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posted 12/29/2006 3:47:24 PM |
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You lay on the bed, relaxed with your hands behind your head, watching me walk around the room while I talk about what I have to do. I prepare to start my day, coffee in hand and pulling clothes out of the closet, trying to decide what to wear. I can feel your eyes on me, my body is still damp from my shower and the slight chill makes my bare nipples hard. I continue to casually throw my clothes on the bed, they land on your legs and you easily kick them to the side. Protesting, I pick up the slacks I was going to wear and shake them out, folding them again and laying them across your stomach. You take my hand and pull me towards you, I start to pull away insisting I have to get ready. But you know I'll give in.

I allow you to pull my hand harder, til I'm close enough for you to wrap your arm around my waist and pull me on top of're still dressed from working all night and the roughness of your clothes feels good against my bare skin. I straddle your lap and you put a hand to the back of my neck and pull me towards you, pressing your lips to mine and teasing me with your tongue. I can feel the rush of hot wetness between my legs and so can you. I hear a low chuckle escape you, hehe...I'll show you!

I pull away from your embrace and reach down to pull your shirt off. After discarding that I work my way down your chest and stomach with my lips and tongue...a kiss here, a lick there, a gentle nibble with my teeth, till I come to the top button of your jeans. With one hand and my teeth I undo those jeans and see your hard cock peeking out from inside them. I slide the jeans down enough to free it and tease the head with light kisses and licks. You raise your hips, I pull your pants off and take your cock in my hand, stroking it slowly, teasing even more. You sit up enough to grab my hair...pushing me down and I take your entire cock in my mouth at once as you let out a huge sigh, your fingers entwined in my hair as you hold me there. I take a deep breath, taking even more of you, relaxing my throat and sucking you in. My hand goes between your thighs, gently but firmly massaging your balls till I can feel them contract. Your dick starts to swell just a little and I can hear your breathing getting faster, your hands tightening in my hair.

I stop and raise my head...looking at you and pull me up and raise my hips to impale me with that glorious I swallow it with my wet pussy you push yourself into me further, your hands gripping my hips to hold me in place. My hands are on your chest, my back arched and my hips grinding in time with your thrusts, I can feel my orgasm building when you place your thumb on my hard clit and start to rub it..Oh God I can feel you inside me just filling me up and now I'm can't stop this orgasm it's going on and on every time you move inside of me my muscles are clenching around you and tightening I can't take it anymore you pull me towards you again and hold me while the orgasm takes me again and then you kiss me long and deep, your hand in my hair holding me close to you, then you pull me off you and turn me over so I'm laying on my side and you enter me again from behind, your hand around my stomach pulling me towards you while you push deeper and deeper inside me I can feel your climax building, your breathing is getting rough and your grip around me tighter and the swell of your cock just excites me more and I start to cum again but this time it's better because your cumming too inside me and I'm cumming all over your cock and it keeps going till we both are drained and we know I'm not going anywhere for awhile. So we wrap up in the covers without pulling apart and go back to sleep.

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Dec 29 @ 3:54PM  
I wish I hadn't read that. I mean it was good and all but....I have to go to work now. My boss isn't going to get my full attention tonight.

Dec 29 @ 3:57PM  
I am horny now.

Dec 29 @ 3:57PM  
In six and three quarter days sweetheart, we will make your story a nonfiction, we will add it to both our autobiographies! I can't wait, though I must, and I will admit, you are making the waiting hard, er a tough, (hard was right)

Dec 29 @ 4:06PM  
Woot Woot! Go Sunny!!

Dec 29 @ 4:19PM  
YIKES !!!!!!

Dec 29 @ 4:28PM  

Dec 29 @ 4:32PM  
Oooooo! You're naughty! That's my girl!

Dec 29 @ 4:40PM  
SOLD!!! I'm moving to Michigan.

Dec 29 @ 4:45PM  
hehe...and I'm moving to North Carolina!

Dec 29 @ 4:48PM  
That was funny, he's going to the land of polar bears and penguins and my Sunny is moving to my sunny South... I love dorks!

Dec 29 @ 5:07PM  
Now don't go gettin all possessive on me now. Your girl wrote a great story and I was only kidding. Did you say dorks or dicks! Lighten up a little man.

Dec 29 @ 5:16PM  
You did notice the after the words right? I didn't put so it's all good

Dec 29 @ 6:02PM  
I'm sorry I killed your comments didn't I?

Dec 29 @ 6:08PM  
Damn, when he comes back, he comes back with a vengence!

Canuhelpme More (aka Canuhelpme 2)
and finally..
Canuhelpme Again: The Final Chapter

Dec 29 @ 6:09PM  
I tle ya'll I get busy during the holidays it's not easy stealing everyone's Christmas

Dec 29 @ 6:16PM  

13 friggin years of marriage and that never happened once. No wonder I am getting divorced. I needed mornings like that!

If there are women that think like you then I know there is a God!

Dec 29 @ 7:41PM  
Hot blog SunnyD,


Dec 29 @ 9:50PM  
Wow, that's hott! It doesn't get better than that, canu is a lucky guy!

Dec 29 @ 11:40PM  
canuhelpme will have to change his screen name to "donegotmesome"

Dec 29 @ 11:56PM  
Oh yeah, after reading that I'm horny...AGAIN! lol

Dec 30 @ 5:40AM  
HOT !!!!!!
Beautiful writing !!!

Dec 30 @ 6:09AM  
If there are women that think like you then I know there is a God!

There are plenty of women that think like that. But, remember, you also have to be the man that generates those thoughts. It's usually a two way street, my friend.

Dec 30 @ 7:35AM  
Kudos Girl! You got the gift and the holidays just keep getting better!

Dec 31 @ 12:46AM  
five (5) days

Jan 7 @ 2:57PM  
Holy Shit! personally I would like a personal shot at this! Talk about putting you on a pedestal! Just how high do you want me to go!

Jan 8 @ 2:28AM  
There is no man in the world who could put me as high as my man did this don't even bother trying. Just sit back and take notes.

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