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Yes, I am on a Crusade....

posted 1/31/2010 5:03:08 PM |
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I very rarely in truth, get ticked off. I am a passionate writer and it is often misunderstood as such in text. This time, I AM PISSED.

A motorcycling postboard I am a member of and also a Moderator recently had one of our members get killed by an automobile driver. His name was Donald R. Berkey, and he died on June 14th, 2009. Don was a very long well respected member, both on many postboards and in the riding community as a whole. He wrote stories and was very active in many types of riding communities to name just a small few things about him.

Now here's the part that assuredly PISSES ME OFF. Another news story just broke recently concerning Diana J. Miller, Don's killer:


She is trying for PROBATION. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?????
This woman has been ticketed for:

2007: Driving WITHOUT a license. Now if she was 20 YO in 2009, this means she was 18 in 2007 and either never gotten a license at all at 16, or else had gotten one in another state then lost it there as well. This should also be investigated very thoroughly as to her residence from 2005-2007.
Feb. 2009: Suspended license. So she drove TWO YEARS without one, not giving a shit.
May 2009: Suspended license. Continued to drive , not giving a shit and KILLED SOMEONE.
Oct. 2009 Suspended license. Obviously was NOT affected by her direct cause of a death at her own hands.Continued to drive.

Seriously, WTF is this DA's office thinking??? Or has the usual EXCUSE of "I didn't see them" become a get out of jail free card???"

Well, I personally will not let this slip under the rug. And WILL be posting this anywhere I am allowed and sending it on through emails to everyone on my list. Also writing a letter to the DA's office. Convenient that they have no email contact posted for their office on the courthouse website, but not surprising as they have not even bothered to update it to the current state's attorney, it still shows the former one.

The physical address is:

Jack Heneks Jr.
Fayette County Courthouse
61 East Main Street
Uniontown, PA 15401

So...I hope this information has inflamed anyone reading it as much as it has me. And for the record I did NOT know Don personally but I know a GREAT many who did and he was nothing less than a shining example of a great friend to all and a pillar of the community. And for this plus the hundreds of other riders sake killed on the road who have also been treated as "just another dirty biker, slide this under the rug," I urge everyone to please write letters , to repost this information anywhere you hang out on the net, emails, every possible way you can to anyone or any group or organization who will LISTEN to spread the word and to help ALL riders big and small to once and for all be EQUAL in the eyes of the law. This simply cannot be allowed to continue, for all riders sakes now and in the future.

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Jan 31 @ 5:19PM  
Drivers just do not seem to respect bikers on the road. I have seen them pulling over into their lane more than a few times around here, running them off the road. She should not get a get out of jail card on this one. A vehicle is a vehicle no matter how many wheels are on it. Wish people could get that through their head.

Jan 31 @ 5:33PM  
I agree. And like I said, I did not know Don personally. But there are thousands of cases JUST like this that have been swept under the rug in the past. And I am totally fed up with the excuse "I didn't see them." They are NOT LOOKING.

Because in my view, if you cannot see a 400 pound or more vehicle that is coming at you with their HEADLIGHT ON...there is something fucking wrong with you.

Jan 31 @ 5:38PM  
I am sorry for your loss,DKW,& hope justice is served...

Jan 31 @ 5:44PM  
As a rider myself I KNOW drivers in a "cage" can look right at you, make eye contact and STILL change lane directly into you, it has happened more than once to me while I scream at them.

Is is terribly sad when a rider is not able to escape the maneuvers of a car and it results in a crash with injury or death.

She probably didn't see him because she was not making herself aware of the traffic. Odds are she would not have seen a car either; her driving record attests she is not a safe driver.

But,. it is not right to treat somone on a bike with less due justice when he is riding safefly.

As long as there are cars and bikes on the same road the bikes will always suffer.

Jan 31 @ 5:51PM  
You could probably call and get the email addy. but I would use the FAX number to get their attention electronically. They could be printing reams and reams of paper...Much harder to ignore than a full email box..

FAX: (412) 430-1265

And there are many email to Fax solutions. EFax, etc. Many offer 7 day or 30 day free trials or had an annoying cover page.

This is a situation where leniency is just enabling reckless endangering. This was not accident,,, this woman was an accident waiting to happen and unfortunately it happened to someone else.

Also USPS pffers postcard printing services with no minimum quantities. You can order 1 to 9 postcards printed and sent for $1.25 each. At 1000 post cards it would drop to $.75 each. You could probably figure out a way to mail merge the cards so they have the same destination by different mailing addresses.

It looks like letters are actually cheaper. $1 per letter , full color with envelope. Got any gory pics you want to send>

Jan 31 @ 6:57PM  
It always amazes me how so called professional people (law enforcement) can be so passive when all those convictions are right there in front of their faces! Don't they give a shit or are they so lax and/or so incompetent in their jobs, that people like her, can fall through the cracks!

Sorry for your loss and hope justice is served as she so richly deserves!


Jan 31 @ 7:06PM  
Thanks for the support everyone. Yes even I can forgive mistakes of others, but FOUR times...? The driving AFTER the vehicular homicide is what gets to me. Especially the knowledge that had she NOT been driving illegally, Don would not be dead in the first place. Then to blatantly disregard all that happened and do it again afterwards...

Jan 31 @ 9:04PM  
I have always given those on motorcycles the same respect, actually more, as I would any other vehicle on the road. When on the expressway behind someone on a motorcycle, I stay a safe distance behind them. It irritates me to see how stupid other drivers can be around motorcycles. I've seen them cut off bikes, I've even seen them tail gating.

And all I've got to say about the person in this news article, is that she should do some jail time. She apparently has a history of disobeying the law.

Jan 31 @ 9:05PM  
Wow, just blatant disregard for fellow mankind. Uncool. I hope you can get this justified.

Jan 31 @ 9:08PM  
it is a travesty of justice in no uncertain terms. but i'm guessing she goes for a plea bargain, and pleads to a lesser charge. the court system is over crowded and they will all too often go that route just to clear cases. so people that really deserve to be locked up end up walking to do what ever over and over again.

Jan 31 @ 10:02PM  
I'm sorry this happened

Feb 1 @ 12:15AM  
Most of my friends are bikers. I even ride with them on my souped up electric bike. Looks pretty funny when we go down the road in in the middle.. . Sounds like this lady has either a mental problem or she has a drug problem whatever the case she should definitly be locked up because it might save another persons life. Ya gotta wonder what this D.A. is thinking.

Feb 1 @ 12:36AM  
When I was a paramedic, I lost the number of motorcycle/car collisions that I responded to...........and it was a very high percentage that the driver of the car was at fault...........and the one thing I found not only the most interesting but also the most was a high percentage of those drivers who had past accidents/suspensions prior to the one with the motorcycle.

I feel since her license was apparently already under suspension, that she not only have to serve time for this.........but it should be considered murder....she wasn't lawfully suppose to be behind the wheel of the car, she illegal drove and caused the death of another human waving a loaded AK47 into a crowd holding the trigger down and later saying well I didnt think anyone would get hurt...............You want to do the crime, you need to do the time...........she knew she wasn't lawfully allowed to drive and took her chances.........she needs to be behind bars for many years...........................sorry I have no sympathy or leniency with people like this who have total disregard for human life.

Feb 1 @ 2:33AM  
I deeply appreciate all the kind words, well wishes and outrage this has caused. Especially the outrage. And I hope everyone who reads this takes the time to write or print out a letter and spends the cost to mail it to this dumbass DA's office.

I will send all the well wishes and kinds words both here and the private ones I have received on to his widow. Again, thanks.

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Yes, I am on a Crusade....