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Another All Grandmothers say Awwwww Story

posted 1/31/2010 3:21:06 PM |
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Many times when I write blogs it is because I am inspired by others stories unless its a copy and paste, which to my dismay even I am guilty of.......... but WhisperingComet's story of her grandson yesterday made me want to write a blog telling you a story of my granddaughter.

Libby is 4 yrs old and anyone who knows me or have heard stories of her knows that she is half black. Its not something we hide though apparently we have never really talked to her about it. Sadly her father is not in the picture and because most of our relatives are Native American, it has never occurred to us to discuss it with her, after all she really isn't any darker than they are. (Sometimes I think we need our butts kicked for not taking that part of who she is into consideration because she has a right to know who she is, but I guess we just felt that it would be something she would just know.....yea sometimes her mom and I are quite the idiots......... )

About a week ago, her mom being at work and her having no school we were doing one of our days in which she sits with me and nets fish on fishville. Suddenly her arm was next to mine and she looked at hers and than at mine. "Neena" She said, "My arm is darker than yours." I told her that yes it was and it was because she was part black..........she looked at me with those innocent eyes and asked "What part?".......trying not to laugh I told her no she was half black...........again she said "Which half?". I was stumped, I wasn't sure how to explain to finally I said, " Well honey, your mommy is white and your daddy is black." She looked at me further confused and asked "I have a dad?"

Her father is a dead beat dad. He wants nothing to do with her, and hasn't seen her since she was a month old. He hasn't paid child support for over a year. How do you explain to a child that as much as she is wanted by her mom and I, the fact is her father wants nothing to do with her. Will she question her own value of being worthy enough to be loved? So I told her that yes she had a dad and he lived far aways and that she didn't see him, just like I didn't see my dad. (stupid me, I forget how smart she is.) She asked where my dad was and I told her that he was in Heaven. She said "Oh, he is in heaven with Grandma Shirley and Poppy? Is that where my dad is too?" I told her No her dad was not dead he just lived a long ways a way............she went back to netting fish and that was the end of it.......

Last Thursday night she was sitting on my daughters lap and it must have come back to her..........she turned to my daughter and said "Neena is white, and so are you mommy." She looks at her mom and just smiles and says "But I'm black..........." I thought we would die laughing at the way she said it..........Like she had something that my daughter and I would never have and she was damn proud of it.............and I am glad she is.............btw, I had forgotten to tell my daughter of the discussion of her being you can imagine my daughter's surprise that this subject came up.......

Anyway just wanted to share my all grandmothers say awwwwwww story with you.

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Jan 31 @ 3:34PM  
Kids are smart. My two youngest granddaughters are Lakota, Cherokee, Irish, Romanian, and Black (Their dad is Cherokee and Black.) Christina asked me about her family background. When I told her all of her ethnic backgrounds she just looked at me and said "So, I am American" I thought that was a good answer. Her class saw a film on America being a melting pot of races and cultures. Even though my daughter and their Dad has seperated he is still a part of their life when he is in the states. Sometimes he seems to create more problems than he solves when he comes around though. So far they have shown more interest in their Native Culture than any other, but we are trying to keep it all out there for them to explore.

Jan 31 @ 3:59PM  
That gets an awwww and a tear from me!

Jan 31 @ 4:04PM  

Jan 31 @ 4:15PM  
Gotta love Libby!!! That girl cracks me up!!! She amazes me so many times when we are on the phone and I can hear her in the background! And let me tell ya folks, Neena and Mom are gonna need a shotgun in a few years to fight the boys off! She is gorgeous now, I can only imagine what a little heartbreaker she will be when she hits those teen years!!!!!!

Jan 31 @ 5:02PM  
that was cute...and fishville is addicting

Jan 31 @ 10:09PM  
That was very cute!

Jan 31 @ 10:17PM  
Libby is a cutey.

Feb 1 @ 6:13PM  
Dont'cha just love em when they are still too young to understand hate? So cute.

Feb 2 @ 7:11AM  
How did I miss this blog??? Must have written it on a migraine day...

Anyway, hopefully one day when L realizes what a total ass her dad is she won't want to disown her heritage because of him.
Teach her about it and let her be proud of who she is and her ancestory.

Children only know what they are taught, although we sometimes forget that.

yea sometimes her mom and I are quite the idiots
I am sooo going to just leave this comment alone............. for now anyways.

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Another All Grandmothers say Awwwww Story