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Be careful what U ask 4...

posted 1/26/2010 1:06:49 AM |
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tagged: whig

Cuz U might just get it!!!

Hello there, pervs and pervettes (U know who U need 2 name names)! I heard U missed me, so I am back! And just when U thought it was safe 2 go back in the water, huh?

I know it has been awhile since I last posted, so I am sure that many of U don't even know who the fuck I am. That's really 2 bad, since I often have trouble remembering who I am myself, and I was sorta hoping 2 pick up my cues from U, but I digress! As I said, many of U don't know who I am. Trust me when I say this is probably in Ur best interest (or else we might get 2 know each other and possibly even become friends, which invariably leads 2 naked emails and me sleeping on the couch...) and just leave it at that. If U insist upon pursuing this further then I am afraid U do so at Ur own risk, having been made fully aware of the danger in doing so.

4 those of U who do know me, however, I believe U fall N2 one of two separate and distinct groups. Group A saw I had posted a new blog and let out a small scream B4 dropping whatever they were doing and running 2 the telephone so they could ring each other up and chitter-chatter back and forth about, "...did U see who just posted a blog?" "I saw that...I thought he was dead..." "I wish!" "I heard he went 2 prison..." "Yeah...what 4? Murdering the English language?" "Oh, how delightfully droll of U! I really must have U over 4 tea and crumpets soon..." ...and so on and so forth, so most likely they wouldn't even have bothered 2 read this far N2 anything I wrote anyway. In other words I can say whatever the fuck I want about Group A and no one would ever even know I said it. Hey, Group A! Go fuck Ur mother! See? Nothing. Hey, Group A! Tell Ur little sister 2 take the cock out of her ass and the crack pipe out of her mouth and try feeding her fucking kids 4 a change! Hmmm...still nothing. I told U none of those cocksuckers was still reading.

That's Group A 4 U, the motherfuckers. I fucking hate them. The rest of U, Group 8, all knew what U were getting N2 when U signed on, so if U get shocked or dismayed at this point, well who's fault is that really? U should know by now that if U don't like looking at big cocks and I say if U wanna see a really BIG cock then look HERE, I dunno, Ur probably gonna want 2 skip that one. I'm just thinking out loud here. The same is true if U aren't interested black girls with big-ass tits, or a midget blowing some old guy, or some bitch shoving her whole fucking hand up some old broad's pussy or even somebody getting absolutely ASSFUCKED ('s never quite what U expected, huh?) then U maybe don't wanna look, U know? Maybe U wanna go do something else altogether? I'm just saying, knowing what U know and knowing the kinds of shit I am capable of, maybe Group 8 isn't really the place 4 U. Maybe U would be more comfortable somewhere else. That way U could quit having 2 worry about following me straight 2 here, or somewhere else with a similar climate and twice as many hookers.

So, I want U 2 search deep within and honestly ask Urself which group U belong in. Which group would U feel most comfortable being a part of? Group A with their morals and boundaries and whatnot or Group 8, who really just wants 2 have a little fun? I know which group I belong about U?

Keeping U posted,


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Jan 26 @ 1:31AM  
Veeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrry interesting....

Loved the pix...took a lot of effort sticking them in there.

What group do I fit in? Depends on what day it is.....

A kudo for the creativeness...

Jan 26 @ 1:56AM  
I'm in the group that just wants to have fun.....Did you really think i'd want it any other way????

Jan 26 @ 2:09AM  
Green canteloupe for posting so many photos!

Jan 26 @ 3:21AM  
Oh lord... we traded an asshole for a crazy ass...

Long time no see Slippery.

Jan 26 @ 3:28AM  
Actually...I heard you were kidnapped by a herd of sex crazed, sex starved amazonian martian women......

Welcome back.

Jan 26 @ 6:21AM  
slick dic,....long time no blog...good to see you!

Jan 26 @ 6:50AM  
Mr. Parker!!!

Jan 26 @ 8:50AM  
Welcome back DS.

Jan 26 @ 9:59AM  
I don't know you DS, but the others do so that's a strong indicator... so welcome back. Where have you been and what have you been doing?

Jan 26 @ 12:59PM  
Hey... I want Dick... where ya been? Stop running away!

Jan 26 @ 1:25PM  

Jan 26 @ 2:04PM  
I'm a proud, card carrying member of Group 8. Thanks for your blog, DS, and back. You always spruce up the blogs.

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Be careful what U ask 4...