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AMD Week in Review

posted 1/31/2010 8:05:19 PM |
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tagged: review

Goodness!!! Got a few impatient folks here.

There are a couple here who understand appreciate the work that goes into these Reviews. Last one I did, someone commented on how they didn’t view it as a “true review of the week”. Others have done this before me, one member pointed out that this actually was started by canuhelpme258, after him there was REAL_UNIQUE, aspiringwriter, and Ewe_Wish. Canu’s were great, I remember them. RU’s, he did good, as did aw, and Ewe. The thing is…all did it in their own UNIQUE ways… I try to do. I try going for the ones that don’t have anything to do with fighting, ones that are fun, insightful, and hopefully interesting. I try looking more at how many times viewed and commented on. New bloggers, I like to give recognition and welcome to the blogs and hope they stick around. Someday, someone else will do the Review, and add their own style. This is provided for fun, and, for those who don’t want to wade through what they see as “bullshit”, and just want highlights. If anyone out there thinks they can do better…go for it. Just let me know so there isn’t a double posting. Now, on to the fun:

Sunshine79 said “Just Give Me Two Gotchas” I think I’ve discovered how I can win at a game of golf.

Maxximuss1967 shared “LOVE A REDNECK GIRL!” Jaw gets tired, so she uses her “handsome”. Makes sense.

ThePurpleProphet says “I’m sure this is a repeat, but I missed it if it is” and asked what songs make you cry when you hear them.

RJ53 in “Backgrounds” wondered if any of us here in Pervia would consider a background check on someone you were involved with.

Ewe_Wish says “History Will Repeat Itself” I’ve looked back on the guys I’ve dated, and all have one thing in common…besides me. That was..they all worked on cars. Not just when needed, but, because they liked working on cars. I like having a live in mechanic. They know how to use the right “tools”.

Sunshine79 asked “What’s Your Slogan?” Loved the slogans everyone came up with!

Ewe_Wish shared “The Professor Asks……” Asshole is out deer hunting while having an orgasm? Sure he isn’t out playing golf?

selectusername opened the “Bar” and invited all in for drinks and to pour out their problems. Kinda like Cheers.

RJ53 said “Things Change”. Isn’t it something how the way we look at the opposite sex changes over the years.

DarkKnightWallking shared some “DKW Economics”. Raffle off a dead donkey at $2 a ticket, and then refund the $2 to the winner…. good strategy. Gonna have to give that a try.

sweet_angel920 offered up a “Contest!” for the guys to “show their stuff”. She hasn’t let anyone know who won. Maybe she’s over whelmed by the pics that were sent?


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Jan 31 @ 8:11PM  
Straddlemynose blogged about “E-mail is coming to Ohio prisons”. Family members paying anywhere from $1 to $12 a month to send emails to members in prison? That’s not too bad of an idea. There should be strict supervision though.

And straddlemynose added this “BALLBUSTING” blog…all I’ve got to say is “OUCH”!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! Ya know, they only reason this one made the Review is because of the number of views it got.

Our beloved, and newly married (Congrats) NightOfOld is back and wrote “ Chrerished Friends” I’m so glad he’s back with his gift of poetry.

Sunshine79 gave us some chuckles in “What’s The Difference…?” I coulda told ya the difference between a regular toad and a horny toad….a regular toad is boring, a horny toad wants sex all the time.

BlueEyes708 wrote about “A New Hobby or is it Obsession” Those Renaissance Fairs sound like they would be both fun and interesting.

Ewe_Wish gave us a repost in “I Was Born Emotional” I would say a lot of babies are born emotional. I imagine they are quite upset at the trauma of birth….why else would they come out crying?

Actually, per whisperingcomets request, there were quite a few reposts:

NightofOld: “My Favorite” A lovely poem, “I Rescued A Human Today” about pet adoption from the dog’s point of view.

PinkToeNails: “The Urine Test” She has a great idea in this one on the subject of those on public assistance should pass a urine test in order to receive assistance.

