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My favorite repost for Comet

posted 1/24/2010 5:24:49 PM |
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One Dark Night..

Once upon a time in the fair land of Pervia, there lived a merry band of Pervisites. The Pervisites spent all their time slaying the dreaded Trollians and trying to keep them from taking over Pervia, thereby enslaving all the Pervs for their own nefarious purposes.

"The trouble, said King Ponme of Pervia, with trolls, is that they spread their vitriolic goo all across the landscape and leave a horrible stench that blocks up the Pervisite nostrils. This generally leads to much bitchering and whinifying mainly from the male population of Pervia as their olfactory senses are the only thing that allows them to find a mate. We Pervisites must stand strong in the face of such a stultifying and repulsive threat!"

"But King Ponme!, cried the masses, We don't want to fight, can't we all just get along?"

Then the masses rose up with their pitchforks and flaming torches and stormed the Castle, casting King Ponme into the bog of eternal forgetfulness. Chaos reigned for many many moons.

The land of Pervia was soon overrun with Trollians and their foul smelling goo. There was much screeching and gnashing of teeth. "Oh how we long for a champion!", cried the masses.

One bright sunny day, King Ponme's rotting carcass caught a ray of sunshine and burst into flames... from the ashes rose a new and improved Troll fighting machine.. Nacho Baby, who, along with her many knights and Knightesses errant rode into battle with innumerable vile goo spewing Trollians. Sir Ynot the Nonpullingover, Lady L4E, the sexyashellvixen, LBS with her mighty buttkicking spurs, THe soup kitchen ladies and the R&R shack broads, Pudge the Pretty, and a cast of twenties... (anyone got any twenties? I could use a couple) all lead a revolution that would last for many many many many waaaaaaay too many days and nights.

The land of Fair Pervia was in ruins. The band of mighty hero/ines who had lately been lauded as saviors again were reviled by the masses. "Don't fight.. we're tired of fighting.. stop the war!" "Can't we all just get along?"

So once again.. Nacho Baby was cast into a pit of dark despair.. only to return eventually as the mild mannered and goofy nut hunter, theSkwirl. But deep inside beats the heart of a warrior. Only waiting for a good fight to fight.. a defenseless that needs defending.. a cause that's worth the effort. Beware...

One dark night.. when the moon is full... and the pall and stench of goo lays over the land.. and the people of Pervia cry out for a new hero... one dark night.. the standards shall again be raised and the battle cry of Death to the Trollians shall again be heard, echoing through the hills and vales of Pervia the Fair.. and a band of mighty warriors (or thick skinned bastards that can take the heat) shall again rise and go forth to do battle and rid the land of mate finding retardant goo.

The moral of this story is.. the more things change..the more they stay the same. Quitcher bitcherin.

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Jan 24 @ 5:25PM  
I self kudo'd .. I liked it.

Jan 24 @ 5:30PM  
LOL...the timing for this repost is perfect! great blog, and ill leave you a kudo too!

Jan 24 @ 5:43PM  
And thusly so back in the day this was written...unknowingly or perhaps knowingly indeed, the Lady hath spoken the name of a dreaded one indeed....dreaded by the rampant trolls of Pervia, that is...and having spoken that feared name in turn 3 times....the earth did shake mightily and tremble forthwith. With a loud roar a dark pool did appear directly within the market square of Pervia's capitol. From said pool did rise the feared one himself, whom had also been cast out and forgotten in the mists of time...a long dead Champion who strove for nothing less than truth and Honor and the erasure of all trolls in existence...even now today...the trolls whisper his name in dark corners in total fear...


And survey the lands of Pervia he has ever since. Vigilant and watchful for wherever trolls dare to raise their ugly heads into sight...*A Wicked Laugh fades off into the winds...*

Jan 24 @ 5:49PM  
I liked this one too, you got a greenie

Jan 24 @ 5:51PM  
Oops, broken link. Try this one


Jan 24 @ 6:11PM  
Love the story, Sam!

Jan 24 @ 6:23PM  
Tell another one...tell another one...pretty please.

*Ya just gotta love fairytales with sassy Skwirls in them.*

*I Skwirls eat greenies...or just collect them?*

Jan 24 @ 6:52PM  
Love it Greenie sliding your way.

Jan 24 @ 7:33PM  
Wow, that went back a little. I remember King ponme. And NachoBaby.

Yep...some things change, some don't.

Jan 24 @ 8:41PM  
Leaving a cookie in the Castle for ya...good one and miss your stories for sure.

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My favorite repost for Comet