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AMD Week in Review

posted 1/23/2010 6:25:51 PM |
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In light of all the “drama” that seems never ending here, I seriously contemplated NOT doing this anymore. But, after a good nights sleep, and rethinking, I’ve decided that there are still some good, fun, and worthwhile blogs being written, and, to ignore that, well…that wouldn’t be right.

So, with the thought of focusing on fun blogs, I will start off with Wordsofwit’s first “AMD Bar & Grill…2010”. WoW made the statement “However, music can be the magic.” and it is so true. I really hope there will be more Bar & Grills and more enjoyment of them in the year to come.

ShadowMale said “Less politics…and more sex ” Where he asked what preferences to balls Pervians have. Ya know…low hanging, high and tight, big, small, smooth shaven, hairy, etc……….

Straddlemynose asked “What are you going to get your s/o for Valentine’s Day?” I see some look at it as just another day, while others plan on getting, or doing, something special for their s/o.

Sunshine79 gave us giggles with her blog on “Floor Models”….a WHOLE new twist on “stool samples”.

Max49 told us about “Birth Control Pills” That is one smart grandmother.

rollplayer gave us a cute “prayer” in “put your head down and pray”.

dmb420 showed us to be careful on what you agree to in “The Sportman’s Double”. Yep, gotta watch it with those threesome’s when you meet at a bar.

Soft_touch938 shared some dreams in her blog “Sometimes”. I just love it when things fall into place… which at my house, doesn’t happen to often as my dogs always seem to have other plans.

And we have a new member to the world of blogs here, say hello to GourmetSEX …(gotta love that screen name!) He blogged about the taste of sperm in “Food and Drink effects how your Semen Tastes”. So….does that mean if I want it to taste like chocolate…my partner should eat/drink something chocolate?

Wordsofwit asked “Are the Blogs Going to the Dogs?” Just loved that video.

Sunshine79 opened up “AMD Chinese take out ” So now we have this along with AMD Bar & Grill.

TexasRacer shared some fun tidbits about the dollar in “PASS THE BUCK”.

KitKat25 asked “Is the Lack of Oral Sex a Deal Breaker?” You damn betcha!


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Jan 23 @ 6:32PM  
Sunshine79 shared some “Humor Just For The Ladies ;)” What can I say? Everything on there was so true.

KitKat25 said to “Name 5 People From AMD” who you would like to be stranded on an island with.

Welcome to gardasian, a new blogger, and his first blog “Windows Enterprise Edition” The low down on what Windows Tech talk would look like on an Star Trek episode. He then moved on to blog about “Pagan Superheros? What A Novel Idea!” I’d say it has some promise to it.

Sunshine79 shared some “Strange and Interesting Facts” I want to see the bird that barks like a dog.

RevDocLove shared “A Few Weekend Funnies” The elephant and rabbit….. yeah, that would have been interesting to see.

Ynot7769 asked “Someone Here Lose This?” I think it was Sunshine’s bike, and I’m sure she’s happy to have it back.

Sunshine79 shared some “Crude Funnies” Loved the hotel one .

Wordsofwit had an interesting blog in “Long Distance Relationships-The First Meeting” Been there, tried it, didn’t work. Just wasn’t able to arrange the first meeting. Oh well.

TexasRacer shared “Frogs and Sex”…That is one smart pet shop owner. Wonder if he’s cute and has a shop around here?

RJ53 blogged about “Friends” For me, it’s fairly even as to male and female friends.

Lisa46 blogged “I’m outta my mind” I guess I would be too if I had to stay home with nothing to do but watch tv all day. Hopefully the ankle is healing and she has found a new car.

DesertSmile asks “When were you at your sexiest?” I didn’t know there was time limit on that!

Borty293 shared some “Deep Thoughts” What??? Deep thoughts????? Borty?????? Skwirl…maybe you should let him out for an hour?

MsHelle gave us “Food for Thought or Fodder for the Cannon” an article explaining why women are so cautious when it comes to dating. Some good information there.


Jan 23 @ 6:37PM  
whisperingcomet blogged about “Fluff” and being on a low carb diet. I wonder how it’s working?

ShadowMale had a “good” question “So who likes sex?”….ummmmmm everyone?

whisperingcomet played “Twenty Questions” Wooohoooo!! 20 Questions AMD style!

Dione blogged about “Losing Your Virginity: Pleasant Experience Or Terribly Awkward?” Awkward at first, but once it got going….oh yeah….OOPS! Guess I should have answered this on her blog!

Aftershox asks “When is it jizz and when is it cum?” IMHO…it’s one and the same, but, to others, it’s different.

lunanegra asks “Do we have a name for it?” Yep, she’s asking what women would name a climax, such as “flip a fallopian”.

JsGirl69 is “In keeping w/the “Name for” trend” in names for masturbation. I’m still laughing at the “Squeezing the snot outta BoBo” one.

Max49 gave us a “Golf Nut”…I think the guy totally missed what the gal meant when she said she was a hooker.

Somnium gave a chuckle with “Slow day? Here’s some funny videos”. Yep, those were funny!

enjoyingitall asked “Who would be interested” in a fantasy vacation???? ME!!

