspan.

Ewe_wish gave us “Another All Grandmothers say Awwwwwww Story”….I just love how young kids can take a simple statement like, “you’re part black”, so literal and ask, “what part”. Kids are definitely the most precious in one’s life.

lunanegra is offering some really good advice in her blog, “Luna’s guide to dating and sexing’, um…Luna. Part One: Online approach” I gotta say, she hit it right on the head.


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Feb 6 @ 11:04PM  
whisperingcomet says, “My house sounds funny ” Yeah, I feel the same about my house when all is quiet too. It’s actually quite peaceful, then the dogs decide it’s too relaxing so they bark.

DarkKnightWalking told us “Yes, I’m on a Crusade…” A driver caused the death of a motorcyclist, and is asking for probation. Problem? Records show this driver has had 4 tickets in the last 2 years of driving without a license. And has now killed someone. I really hope this person gets more than a “shame on you” from the courts on this.

PinkToeNails blogged “Let’s touch on this subject again.” Should prison inmates be allowed internet access? Personally, I say, email only.

alybai42 said “My good girl has gone bad.” Yep, 15 year old daughter, gotta be fun. Everyone had some pretty good advice, stay strong, don’t give in . My Mom used to tell my sisters and I that she would rather piss us off and know we are safe than cave in and have us end up hurt or dead.

selectusername shared “Boobs” with everyone. No, not his boobs. Geez!!! He provided a link to some celebrity cleaveage. Oh yeah, he later shared “Fake Boobs” No, not his, but some well known celebrities who have had boob jobs. I swear, he has boobs on the brain this week.

Straddlemynose asked everyone “What is your favorite peanut butter?” rings, honeymoons, and now peanut butter?

DickSlippery played “Another Brick in the Wall Part2” Yep, he’s still playing Pink Floyd for us.

DarkKnightWalking did “A Birthday Repost” Yep, we had 2 birthdays to celebrate this week, BlueEyes708 and Looking4ever had birthdays.

Sunshine79 told us about a “Little Stinker” “Works for ketchup” ? That is one observant kid!

somnium wrote “NASA Moon program scrubbed-biting the hand that feeds us”? I agree, I think it’s stupid to not be studying the Moon more.

LilGriz helped out the guys with “Man and his machine”, of course, for this life like doll, it’s gonna cost about $7,000. See? Even the fake ones are gonna cost ya!

Wordsofwit provided a helpful link for the unemployed in his blog “Temporary job for thousands of degreed people in several states and 2-1-1” Of course, the jobs require a 4 year degree, and yes, it’s temporary, but, it’s better than nothing and there are so many college grads out there without work. I did forward this link to my sister, and she says she is going to look into it.

RevDocLove says “Pull The Plug” I’m telling ya….gotta be careful what ya say around kids. They take things so literally.


Feb 6 @ 11:11PM  
whisperingcomet said “More boobie talk ” She’s wanting to know why guys like women’s boobs so much.

theSkwirl asked “Whaddya Think?” She is talking about “Can’tism”. Is it truly a case of mind over matter? If you believe you can, you will succeed? Or if you believe you can’t, you will fail?

whisperingcomet had a “Job Interview” this week. I hope it went well for her.

Straddlemynose gave us an “Update: Oscar is a hospice cat with the uncanny knack for predicting death”. I saw this story recently on Fox and Friends. I always did wonder where the Oscar the cat joke around here started. I remember it too.

NightofOld told about “Saying I Do” His wife is a lucky lady to be married to our favorite poet.

Dione blogged “Today is Ground Hog Day…and All Even Day” I didn’t even notice that until I read that blog that it was 02/2/2010...all even numbers.

Max49 shared “Circumsised” Gotta love how kids can take a simple statement of “I you can stick it out till noon” literally.

Maxximuss1967 asked “would you NOT Date me Because?????????????????????” Huh??? He’s hot! Who wouldn’t date him? Oh, ok…rhetorical question…he is asking if lack of physical endowment would be a deal breaker in dating.

lunanegra continues her advice in “Luna’s guide to dating and sexing’,ummm…Luna. Part Two: Initial Messaging”. I have to agree with her, if that initial message is a lame one liner… chances are, it’s not going to get answered. Or, if it does, it may not be the type one is hoping for.

RJ53 follows up with “50 Universal Truths About Men”. At least the guys who responded admitted to some of it being right.

RevDocLove shared “A Little Funny Satire For You…” Tiger Woods isn’t using the “Pants On The Ground” ringtone? Why not? It’s perfect for him.

Straddlemynose told us about “Lack of “Excellent” coffee blends: Consumer Reports” yeah, whatever. I still like my Maxwell House Breakfast Blend.

theSkwirl shared “Things My Mama Taught Me”. Yeah, I remember the good ole days where Mom’s weren’t afraid to discipline their kids, and I remember being told if I can’t say anything nice, to keep my mouth shut. Didn’t mean I listened to her though.