Soft_touch938 gave us a little update in her blog “Weekend ‘rap up’” Looks like her exercise regime is working for her. And oh yeah Softie, I’m so ready for Spring too!

PinkToeNails gave us another repost in “Should you have your ass kicked”. Bitch and complain all you want about this country, but, myself personally, I’m proud of this country and wouldn’t live anywhere else. Just MHO.

Sunshine79 gave us her “PUSSY GAME” repost. It was as much fun the second time around as the first.

Ynot7769 did a repost in “sure the doctors know what they’re doing…..NOT” At least he finally found a doctor who knew what was going on and got treatment.


Jan 31 @ 8:18PM  
theSkwirl did a repost in “My repost for Comet” she did a repost of “One Dark Night” Another one of her brilliantly written Pervian tales of trollslaying and the fall of King Ponme and the rise of the infamous King NachoBaby.

BlueEyes708 did a repost “The Crush Repost 4/08” A wonderfully beautiful blog about how she met her knight, DarkKnightWalking.

Straddlemynose blogged about “What color and music theme be for your wedding? Inside or outside wedding?” I’m telling ya…there’s been too many wedding themed blogs by our Straddle here….. so when’t the big day? Huh huh? C’mon, you’re among friends here, you can tell us.

Ynot7769 said “Thanks DKW!!” and shared the “news” with Pervia about “the new thing” Doggie porn!

Straddlemynose blogged about “FOOTJOBS”. FINALLY, normal Straddle blog about s/o’s using their feet on their partners for massages….oh, did I mention he’s talking about cock massages?

onehornytoad69 exclaimed “This place has gone to the Dogs!” Yep, sure has. Most of us have posted pics of our beloved pooches to show them off.

casuallylooking blogged “My To Do List”, a blog about what she would like to do/see/accomplish in her life and asked fellow bloggers to provide their “lists”.

aftershox blogged about “cowardly censorship” Yep, there will always be the ones who troll, yet, when it’s thrown back, they can’t handle it and delete comments and block users. Isn’t just this site, it’s all over.

Wordsofwit gave us some “Entertaining Internet Links” I do like the dumb laws link.. some of those laws you see on there, you can’t help but wonder at what people were thinking.

NightofOld blogged “OFFICIAL UPDATE TO MY FRIENDS”. Remember earlier when I congratulated him on his marriage…this is the blog he announced it in. Again Night, congrats and best wishes to you and your lady. She is indeed a lucky woman.

Ewe_Wish posted “The Queens Riddle” Now we know how to surround ourselves with intelligent people.

Sunshine79 said “A Happy, Happy Birthday” for our very own KitKat25. Yep, she had a birthday this past week.

RJ53 gave us a blog to share our “Favorite Vacation Spots”. Yep, I took notes… now I just gotta save up to visit some of the spots listed.

Dione asked “WTF is a Sexodeo? Find out right here, right now….” Don’t know about the rest of you, but, it’s sound fun to me.

Borty293 shared some “Shocking News at Bort’s House” He swears his cat can talk… I think maybe the vanilla site is corrupting him.


Jan 31 @ 8:24PM  
Straddlemynose asked “Ladies how do you feel about your s/o buying you underwear from Victoria’s?” Hey, as long as he’s buying them for me….I’m all for it.

whisperingcomet said “Join me in a song”. It was indeed a fun song.

ThePurpleProphet said “I’ll write you a song” Still waiting on my song PP.

Sunshine79 told us about “A Koala Walks Into A Bar” Gotta say it…that was one smart Koala.

whisperingcomet did “A Twist of Sunshine” Sunshine had an ealier blog about name a movie, exchange one with pussy. So, comet took the idea, and used song titles. Another way to have fun here in blogland.

PinkToeNails shared a joke in “This repost is for Sunshine” where a monkey and a lizard smoking a joint, the lizard goes to get water……………….well, you’re just gonna have to read it.

Ewe_Wish blogged “For Our Stormy” Our own ladybootscooter has a son in the Army, and his unit shipped out to Iraq. LBS…my thoughts and prayers will be with your son and your family, as well as all of our military personel.