Straddlemynose asked “What toothpaste and mouthwash do you commonly use?” I still say he’s becoming “domesticated” …starting to worry he may be losing his kinkyness.

theSkwirl shared “Musings on Life Part 2” How often have we felt like we were standing on the razor’s edge? I know I’ve been there a time or two.

Sunshine79 gave a humorous insight to “Marriage” in her blog. So…if ya marry the wrong man, you wear the ring on the wrong finger? Got it!

Straddlemynose warned us about “Facebook prime ground for ID theft”. Just everyone with accounts at those sites be careful with your information.

RJ53 brings up a good point in “TMI” Face it, I really don’t want to know the gory details of someone’s surgery I just met.


Jan 23 @ 6:45PM  
girlcountry said to “My friends here..” she updated everyone on how her family, especially her, are doing.

mo stargazer shared “One of my favorite poems” A very beautiful poem. Thanks Stargazer.

Soft_touch938 shared “Life on the riverbank” You see the pic she took of the river with the snow? Check it’s awesome. Anyway, her blog is about self discovery, at least, that is how I read it.

Straddlemynose asks “[/B]Which position do you enjoy more during ANAL SEX?” FINALLY! A normal blog by him! Just kidding with you Straddle. And I have to say…none, notta, no way! That is an “exit only”.

asked “Out Of Order?” Just read it’s good.

selectusername has the right idea in “Lounge” Just kick back and enjoy the day…don’t worry about a thing.

Sunshine79 gave some “Tuesdays Crude Funnies”. Now I know what to say when someone sneezes.

theSkwirl gave us a bedtime story in “Once Upon A Time: In Pervia” We must be doing something good, we got 2 blogs from our favorite Skwirl.

PinkToeNails gave us a good video in her blog “Somedays Pervia…………..” I used to love jamming to that song.

TexasRacer shared “A real story” About being late for a gig to play the bagpipes at a burial. Bet those sewage workers enjoyed the break from working on that septic tank.

[/B]casuallylooking gave “Compliments” Yep, she loves everyone here. She had to stop in and compliment us all. Oh, wait, guess I got carried away. She is blogging about how good it feels to give and receive compliments. Here’s one for you CL…excellent blog.

shared “Musical Ass” I guess any asshole can play country music?

Sunshine79 blogged about “Super Bowl”. Don’t know …..I’d have to come back to haunt my hubby if he chose to go to the Superbowl instead of my funeral.

Wordsofwit blogged about “The Senior Citizen” Ya know…I would love some discounts myself, but, a senior discount, nah! I’m not ready for that one yet.

Sundance64 gave us a head’s up about a pilot returned home in “ Pilot missing from Vietnam war found”. Now his family can put him to rest and move on with their lives.


Jan 23 @ 6:51PM  
TexasRacer exclaimed “WTF” Yep, he got a “proposal” from another guy. I thought the letter was sweet.

vidorob gave us “Just another sexist funny” Now I understand the white wedding dress thing.

dmbchick420 shared “A Pirate Walks Into a Bar” So….the steering wheel is what makes them growl?

maxximuss1967 told us about the text message he got at 2am in “Don’t expect the nay nay! He did prove to be quite a gentleman.

JsGirl69 gave us some “Early Morning Musings” What can I say? It was magick.

Max49 shared “Occupation” Now that one gave a WHOLE new meaning to chicken farming.

Sunshine79 showed us on man’s answer in “Application”. It’s true..first we are single, then married, and finally divorced..

max49 said “S O M E T I M E S” Most things in one pays attention too, but, let one rip… and EVERYONE notices.

Sunshine79 shared a math lesson (yes fellow Pervians, I said the dreaded “m” word) in “How Many Wives?” Now I understand the “four better, four worse, four richer, four poorer” in the vows.

Budman701 told us about “Olee and Sven”. Now I get why those scuba divers fall off backwards. They would land on their faces in the bottom of the boat if they went forward.

Dione asked “What is your favorite sex position?” As long as it’s sex…it’s a favorite postion.

ThePurpleProphet asked about favorite “Story Tellers” Most songs are a story..but some artists just had that knack for really telling a story.

And now…a WELCOME BACK to our very own…Ewe_Wish who asks what your favorite “Movie sex scene” is. All this talk about sex…………..geez! Waddya think this is? A sex site??

ThePurpleProphet came back with “This is a topic that I’ve never seen mentioned on AMD” and, he’s right..until he brought it up, I had never seen a topic about what an instrument sound you like that isn’t typical in rock music.


Jan 23 @ 6:56PM  
DarkKnightWalking took a break from troll slaying to inform Periva of an offer from Disney in “Give a little of your time” It’s simple, Disney is asking for us to give one to one of their organizations, and in return, volunteers get a one day pass to a Disney park or resort of their choice. Good deal.

PinkToeNails asked “What in the sam hell….” Grand eyeball?? Ooooookay!

Maxximuss1967 said “LOOK! MAN WITH 2 WINNIES” Yes, AMD is a fun place to come to. I just don’t get why someone would come to a site with the sole purpose of being hateful.

vidorob is “Feeling the love” He got one of those “romantic” emails from one of the local “scam girls”.

