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Let me explain for the dim witted a simple philosophy

posted 1/31/2010 11:51:20 AM |
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Let me explain for the dim witted a simple philosophy

Some of you love puzzles and word games…

Let me play a WORD GAME with you…

Democrats use the RACE CARD to say “Mean Republicans do not want poor black people to own a home…”

Democrats then used Congress and Law to FORCE banks to start lending money to poor black families to buy homes, EVEN THOUGH they were not credit worthy.

Banks loaned the money because Congress (Senator Obama, Congressman Frank and Congressman Dowd) said “The US Govt will back up all these loans!”

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack RUN by Democrats ( some now in the Obama administration ) started giving away loans like candy.

George Bush and John McCain tried to put the skids on before the economy collapsed. Warning that IT WOULD HAPPEN!

Guess what? Poor people can not make house payments when the cost of living rises AND the interest rates on the loans rise, as they AGREED TO IN THEIR CONTRACTS.

People quit paying for their homes. The house of cards began to collapse even the govt could not keep its promise of covering all the bad loans.

Now Democrats blame everyone but themselves for this practice. They blame George Bush.

Dumb ass Democrats believe them “It was Bush’s fault!!”

DUH!! You are being played – how does it feel to keep voting Democrat??

They played you on welfare they played you on social security, home loans and guess what the next game is to buy your vote????

Go back and play the word game and put the words “Free Health Care” instead of homes and home loans.


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Let me explain for the dim witted a simple philosophy
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Jan 31 @ 12:05PM  
The Gramm Leach Act was the real cause of the meltdown.

Jan 31 @ 12:21PM  
The difference between Obama and that Jesus was a least he could put a cabinet together...................

OK now that I got to put religion AND politics into the same blog let me just say although I did find your blog informative...........the bottom line is.........either way you vote your fucked.........its just different things we get fucked over depending on whether its a republican or a democrat in charge............JMO

Jan 31 @ 12:24PM  
El Gato,
I could not agree with you more except to say the race card is used by Democrats anytime they don't have a fact to back them or wish to stir emotions against whoever they choose. Most of these suckers (liberals) don't even know that Lincoln was a Republican and if it were not for Republicans in The House and Senate there would be no Civil Rights Act. They are so dumb to think because LBJ was a Democrat, the Democrats are who gave this country the Civil Rights Act. The liberal Democrats lead by one Abert Gore Sr. and others fought to the last man against Civil Rights.

You were much more to the point than I would have been.
You can expect the hate mail to begain as soon as the libs on here are fully awake.
Thanks for posting this.

Jan 31 @ 12:58PM  
The Gramm Leach Act was the real cause of the meltdown.

You know, this is so simple... it doesn't matter what enacted act caused what to happen when- it doesn't matter whether it was a partisan or bi-partisan or even an independent's act(s) from this administration or from the previous administrations, causing the problems we are faced with today!

What matters, are the 'loose-canons' (politicians) running around in Washington D.C. with no accountability for their actions! I've said this before: if the citizens of this country want our politically generated problems, to come to a halt, we're going to have to DEMAND by law, that they (politicians) be responsible for their actions, just as you and I are! That's the problem right there! Everything that happens in Washington, is simply a result of unchecked behavior on their part!

The scandals and stupid 'fixes' they try to force down our throats, means they have no common sense and are done they way they do things, to justify their existence in the first place! They're primary goal is for re-election! Everything else they do, is for their benefit and not for the benefit of our citizens!

If people would quit thinking about our problems as Democrat or Republican problems, (which BTW, is designed for separation of our citizens- 'divide and conquer' sound familiar?) and fix the root cause of our problems, (politicians) instead of squabbling and pointing fingers all the time at the Democrats or Republicans that is the cause of our problems, we might accomplish something for a change!

It's that simple!!! Everything else issue wise, is irrelevant- FIX the root cause first!


Jan 31 @ 1:17PM  
Lifting of the regulations on the S&L began under Reagan.