Straddlemynose asked “Ladies, what’s the mose personal kind of gift(s) you would get your s/o?” I still say someone has it bad with this love thing…. Not to mention, here we go with another wedding theme blog in “What are your top 5 wedding gifts that you would love to receive?” Ok Straddle…when’s the wedding? C’mon, you’re among friends, spill it.

A fond welcome back to DickSlippery in “Be careful what U Ask 4..” He heard we missed him and he came back!

casuallylooking shared “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished…joke”. Ya know, regardless of the second letter, those postal workers had to have felt good in helping that lady.

Sunshine79 shared in “Coffee Lovers” the “Murphy’s laws” for coffee drinkers.

And Straddlemynose followed up Sunshine’s blog with “What’s your favorite type of coffee?” I’d say…any that wakes me up and gets me going.

Wordsofwit shared “Good Economic Sign”. It’s nice to see something good about the economy for a change. I know recovery will take a long time, but, just seeing some signs of improvement is nice.

Sunshine79 gave some wisdom in “Chopsticks”. Ok, it was a joke, and I loved the “Use the FORKS, Luke.” line.

TexasRacer shared “”10 Most Sexual Star Wars Quotes” Now how am I supposed to watch these shows with a clean mind after this?


Jan 31 @ 8:30PM  
Dione asked “Why is there lint in my navel?” Ok, so how many out there looked in their belly buttons for lint? Don’t be shy….

Maxximuss1967 shared “THE HUSBAND STORE” Moral of the story… betcha us women want more!

lunanegra asked for some hints/advice from the ladies here in her blog “Face Painting” There was a lot of wonderful tips, but I think the one suggesting going to a department store and having a make over was the best one. Gives you a feel for what shades are right for you.

Ynot7769 shared “duno? If the shoes fit…” And who would have thought Mickey Mouse knew how to flip the bird?

Straddlemynose asked “Navels: Do you have an innie or outie?” Ya know, early on I always wondered if there was anything this guy would not blog about ……answer is….Nope! If he thinks of it…it becomes a blog.

Sunshine79 asked “Open Or Closed?” Are the eyes opened while kissing, and while having sex….

Aftershox shouted “I won I won!” Looks like a few of us got the same email…wonder if we should split it with everyone?

Straddlemynose had a “SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT”..Nope, sorry folks, not THAT announcement…… nope, he just wanted to say he noticed everyone had fun blogging.

DickSlippery exclaimed “OMFG!!!!” Apparently he spent 2 hours polishing up a blog, and then had a “slight” disaster and lost the blog.

selectusername shared “Paint” some really awesome pictures of body painting.

Fordman09 returned with “Ta da na nunt da!!!!” He was off playing on other sites and came back to AMD.

vidorob shared “Astrology for assholes” A fun look at astrology…although, being a libra, I KNOW I can too make up my fuckin mind doggone it! Now I just gotta decide whether I want to paint the bedroom first, or, the kitchen….maybe I’ll flip a quarter…..

lunanegra is looking for some “Homemade Beauty” . We can use beer on our hair, but gotta rinse thoroughly, and all of the other homemade remedies…I gotta make a list of this stuff myself.

maxximus1967 asked is “love everlasting”? I’d say, when you meet that one person in life who is truly your “other half”, then yes, love can be everlasting.

Straddlemynose blogged about “Who’s going to watch the upcoming seasone of CELEBRITY APPRENTICE? I most likely will miss it, but I’m still saying Sharon Osbourne will win… she’s spent the last 20+ years managing her hubby, Ozzy. I say the lady has good business instincts. Then Straddle later blogged about “Would you keep the bathroom door open while living with your s/o?”. Well, kinda rude to not let him use it if it’s empty ya know


Jan 31 @ 8:38PM  
fordman09 said “OK time to start some shit” Here we go…he’s looking for sympathy sex again…… and advertising for it. Even offering a special this week.

casuallylooking said “So Far Away” give up? That’s not an option in life. Maybe put off for a later time…that might work.

