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A Birthday Repost...

posted 2/1/2010 12:48:02 PM |
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All is quiet, undisturbed...the residents sleep the sleep of the dead, exhausted beyond measure.

Then the ground begins to shift and shudder beneath a lone oak tree...gently at first, but still more it moves, as if pushed from beneath...more still it shifts as a gigantic head begins to worm its way from the soil. Nearly as big as a mountain itself, it slowly works its way up. Bald headed and sunken eyed, still more appears, great shoulders, a huge waist and tree long legs, massive flat feet. Finally free of its dirt prison, it shakes off the remaining soil, revealing itself to be a massive ogre, tall and strong...slowly it turns and begins to walk with long strides downhill towards the unsuspecting town of Pervia with deep purpose.

Arriving at its destination, it slows its steps, looking for something...or some one...carefully lifting the very roofs from atop the houses, it continues on...seeking...finally it finds the two it has sought and carefully and quietly it reaches in and removes two of Pervias most cherished townfolk, sneaking back into the night with its prizes...

It is but the work of minutes for this beasts long legs to carry them miles away to a small wood, where it lays them gently atop a large tree, still sleeping and exhausted. With an evil smile it begins to shake the tree, softly at first, then harder until the two pairs of eyes pop open and they gasp at their predicament. Slowly the great beast leans in closer and closer and its lips part to reveal a snaggle toothed smile...then it draws in a deep cyclone breath and says...
( in a Shirley Temple voice )
"Happy Burfday to joo....Happy Burfday to JOO...Happy BURFday to BlueEyes708 and Looking4ever...........
Producing a large cake all lit on the tip of its massive finger, it lays it atop the tree with the astonished pair, then slowly strides away into the forest...

*A Wicked Laugh whispers upon the winds of the wood*
( then is punctuated by the mutters of a Master and his Goblin peon)
I TOLD you it was BirTHday...BirTHday, you imbecile....*Smack smacksmack smacksmacksmack*

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Feb 1 @ 1:04PM  
Thanks! *big cheesy grin*

Feb 1 @ 1:09PM  
Wow.............Blueeyes and L4E share a birthday.......must be AMD

Happy Birthday Ladies........I hope all your wishes come true........

Feb 1 @ 1:09PM  
*leaves a very large Kudo-shaped birthday cake* Enjoy, ladies.

Feb 1 @ 1:17PM  
Happy Birthday to the two of you.

Feb 1 @ 1:21PM  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to two very fine LADY'S.

Feb 1 @ 1:24PM  
Aww, Happy, Happy!! Start the spankin's!!!

Feb 1 @ 1:31PM  
Thank you Baby

Feb 1 @ 1:59PM  
Happy birthday ladies!!! Hope it's a good one

Feb 1 @ 2:02PM  
Happy Birthday Girlie Girls! ...and Blue and DKW have another special occasion coming up! are ya ready?!

Feb 1 @ 2:08PM  
Okay...where are my spankin's?????

Feb 1 @ 2:50PM  
Okay...where are my spankin's?????

*brandishes a black leather paddle with embroidered cherries on the handle*

Seems like I have a hankerin' for some spankerin'

Feb 1 @ 3:14PM  
Seems like I have a hankerin' for some spankerin'

*gets in line behind Luna*


Feb 1 @ 3:20PM  
Happy Birthday Ladies.

Okay...where are my spankin's?????
I think I will have to tie you to the bed for your spankin's

Feb 1 @ 3:57PM  
Do Penguin Hookers have bondage fantasies?

Feb 1 @ 4:05PM  
Happy Birthday ladies

Feb 1 @ 4:38PM  
Happy Birthday to ya'llllllllllllllll!!!!


Feb 1 @ 5:44PM  
Thank you everyone for the wonderful Birthday wishes.


Feb 1 @ 5:50PM  
I know, a little late for the party, (was at work ) but anyhooo........

Happy Birthday Looking and BlueEyes!!

Feb 1 @ 6:43PM  
I harpy barfday'd em elsewhere.. but I may as well say so here too...

Happy Birthday you two sexy broads! Wishin ya both many more and lots of happy!

Feb 1 @ 7:10PM  
Happy, happy birthday ladies.

I hope you both have a super fantastic day.


Feb 1 @ 8:27PM  
Happy Birthday!

Jun 24 @ 2:23AM  
This blog is truly a classic. I still crack up thinking of it.

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A Birthday Repost...