Housing problems

I don't get into political discussions with people who go around calling people who do not agree with them names. I could come up with pages of facts that disputes the claim that it is all the big bad democrat's fault. But I don't want to waste my time talking to someone who has a closed mind. Have you gone back through the records of votes in congress and when they took place? You might want to do that. Just saying

Jan 31 @ 3:43PM  
Totally off the subject of your blog, but I've been wondering this for sometime.........El do know that means "The Pussy" right??? just my own little observation.

Jan 31 @ 4:01PM  
^^^^^ Glad I didn't have my coffee in hand when I read that!


Jan 31 @ 4:05PM  
Glad I didn't have my coffee in hand when I read that!
Well it does! He posted his blog the other day about illegal aliens, bashing Hispanics along with the Dems, yet he has chosen a username that in Spanish or "slang Mexican" means "The Pussy" just thought I would bring that his attention. Jus sayin..........


Jan 31 @ 4:20PM  
The Gramm Leach Act was the real cause of the meltdown.

You made this statement once before and I explained this fallacy in your thinking to you in detail before. As I recall you used the 'Banking Act' to back your premise, and as I told you before there was no such act in the time frame you gave. You're repeating the same flaws once again by showing your inability to comprehend a basic subject.

Jan 31 @ 4:30PM  
el gato is correctly translated as the "the cat". I suggest "Spanish for Dummies".

Jan 31 @ 6:25PM  
For the record, oh pale assed one with the extremely nasty shower, I speak, read and write fluent Spanish and I also speak, read and write fluent "slang" Mexican/ Spanish. Trust me, in many places it MEANS PUSSY!!! So I suggest you research something before you speak. Oh wait, that's your specialty is it not, speaking of things you know nothing of???????

Jan 31 @ 7:52PM  
I have researched it, I do speak it, and once again you're wrong. However, if you're content with distorting it to suit your purposes, well, that's just you. Feel better.

Jan 31 @ 11:00PM  
You know, for someone who claims to be so astute and intelligent you are one slow motherfucker. I NEVER once said it was a female pussy now did I? You merely assumed I meant a cat of a female gender. Now if you will stop and think for one moment, even in English (you claim to be familiar with that language as well) what is a slang or term of endearment for a cat, whether male or female? That's right oh pale assed one with the nasty shower, a PUSSY. I rest my case.

Feb 1 @ 12:10AM  
'el gato' is correctly translated as "the cat". Notwithstanding the gender.
Now that that is settled, care to comment on the topic of the blog? Any thoughts on that?

Feb 1 @ 12:58AM  
No pale assed one with the nasty shower, it's just not worth my time or effort. Arguing politics with the poster is like mud wrestling with a pig, you just get all dirty and it doesn't even annoy the pig. However you will note that when I first began my little discourse earlier this evening I freely admitted it was totally off topic of the blog. It was and is merely my own observation of the users profile name. You are the one that has chosen to make it a debate of it's very own.

Feb 1 @ 1:05AM  

Feb 1 @ 2:10AM  
Well el gato, it seems they are still blaming Bush as an increasingly weakened fallback position. Obama is getting a bit tiresome even for the democrats as he continually uses the 'Blame it on Bush" defense. When he began posturing behind that rhetoric in the SOTU it was obvious that any hopes of his agenda moving toward the middle just wasn't going to happen. He's not only losing his base, but any hopes or appeal from the American people. He succeeded in finally fulfilling one of his campaign promises, that of transparency. He is now out in the open and no one likes what they see.

Feb 1 @ 8:19AM  
completely off topic here...

there is more than one language than that which mexican's use. Portugese, Spanish, Castillian, Cervantes and many more. Slang in one language does not equal slang in another language.

take Fag for the USA it means homo, in the UK it means cigarette.

Feb 1 @ 11:50AM  
Thanks, but that subject is resolved. Out of deference to el gato, let's stay on topic.

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Let me explain for the dim witted a simple philosophy