Straddlemynose asked “[/B]Where would you take your honeymoon and why” Wedding blogs, honeymoon blog? This guy has got it bad folks… the love bug nailed him good.

raised an interesting discussion in “Sex Outside Your Race” I agree with Skwirl, I’ll stay within my own race….the human race.

fordman09 says “This one will take all day” and had a blog discussing it “natural” or do people decide to be homosexual. I still’s in what a person feels. Just my .02.

max49 blogged about a “A Stuck Nut” Well, guess that’s one way for a parent to find out how his daughters date went.

JsGirl69 blogged about “Unusual pets” Some people find the traditional dog and cat to be “boring” (boring?? Dogs and cats??? Not my band of troublemakers!)

vidorob blogged about “The Grunt and Nibble” Steamy blog about kissing during sex.

TexasRacer had a blog for men in “Men, memorize this”. Wonder if the guys did memorize the blog?

Lisa46 blogged “Another old couple” Wow! Now I know how those tribesmen in Africa get so well hung…

Kitkat25 asked everyone “What’s your quirk”…I’m not telling!!!!

PinkToeNails shared some “Oxymorons”….Don’t know about all of you, but I got a chuckle out of it.

Ynot7769 showed a cool alarm clock in his blog “WAKE UP!!!! lmao” Wonder if there is an alarm clock like that? I could see a lot of women waking up with a smile.

Straddlemynose asked “What type of deodorant do you use?” Hey now!! Getting a bit personal there!

RJ53 asked “How sexy are you” and provided a link to a quiz….Yep, I’m sensible.

ynot7769 asked “You Ever Wake Up Thinking THIS About Someone?” Yep, sure have.

RJ53 gave another fun blog in “Slow Dance Songs” where Pervians named their favorite slow dance songs.


Jan 31 @ 8:44PM  
Sunshine79 started off the weekend with “Happy Fuckin’ Friday!!!”

ynot7769 asked “Is this REBOUND SEX???”….all I gotta say is….look at the picture everyone.

soft_touch938 tells us “I have IBS” No, not THAT!!! She has “irritable Bonnie syndrome”, cause like a lot of us…she’s tired of the blah of winter and looking forward to Spring.

maxximuss1967 asked everyone “how do you say shut up?” Isn’t it rude to just tell someone to “shut up”. I guess that’s why there are so many “sayings” for it.

whisperingcomet blogged about “winter wonderland” Looks like she’s excited about the snow storm headed her way. I know Straddle will disagree with this…but, the snow can stay down there.

KayJay19 shared “The Art of Speaking to a “Lady”” He ran across a poem he had written in high school. A very nice, insightful writing of his. He’s got talent.

Straddlemynose asked “Guys, would have sex, or even go down on a woman with an yeast infection?” EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Now this is the Straddle we all know and love. And, just because he’s Straddle, he asked “Are you willing to perform oral sex on your s/o for an hour if they wanted that?” I dunno, I’ve never thought about timing it. Too busy enjoying.

Sunshine79 blogged about “999 Bottles Of Posts On The Wall…..” She was at 999 posts, and is saving her 1000 post for something special. Wonder if she has posted it yet? Gonna have to check on that.

Ok Straddlemynose, gotta give him recognition on this. “My 1000th Blog! What sport(s) do you like playing with your s/o? “ I like to watch hockey, haven’t played it since I was in my teens though.

ynot7769 shared with us “How To Keep A Troll Busy” Stare into the light…………………oh, wait, that isn’t a light is it?

KitKat25 asked “What Are You?” And listed different sexual slang. I kind of like “me”.

ynot7769 asked “Ummmm…so how deep is deep enough…..?” I would say judging by that pic, plenty deep enough.

Nathaniel blogged “Harder than I thought” He’s getting a website going and by the looks of it, having all sorts of fun with it.

PinkToeNails said “So then!All the pet pics!” We had a fun weekend with most members posting pics of their pets. You know…we’ve got some beautifully awesome pets everyone!

