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Unusual pets

posted 1/28/2010 10:25:40 AM |
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I realize ppl love their Cats & Dogs..Im a cat person myself.Id like to hear of the "not so normal"pets you guys have had.Ive had a Boa named September,a Rat named Ratsputin,a Chipmunk named Daryll,a Raven named Edgar A,a Grossbeak named Henry & Ive convinced my kids I have a Dragon named Spot that lives in my back pocket that watches over them when Im not around, keeps em from beating the crap out of eachother so Im not telling them

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Jan 28 @ 10:34AM  
I've had mice for pets, gerbils, a rat (black hooded rat), and turtles.

My one sister, she has 2 dogs, a snapping turtle and a slider turtle. Oh yeah, and she has a parakeet too.

Jan 28 @ 10:38AM  
I have had a raccoon and a red tail hawk for pets

Jan 28 @ 10:38AM  
Is having a coatimundi considered an unusual pet..???
I had an African Grey parrot too, but that's not too unusual.

Jan 28 @ 10:43AM  
Tons of hermit crabs. Sea Monkeys right now, lol Ummm......I think that's it for odd pets.

Jan 28 @ 10:49AM  
A camelion.

Jan 28 @ 10:53AM  
a Chipmunk named Daryll

"Nice to meet you... this is my brother Daryll and my other brother Daryll!"

Reminded me of a skit on The Bob Newhart Show sitcom on TV years ago!


Jan 28 @ 10:59AM  
How could I forget my veiled Chameleon, SweetPea...She was in my life almost 7yrs.Did you know when they die they turn White?

Jan 28 @ 11:00AM  
I just like pussies

Jan 28 @ 11:04AM  
I remember that skit Somnium! Wow,a red tail Hawk,are you a Falconer,Ewe?

Jan 28 @ 11:12AM  
When my kids were small we had a zoo. A rescued snapping tuttle, a robin we raised from a baby, 15 hamsters, two parakeets, a rabbit, two , two cats a dog and a tankfull for saltwater tropical fish. When I lived in NY I had a 6ft boa and a rescued baby alligator until he was old enough for the zoo to take him. I have had hawks, and eagles and even baby wolves from time to time as I have worked with wildlife rescue as a volunteer through the years.

Jan 28 @ 11:29AM  
I found it!

Clip from second episode of Newhart- the Daryl skit is about 1/2 way through the video!

This Is My Brother Daryl Hannah, and My Other Brother Daryl


Jan 28 @ 11:29AM  
are you a Falconer,Ewe?
Nah, just a sister to an asshole who had more asshole friends who thought it was fun to kill birds.........killed a mother who had my Tweetie still in the let me take it and raise it........and my brother got his ass kicked..............basically I feel i won on two accounts that day lol Had tweetie for 12 yrs before he passed away.......

Jan 28 @ 11:46AM  
Where I live allows animals, but you have to pay a fee based on how big they are. Cats might be costly, so I was considering rats, but rats are costly based on how much care they need. *sigh* I cant decide, but I do want a pet. :/

Jan 28 @ 12:08PM  
Thats awesome,Ewe. Edgar & Daryll both came into my life from friends that were cutting Firewood & found them in downed trees.Poor Daryll only had half a tail....

Jan 28 @ 12:10PM  
I've had Parakeets, a guinea pig but for now a 17 year old Lab, a 6 year old Golden Retriever, 2 Chows that are about 8 years old and up until yesterday 3 horses, One about 14 years old, one about 12 years old and one that was killed yesterday by a pack of dogs (none of them mine) that was 1 year old.

Jan 28 @ 12:41PM  
Luna,SeaMonkeys should be cheap,not much of a pet

Jan 28 @ 12:59PM  
Let's see.. starting at my youngest age.. we had a black bird named Ratch. A baby beaver, never named him cuz he had to go wild when he was old enough. Three tiny otters Pip, Pop and Pep. I've raised 2 racoons, 14 skwirls, 2 garter snakes, a dozen brand new baby rubber boas, a cat spider named Martha.. a skeeter hawk (perrigren) named Magnum, two fauns til adolescence, several cows, horses, pigs and chickens.. a couple rabbits and ducks, one gorgeous swan, 3 nestling house wrens, a woodpecker, One rat named Ricky (yeah real original), a ferret named Jared, some guinea pigs, a couple of hermit crabs and a 55 gallon aquarium full of fishes. Other than that.. naw not much experience with critters. Oh wait.. I forgot the tweetiekeets.

Jan 28 @ 1:00PM  
My odd pet is Sweat Pea the Chinchilla. She is a nut case and loves messing with the dogs. My son also has two bearded dragons.

Jan 28 @ 5:04PM  
hermit crabbs... probably the strangest

Jan 28 @ 5:13PM  
Hermit Crabs are cute, I had one w/a Dale Earnhardt 3 painted on its shell.

Jan 28 @ 5:51PM  
I've rescued six chinchillas over the past 6 years and they would definitely be my most unusual pet to date.

Jan 28 @ 6:51PM  
i have a boston terrior named chloe and a red tailed boa constrictor named hanky panky!

Jan 28 @ 7:32PM  
I used to have an iguana... his name was Midori and he was about 3.5 feet long. He was the coolest pet I ever had!! My friend Kay was just terrified of him though, it was funny! I would let him run loose in my apt. and she would swear he was stalking her....
I moved and had to get rid of him though..... wonder how big he ended up getting... I wish I still had him!

Jan 28 @ 8:41PM  
i have a great white shark.....keep him in the tub needless to stray animals in my neighborhood

Jan 28 @ 9:54PM  
Ha,J,maybe Spot can meet your bathtub shark.....

May 30 @ 1:43PM  
My kid just caught a "Vinegar Rune"...Nasty lookin thing if you ask me.......She wants to name it Fred & says shell be oh so careful not to get bit.I believe Im going to have to put my foot down on this one...

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Unusual pets