Straddlemynose asked “What are the top 5 worst movies you have seen?” wow! There has been a LOT of bad movies out there!

PinkToeNails asked what everyone thinks in “What do you think about this?” Legislatures in Vermont are thinking (oh no!!! politicians thinking?????) of lowering the drinking age from 21 to 18. I can see all the 17 yr olds out there hoping it’s going to pass.

Straddlemynose wants everyone to “Name a movie that has a wedding in it.” Here he goes again with the wedding, homey, domestic kinda blogs….is it love I wonder?

Sunshine79 shared “Counterfiet Chinese Condoms??” Wow, now China is making useless condoms, and is trying to pass them off as American made.

max49 told us about the “Little Old Lady” who came up with a great way to get a little extra cash.. so fellas, remember to pay up if you’re gonna pee in her bushes. I hear she keeps those hedge trimmers sharp.

vidorob blogged “Get a good laugh I did” Isn’t that cute? Little kittens acting as pall bearers to….WAIT! Dead pussy?????

PinkToeNails said “Wow!!!!” About a pissed off mistress wasting $250,000 on “revenge”. Well hell, if this woman wanted to waste $250,000, she could have given it to me.


Jan 23 @ 6:57PM  
You do such a good job at this I'm glad you continued

don't tell and I'll give ya the first cookie

Jan 23 @ 6:59PM  
Dione gave us a hot blog with “Sexual Role Playing….What Is Your Favorite Role?” Yep…been taking notes.

DesertSmile shared “More Demands from Islam” all I gotta say is, watch the video.

RJ53 wants to know who Pervia to list “Sexy Actor or Actress

KitKat25 has 2 blogs….First one is “What’s Your Favorite Car Game”..remember those little car games you played on long car trips as a kid? My sister and I had a favorite we called “one eyed bandits”, we would count how many cars we saw with one working headlight. Of course this was played at night.
Then KitKat25 blogged about “What Piece of Clothing Makes You Feel Super Sexy?” Seeing a lot of nice items, especially that link that PTN provided.

Soft_touch938 wrote a beautiful poem in “The Silence of Winter”. Loved it Softie.

casuallylooking showed showed why there are no mermaids in her blog “Mermaid vs. Whale” Now this blog makes me feel “smart”.

Wordsofwit is back in town, welcome back , and blogged about “At What Point is too Many Failed Marriages and Sos a Deal Breaker?” I will say I agree with the “3 strikes and your out” rule. I mean, if I meet someone..say….45, and he’s been married and divorced 10 times…I’m moving on.

And that will bring this weeks Review to a close. It’s nice that, despite some of the ugliness that has been going on, there were enough great blogs to make the review. Just proves that fun wins over ugly all the time.

Jan 23 @ 7:11PM  

Thoroughly enjoyed your review sweetie...........You do an awesome job........and i am probably the only one who really knows exactly how much work goes into a I thank you for your work...................KUDOS to you........wish i could give you more of them.

Jan 23 @ 7:15PM  
Great review as usual. A greenie coming your way.

Jan 23 @ 7:24PM  

Jan 23 @ 8:08PM  
Great review sugar!!!!!!! We need to find a way to get you compensated for this!! lol

Jan 23 @ 8:35PM  
Most excellent as always, milady.....kudo.

Jan 23 @ 8:43PM  
Occasionally AMD gets a week with a couple days or so, that get a little fugly but think about it... your weekend reviews do a lot to smooth things out! Awesome review!

Kudos for you!


Jan 23 @ 9:29PM  
I always saw the week in review as a restatement of greatest hits like top 40 radio, not really a true review of the week. It always focused upon the happy fluff and not what really happened in totality.

For example, the biggest issue of interest to somebody who had been away for a week or two would be the troll RIverman; his antics and his getting booted from the site. Not what people want to hear, but talking true.

Jan 23 @ 10:17PM  
Loved it, as always....Greenie!

Jan 23 @ 10:21PM  
*hands over a green nut* You deserved it after wading through all that! Holy sheeeit.. we were a yappy bunch this week!

Jan 23 @ 10:54PM  
Straddlemynose asks “[/B]Which position do you enjoy more during ANAL SEX?” FINALLY! A normal blog by him! Just kidding with you Straddle.

Straddlemynose wants everyone to “Name a movie that has a wedding in it.” Here he goes again with the wedding, homey, domestic kinda blogs….is it love I wonder?

Good job as always, Dawn!

Jan 23 @ 11:16PM  
Great job! Thanks.

Jan 24 @ 1:06PM  
ok,ok..enough of the blogging already.Less typing and more jiggling!!!! Weeeeee!!!

Jan 25 @ 3:38AM  
I'm in total awe. You really rock at these weekly reviews Sugar.

Adding another kudo to the pile...along with a standing O.


Jan 25 @ 4:06AM  
I'm not on here much anymore, and missed quite a few of these. I'll have to go take a look.
Thanks for the review, S&S.

As for Bruce's comment......... oh we all noticed that, and comment.

Kudos, Sweetie......

and BTW, thank you.

Jan 25 @ 11:21AM  
Great job...definitely deserves a greenie

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