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Which is your favorite peanut butter, and have you ever used it during oral sex?

posted 1/31/2010 10:29:37 PM |
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tagged: fun, food, straddle, sweet

I was arguing somewhat with a friend just now over the phone as we were talking about of all things, PEANUT BUTTER! He said that their is only one kind of brand that's any good, and I said yeah, and that's JIF. He said no, it's Peter Pan, and I said the hell it is, It's JIF. lol He then asked me do I like the cream and smoothy, or the chunky kind of peanut butter. I told him that I like the smoothy creamy kind.

So that got me thinking with some of the brands out there such as JIF, Peter Pan, and Skippy. Which brand do you prefer, and do you like the creamy smooth kind, or the chunky kind of peanut butter?

Yeah yeah, I know what you're all I'm blogging about peanut butter of all things.

Lets make it a little more sexual and fun.

Bonus question:

Ladies, how do you feel about sucking peanut butter of your s/o cock?

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Jan 31 @ 10:33PM  
JIF all the way, baby!!!

Jan 31 @ 10:34PM  
I can't believe I am saying this....whatever kind my dog lkes! ...just kidding. I think I am a Jif girl. Used to be crunchy, now creamy or smooth. I haven't had any peanut butter in a really long time. I don't keep snacks around the house.

Jan 31 @ 10:40PM  
i am allergic to peanuts. My kids liked the peanut butter jelly combo in the jar but it had to be the one with the strawberry jelly not the grape. It was one of the things my son requested for me to send him when he was in Iraq.

Jan 31 @ 10:41PM  
Jif creamy smoothy.

As to the "bonus" question...I've never done it, but, might be something I'd do.

Jan 31 @ 10:42PM  
Whatever kind is smeared on my girlfriend's thighs!

Jan 31 @ 10:42PM  
The only thing I would ever dip in my peanut butter is chocolate...

Jan 31 @ 10:55PM  
The only thing I would ever dip in my peanut butter is chocolate...
That reminds me of Resses cups.

Jan 31 @ 10:58PM  
That reminds me of Resses cups.

Oh no bunny! You gave him an idea for another blog.

Jan 31 @ 10:58PM  
Don't they still have Skwirls peanut butter...I think it is spelled Squirrels....does anyone remember that stuff.?

Jan 31 @ 11:01PM  
or Shmirrels for the creamy skwirl butter....

Jan 31 @ 11:12PM  
JIF natural pb...sooooo gooood.

And yes...yes, I would especially if it were on his nipples.

Jan 31 @ 11:18PM  
ok Sugar...I will nip it now! I prefer original Reeces over the dark chocolate they just recently promoted. I am a dark chocolate lover, but it is the old style that reminds me of 7th grade when I lived off the things! Who me??? Yes me! Believe me, it only went to my heigth. Although, if I were sitting around nibblin on PB, the only chocolate I would dip in it would be dark...I am, like I said partial to dark. Now that answers all the questions Straddle could possibly have for pb cups!

Jan 31 @ 11:27PM  
Peter pan all the way, and creamy

Feb 1 @ 12:08AM  
I am not much of a peanut butter person............except in a sandwich with kosher dill pickles............but i like Creamy Jif the best.

Feb 1 @ 12:44AM  
I like Jif.

bonus question: I prefer Nutello. It takes forever to lick off.

Feb 1 @ 1:21AM  
Now that answers all the questions Straddle could possibly have for pb cups!
Wanna bet?

Feb 1 @ 1:48AM  
Peanut butter and pickles, that sounds good!

Do Penguin Hookers eat peanut butter?

Feb 1 @ 2:12AM  
Simply Jif....creamy

Feb 1 @ 6:30AM  
Smuckers Creamy Natural and sometimes add Nutella to it... your choc and nut fix

Feb 1 @ 8:21AM  
I like Kogers store brand, Creamy with honey already mixed in.

Feb 1 @ 8:30AM  
Home made..
Put a couple of pounds of peanuts in a blender on chop..
And voila`, chunky peanut butter..
If you like it creamy, set it on blend..
Redskins for me but you can use any kind..
You get the bonus of real peanut oil for fondue or Chinese cooking..

Feb 1 @ 9:33AM  
Home made...
This is the best way to have peanut butter and can be cheaper too without any additives or salt/sugar. If I want it a bit sweeter I just add a touch of honey.

Feb 1 @ 9:44AM  
I buy Jif. Peanut butter is one of those foods you have to buy a certain brand of. I bought generic brand once and it was gross, so I always buy Jif. It's the only kind I like. Would I suck it off my husband's dick? Probably not....too messy. I doubt he would want me to do that anyways. His tastes good enough without the extra flavoring

Feb 1 @ 10:12AM  
Jif creamy

Feb 1 @ 11:29AM  
I don't have a PB brand preference. I had found some chocolate chip cookie dough peanut butter once and it was absolutely delicious.

Bonus question... I would lick it off my s/o but there are other foods I enjoy more. I guess I'm just not a peanut butter kind of girl. I would prefer whipped cream, honey, fruit topping, ice cream... the list could go on.

Feb 1 @ 11:57AM  
If I it at a store- Meijers crunchy peanut butter! I like the idea of making my own and would like to try making macadamia nut butter! More expensive (I don't eat peanut butter that much anyway) but tastier I'm sure!


Feb 1 @ 1:16PM  
I like smooth and creamy Skippy.

Feb 1 @ 1:23PM  


Feb 1 @ 1:26PM  
Not a big fan. Creamy though.

Feb 1 @ 2:08PM  
Hey Straddle! I knew you could come up with more than I offered, but I had to give it a quick shot...someone up there was teasing me!

Feb 1 @ 5:36PM  
i prefer jif myself but occasionally eat meijer brand!

Mar 12 @ 12:02PM  
I like chunky and only eat all natural peanut butter containing just one ingredient: Peanuts! Too many brands have additives like salt, sugar, emulsifiers and preservatives. Don't want them!

Problem with most all natural peanut butter brands is that they're usually pretty dense, especially when refrigerated, and they have a layer of natural peanut oil floating on top that needs to be stirred in. Crazy Richard's has a good product...stays "spreadable" even when refrigerated and doesn't need to be stirred.

Someone mention adding some honey. I'm a beekeeper and add honey to just about everything. PB and Honey...awesome!!!!

Regarding the bonus question. My wife's done that to me a few times. As non-kink as she is...sometimes she does get just a little kinky. As for me, I love licking a woman's body and I love food. Cover her in any food product that compliments her sweet deliciousness and I'll lick her clean from her fingertips to her lips and from her nose to her toes. Then I'll roll her over and lick her clean from her heals to her hips and from her perineum to the back of her neck.


Dec 8 @ 8:02PM  
Skippy Crunchy all the way. Yummmmmmm

Dec 8 @ 8:55PM  
That's Sad....This repeat post.....Ranks at the Top of the Post for several mins... We are going to hell in a Hurry!!!

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Which is your favorite peanut butter, and have you ever used it during oral sex?