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Would you keep the bathroom door open while living with your s/o?

posted 1/27/2010 7:34:44 PM |
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tagged: love, couples, bathroom, life, straddle

Living with your s/o, would you leave the bathroom door open while taking a shower or bath, or actually using the the toilet? I know some couples want a lot of privacy instead of their s/o walking by outside the door and peaking in as they contie to walk on by.

Some time ago I had asked if you would share the bathroom with your s/o. But this topic is a little different in regards to what I'm asking in this blog.

At first, I did have a problem with sharing the bathroom with my s/o, but now it wouldn't bother me. Me and my sweetie had talked about this not too long ago and I think I surprised her with how I feel about sharing the bathroom with her now.

As for this blog topic, I had always shut the bathroom door when I'm taking a shower or bath, and when using the toilet. But I wouldn't have a problem leaving the door open except when I may be actually sitting on the toilet doing my business.

Everything else, I wouldn't have a problem with.

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Jan 27 @ 7:41PM  
I've always left the bathroom door open when in the shower. (except when I was living at home at my parents house...then I kept the door shut and locked.) As to using the john...I always keep it closed.

Jan 27 @ 7:49PM  
For me to keep the door open while taking the browns to the superbowl, would be offensive to whomever I was dating.

Also, I'd keep the door closed, but not locked just in case there's something he needed to get.

Jan 27 @ 8:31PM  
In the shower door open on the toilet door shut

Jan 27 @ 8:54PM  
Sharing the bathroom... no problemo in general. The door is closed when I shower or bathe alone, but s/o may come in if he needs something. Of course, it's a moot point if we are showering together. When I'm on the thrown I need privacy please.

Jan 27 @ 8:58PM  
I want to Poop alone....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I agree with all the rest!

Jan 27 @ 9:14PM  
Always open

Jan 27 @ 9:18PM  
When I lived alone, the door was always open, now that my daughter is back living here, I do close it to use the restroom. But when I take a shower, especially in the winter, door closed to keep the heat in!

Jan 27 @ 9:34PM  
Will you get married aready!

Jan 27 @ 9:38PM  
Will you get married aready!

All in due time!

Jan 27 @ 9:46PM  
Will you get married aready!

That's what I was thinking!!! Scheezzz!


Jan 27 @ 10:03PM  
We always leave the door open. I guess I don't think much of it.

Jan 27 @ 11:40PM  
Some of the best conversations Gary and I had were when he was taking a bath and I would sit on the floor leaned against the vanity.......we had two sons (his and mine) living with us at the time..........and sometimes that was the only time we could talk without interruptions.....after the boys moved out...........we just continued doing it..............

That kind of stuff really doesn't bother me..........if I am going to bathroom and he comes in to grab something or say something to I dont necessarily want him to stay for the whole pooping thing............but whatever..............BUT when I still had periods I would wait for him to leave the bathroom to use a tampon...........for some reason that bothered me LOL

Jan 28 @ 12:09AM  
open ..ynot

Jan 28 @ 12:29AM  
open ..ynot

hell i could barely get him to close the damn door when I was visiting him......

Jan 28 @ 1:09AM  
"Huh.........What door,?_________Lol"

Jan 28 @ 1:36AM  
Closed... some things are just meant to be done in private.
But he can come in while I'm in the shower or taking a bath. I love long hot baths and sometimes I kind of forget to ge out.... so he could usually come in and talk with me. But of course if he does, he needs to wash my back...........

Jan 28 @ 2:13AM  
Gawsh, we jes gots a 5 gallon bucket in the middle

of ar one room shack!

We had us a purty good outhouse but the gawldarn thang

quit werkin years ago!

Jan 28 @ 2:17AM  
Gawsh, we jes gots a 5 gallon bucket in the middle
That almost reminds me of that movie "For Keeps" with Molly Ringwald. She and her bf had a baby at such a young age that they struggled to make it by having to move into a studio apartment with a toilet right in the middle of the whole room. They had to put a shower curtain around it for privacy.

Jan 28 @ 2:24AM  
I leave the door opened while taking a shower...and closed when on the toilet.

Jan 29 @ 1:53PM  
always only quit time


Jan 29 @ 1:59PM  
I get the feeling he is taking all these polls and taking when he DOES get married, he can say "but but but....AMD surveys say this, and that...."


Jan 29 @ 3:06PM  
he is taking all these polls and taking notes.
Gonna be tentatively be named
Wedding Planner For Dummies..

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Would you keep the bathroom door open while living with your s/o?