And there you have it...another Week In Review.

Jan 31 @ 8:49PM  
Good job once again! If no one has ever done a week in review they don't know how time consuming it is. You have your own criterion which helps you determine what's of interest... just keep doing what you are doing as the majority of us appreciate your effort.

Sliding a green hockey puck to your goalie... thanks!

Jan 31 @ 8:50PM  
You're doin' great sweetie

Jan 31 @ 8:52PM  
Great Review A greenie for you.

Jan 31 @ 9:02PM  
I am very impressed. I can't imagine trying to pull all of this together. I was wondering when you were going to get to it?! HA! I am usually at work and miss the first peeks at the review. I am also impressed by everyone waiting to coment till they saw THE END! Thanks so much for reviewing our great weeks together. I applaud you and throw you, gentl, a pretty green pet snack...which at my house we call them snicky snacks!

Jan 31 @ 9:05PM  
Bravo! Bravo!

Jan 31 @ 9:10PM  
This woman is awesome!! She takes lots of time and effort to remind us of what goes on here during the week! Sometimes we miss out or forget but she does a great job of bringing it back to us! There are some very smart, funny and enlightening people that come to this site and I appreciate each and everyone of us! Well, most of us anyway!

Bravo Bravo Bravo to you once again Dawn!!

I'm not quite sure how you put it together so well but you do!! Thank you!


Jan 31 @ 9:10PM  
Green cookie coming your way!

Jan 31 @ 9:15PM  
You rock Sugar!

I'm so impressed with your weekly reviews. They're fun, intelligent and very playful...just like you. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this reviews each and every week. Kudos...and a standing "O"...of course.


Jan 31 @ 9:27PM  
Thx Lady!!!
It took a lot of time an effort to do all this!!!
Thx again Lady!!!!!!

Jan 31 @ 9:55PM  
Excellent reveiw ...seems to get funnier each time you do them...

Jan 31 @ 9:55PM  
You have again done such a wonderful job on your reviews. You always do an AWESOME job, Dawn! Kudo thrown your way!

Jan 31 @ 10:34PM  
Awesome job! I cannot imagine the time and effort it takes to do this and it's more than I....or most would be willing to do. There ain't enough kudos in this world to give you what you deserve for your effort.

Thanks a million....

Jan 31 @ 10:50PM  
A magnificent Job as Always.

Bravo, Bravo, Bravo.

You get showered with flowers and a Greenie.


Jan 31 @ 11:05PM  

Yes it is true; You each have your own unique way of doing it. And all are very good at it. You have inpressed me with your way of doing it as well.

Wish I could give all my kudo's, but here's one anyway.

Feb 1 @ 12:29AM  
There is always going to be someone that complains no matter what the blog is about..........instead of being appreciative to someone for taking the time to try to entertain us......they have to bitch..............let them bitch..........hell they bitched when the ones of us before you did it..........You do a wonderful job and I agree the more you write these the funnier you get.............hell my reviews were never as thorough as yours.........for various reasons...........and I know how long they took me to do..........I dont envy you at all girlfriend..........Thank you for your hard work and a kudo for you.

Feb 1 @ 12:51AM  
Well done as is the usual case!


Feb 1 @ 2:09AM  
Good job, sweetie...and kudos.

Some people bitch if their ice cream is cold, so don't let them get to you.
Some of us appreciate all of the time and effort that you put into doing the review.

Feb 1 @ 9:00AM  
Good job Sugar!! This is how I catch up on things....a geenie sliding your way!!

Feb 1 @ 10:31AM  
Great job!!!! Greenie coming your way

Feb 1 @ 2:11PM  
dammm............i gotta write less blogs

Feb 1 @ 3:16PM  
Yeah well worth the wait

but next time it better be on time

Feb 1 @ 6:22PM  
Has anyone told you how wonderful you are to be doing this? Well..I'm sure they have.. let me tell you also.. you're wonderful!

Here have a green nut.

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