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Inhumane? You bet!

posted 2/5/2010 9:11:21 PM |
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I saw this story on the local news tonight, and I cannot believe some people would actually do this to their dogs.


Thankfully, most vets in this area will NOT do this. Yes, I live in Saginaw Township, which has an ordinance regarding barking dogs. That is one reason why my dogs are not "outdoor" dogs, and, I normally let them in at the first bark. Now, if the day ever came where the Township sent me a letter saying I'd have to get my dogs "debarked", I'll be writing them back telling the to stick it where the sun doesn't shine and moving out of here. There is NO WAY I would ever do anything like that to a dog as barking is a way for them to communicate. That would be, to me, the equivalent to robbing someone of their voice.

Anyway, I say it's cruel and should be banned.

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Feb 5 @ 9:15PM  
I agree with you. I'm not for this whatsoever

Feb 5 @ 9:17PM  
I agree too! barking is how my dogs tell me that they want outside, food, or to take away their "voice"? Oh hell no!!

Feb 5 @ 9:35PM  
i'm not an advocate of such things either, yet after having lived around dogs that do nothing but bark, mainly becuase no one is paying attention to them, i would recomend it. for the owners. i've had a few dogs in my life, and my last was a big female rottie. she was a big baby to be honest about it, but when i worked as a security guard, i took her to work with me, and she was a house dog for sure. once she was house trained, all she had to do was go to the door and i let her out in the fenced back yard. when she wanted in, one good WOOF, and i let her back in. she never had to carry one for hours to get my attention.

oh, i might add, once the owners are debarked, put the dogs in homes where they will be taken care of properly.

Feb 5 @ 9:42PM  
If you live in an area where the police are going to be called for barking dogs, simple either do not move into that area or don't get a dog. Obedience training is effective and less harmful to the dog, and I bet less expensive for the owner.

Feb 5 @ 9:50PM  
Depends on the situation. I've seen some dogs, that only made noise when there
was probable cause. I've also known some that would 'yip' all night just to hear
themselves......or bark at leaves rustling by.
In the later, it gets old, REAL fast.
Might be music to your ears, but to some others, it's just a nuisance.
That is why some cities have noise ordinances.

I'm glad that Remington makes a subsonic .22

Feb 5 @ 9:58PM  
I agree too BUT, I can think of a couple people I've met over the years that I wouldn't mind having de-voiced! One lady I knew, could speak about 170 words per minute, with gusts up to 210!


Feb 5 @ 10:21PM  
There are always going to be those few who mess it up for everyone else. I don't agree with this practice at all.

Feb 5 @ 10:30PM  
Kinda sucks that us humans are at the top of the food chain, so we call the shots. If we were pets under our animal's rule, we sure would protest the fuck out of it if we had our voice boxes removed.

Anyway, with unruly children we take the parents into consideration and with unruly pets, we take the owners into consideration. Why should the animal suffer for the owner's transgression?

Feb 5 @ 10:33PM  
I have one, Cooper, who is part hunting hound and the fucker bays at the top of his lungs when butterfly in argentina flaps it's wings. I tell him I'm gonna yank his barker out.. but so far.. no. Rotten bastard.

Feb 5 @ 10:33PM  
Anyway, with unruly children we take the parents into consideration and with unruly pets, we take the owners into consideration. Why should the animal suffer for the owner's transgression?


Feb 5 @ 11:35PM  
I live in a neighborhood where there are dogs everywhere. I think there are only 2 of us who don't have a dog in a 4 block radius..
Are there times when it's a nuisance? Yes!....
But those dogs let me know when someone is around that shouldn't be. They get familiar with who does and who doesn't belong, especially after dark. And their barks say different things, depending on what's going on.

People who have them debarked shouldn't be allowed to speak either....... Yes, it's cruel and inhumane.


Feb 5 @ 11:37PM  
I am opposed to surgically altering a dog so they don't bark. Well, that is all except the dog next door who barks, literally for hours on end and I mean hours non stop.

It's the owners fault not the dog so maybe they should be surgically altered.

Feb 6 @ 2:04AM  

Maybe they should do that to the dogs owner and see how he likes it.

Feb 6 @ 6:05AM  
I agree with you. I'm not for this whatsoever
I agree!

Feb 6 @ 9:06AM  
I've also known some that would 'yip' all night just to hear

That reminds me of a poster we still have around here occasionally..
All bark and no bite

Feb 6 @ 10:20AM  
First of all, I think debarking a dog is cruel and should be outlawed.


I have a low tolerance for barking dogs. Not the dogs fault so someone should just shot the owners to my way of thinking and put their dogs out in the country where barking dogs belong.

I did call the cops on my neighbors here. When their dogs bark it sounds like they're only 10 feet away...cause they ARE!! Mom was dying and I was so worn out and after 45 minutes of listening to it I'd had enough.

Which brings me to this question...

What's your opinion of bark collars?

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Inhumane? You bet!