Sunshine79 shared “The Perks Of Being An Old Fart” Sounds ok but………………. I’ve still got too much hell to raise to appreciate any of that just yet.



Feb 6 @ 11:18PM  
Casuallylooking asked “Gracefully aging…..Or getting old?” Gracefully age??? Me??? Nope, no way. Gonna fight this aging thing for as long as possible.

selectusername blogged about “Bizarre” Yeah, some of those sex practices, not only bizarre, but down right creepy.

Sunshine79 shared “A Fun Game We’ve Played Before!”Oh yeah, the Urban Dictionary game. I always did like this game.

Max49 told about “Smoke Inhalation”…..I guess that’s one way of saving a fellow firefighter.

Maxxiumss1967 asked “Do ugly people fuck better?” Dunno… depends on ones view of “ugly” I would guess. A person can be gorgeous on the outside , but a total creep on the inside , therefore, ugly. Then, I wouldn’t know if they fuck better or not because I would be turned off.

vidorob shared some “Tattoo nots” I agree, some of those tattoos should never have happened.

Soft_touch938 said “Just put a cork in it” She told of her adventure of buying the Kmart chardonnay special for $3.50. I’m still chuckling over that one.

DickSlippery explained “Whig” to those who had no clue as to why he tags his blogs “Whig”. Glad he was able to clear that up for those not familiar with the Whig Party.

Straddlemynose asked “What’s your ring size? White or yellow gold?” Ain’t gonna say, ain’t gonna say it…………. oh hell!! I still say he’s gotten bit hard by the love bug.

Ynot7769 gave us “To funny not to share” Ok, let this be a lesson folks, do NOT ask the kids to get you the Vaseline….they may give you super glue instead.

Vidorob asked “A question about the penis Now lady’s, I hope you all took notes on what area is the most sensitive……and send them to me cause I forgot to take notes.


Feb 6 @ 11:22PM  
whisperingcomet shared a “Dog story” about how her little Jake hid a piece of sausage under the couch cushion. Bet he was saving it for a late night snack. The she blogged about “Miget cocksx” She’s wondering what migets genitals look like. I would guess like anyone else’s, just half sized.

Sunshine79 shared some hilarious Family Fued answers in her blog “Buck Rogers & The Blue Suede Moon” And who would have thought a con man would be slippery?

Straddlemynose posted a “WINTER STORM WARNING for here”. Yep, he’s finally getting the snow he’s been wanting for how long now?? Glad it’s going where it’s appreciated cause if it were up here, I’d be a bitchin. And I ain’t afraid to admit it either!

fordman09 blogged “A sad reminder” Eliminate free memberships on dating sites???? No!! What about those of us who can’t afford it? Huh huh huh? Well? Ok, just giving him a bit of a hard time. It would reduce scammers and such.

KitKat25 asked “Are You a Square……Or a Cool Square?” So, if one is a cool square…then that means “It’s Hip To Be Square”? Ok, I admit, I liked that song when it was out. Ok, KitKat then asked “Do You Lie About The Number Of People You Have Slept With?” I’ve always said, I don’t waste time on lies.

whisperingcomet says “Its Friday night” And she wants to talk sex! When you hit your peak, how were you when you had your greatest lover, and all of that other fun, sexy stuff.

girlcountry says to “Do The Happy Dance Do The Happy Dance” After months of toiling away…she has finished her granddaughters quilt! Congrats!! I’m sure she will love it since it’s from her grandma.

whisperingcomet blogged “Gas War” Yeah, gas prices. Feels like a damned war with the price of gas these days. Battle royal just to keep a full tank anymore.

Ok, that’s it for this weeks Review. I know, it’s late, but, I got out of work late, and then met up with my Sis for dinner. But, at least it’s posted on Saturday instead of Sunday.

Feb 6 @ 11:33PM  
Kudos on the review

Feb 6 @ 11:37PM  
I'd send you more than one kudo if they'd let me, but you know the rules....
So enjoy this one.

Feb 7 @ 12:21AM  
Great review Dawn!! Thanks again girl!!!


Feb 7 @ 12:34AM  

Feb 7 @ 6:27AM  
I love it when I get mentioned in this thing...I'm such a whore.


Feb 7 @ 8:03AM  
Sucks, I can't give ya more than one greenie!

Feb 7 @ 8:18AM  
enjoy the cookie

Feb 7 @ 8:24AM  

And here's a spicey kudo for a sweet and spicey gal who gives a good review every week.

Feb 7 @ 8:24AM  
Greenie for another great review

Feb 7 @ 9:17AM  
Most excellent young lady..
You just keep gettin' gooder'n gooder

Feb 7 @ 10:12AM  
Well done!


Feb 7 @ 3:09PM  
looks like I have been MIA for the past few weeks or more??? I guess I am going to have to come up with something that perks the masses interest! Now...hmmmm.....what will it be?

Feb 7 @ 11:34PM  

Feb 8 @ 1:08AM  
Kudos on another great review Sugar.


Feb 8 @ 10:28AM  
As always, a very good job!

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