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What Piece of Clothing Makes You Feel Super Sexy?

posted 1/22/2010 9:56:29 PM |
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tagged: sexy, horny, fashion, clothing

Everyone has a favorite piece of clothing. That special piece that makes you feel comfortable...or super sexy.

I have a girlfriend who owns a black dress that she refers to as her "lil' sex dress" because it always brings her good luck when she's out on the prowl for a new guy.

Of the clothing you own, what piece makes you feel super sexy?

I personally have a black dress that I love to wear. Whenever I wear this makes me feel incredibly sexy.

Your turn...

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Jan 22 @ 10:02PM  
I've got this long black velvet jacket...... just a couple of buttons across the breast area... it's beautiful! Sooooo Stevie Nicks!!

And it look great with my "fuck me" shoes!

And I recently purchased a pair of elbow length black velvet gloves... They have roses on them! They are beautiful!

But I have a pair of earrings that I don't mind wearing alone either!

Jan 22 @ 10:05PM  
I have this black leather jacket to where I look pretty HOT in....well, so I have been told.

Jan 22 @ 10:09PM  
Oh my goodness Pink...your clothes sound amazing. Can I raid your closet...pretty please with sugar on top?

Jan 22 @ 10:14PM  
I wish I had more amazing clothes!! LOL

I would live out of this catalog!!!

If I could afford to, but some of the things in their catalog.. where would you wear them? Other than Halloween or............................behind closed doors!


Jan 22 @ 10:26PM  
Fun website Pink. I loved this dress.

Velvet Dress

I would definitely wear this one out in public.

Jan 22 @ 10:29PM  
I feel sexy in LEATHER!! Be it a leather dress, skirt, boots or coat/jacket, something about it just unleashes my inhibitions.

Jan 22 @ 10:31PM  
I'm going to order these

They should look good with the elbow length gloves, fuck me shoes and the earrings!

Jan 22 @ 10:36PM  
I have a dark wine dress from India. It fits every place it should and hides all the flaws and has lots of embroidery on it. It is my go to dress when I want to look my best.

Jan 22 @ 10:38PM  
I hear RJ.... the dresses made in India are just AB FAB!!!!!!!

Jan 22 @ 10:44PM  
Holy Clothing

I could buy out this whole catalog if I had the money.

Jan 22 @ 10:58PM  
This I would love to have

Pirate dress

And these to go with it.



Jan 22 @ 11:01PM  
Oh yeah...can't forget the bling



and finally


Jan 22 @ 11:16PM  
MsHelle: Leather is VERY sexy for sure.

Pink: LOVE the lace-up stockings.

Sugar: I love the jewlery, but I don't think those pieces would look good on me.

RJ: Kewl catalog. Thanks for the link.

Jan 22 @ 11:25PM  
Naked with a rubber on .... I mean a condom .... I lied condoms suck but are men really built to add a garment to build sexual arousing? Women don't really need it but they do it.

Jan 23 @ 12:15AM  
I got a couple of 'dick hats'..Do they count??
One is a sombrero and the other is palm frond beach hat..
The one on my Buddha pic..

Jan 23 @ 12:19AM  
I got a couple of 'dick hats'..Do they count??

Absolutely Doc!

Jan 23 @ 12:44AM  
Can't be gettin' the little feller's head get
all sunburned layin' nekky on the beach

Jan 23 @ 6:09AM  
my "fuck me" shoes!

OK..ok...I've gotta know...what the hell are "Fuck me shoes?"

Jan 23 @ 6:18AM  
What she takes off and drops on the floor. But to kind of go with the flow, a fish net body stocking if the woman is attractive enough to wear it. There are just some things that some people don't need to wear!

Jan 23 @ 7:07AM  
Awww WoW... don't spoil the mood man - lol!

I have a lace body stocking with a strategically placed opening (below) that can be worn with a skirt and jacket or alone... so you can dress it up or down. It invariably provided excellent results I'm happy to say.

Jan 23 @ 7:34AM  
Actually, my ex used to have one piece long johns with three or four buttons in the front and a button up flap covering her ass. When she wore that I always seemed to attain a better squirt than usual after the flap went down.

Jan 23 @ 9:25AM  
Sexy black bell bottoms.....Makes my ass look really sweet!

Jan 23 @ 10:31AM  
anything silk/silky
high heel shoes with straps that wrap around the ankle


toe rings
ankle bracelets

Jan 23 @ 11:37AM  
My nipple ring.I like changing the jewelry.Oh,Garter belts & thigh high stockings...Ive been known to wear that under jeans..I like that nobody knows unless I want them to.

Jan 23 @ 11:58AM  
I have couple pair of Reebok undies. Very stretchable but tight. I can't read the tag to see what they are made of, but I feel so sexy when I wear them.

One pair is black and of course one is purple.

Jan 23 @ 1:29PM  
If I could afford pyramid collection I'd own everything that comes in my size and yeah I'd wear it..

I have a newish outfit, black lacy top, skin tight black leggings, black suede boots with straps and bling on them, and my split belly dancing skirt.. it is tres Stevie Nicks and all my style. I was goth/punk before there was such a thing.. so I'm right in right now. I'd love to wear steampunk clothing also if I could afford it.. but yeah.. all that makes me feel sexy.. to wear what suits me physically and personality wise.

Jan 23 @ 5:10PM  
We call it my poker shirt cause the girls are way over exposed Its the one I am wearing in my profile pic. Looks good with a short skirt, garter, thigh highs and my fuck me pumps

Jan 23 @ 6:16PM  
Actually mine is a sweater........i am not sure why it makes me feel sexy but I do know the results I get when I wear it..................

Jan 24 @ 10:56PM  
I too have a leather jacket that I feel really sexy in. I like wearing it open with semi tight jeans (gotta have room haha) and a tight shirt to accentuate my torso.

Jan 25 @ 1:02AM  
Appearently, my tactical uniform from when I was a deputy. Wearing that suit was like being a rockstar.

And yes... I still have the cuffs... and the baton... (actually I still have the whole uniform, and the duty belt). Any females up for a strip search?

Jan 25 @ 3:04AM  
Well it appears that Pervia has got style.

I LOVED reading all the great comments about the different pieces of clothing that make each of us feel super sexy. Pink and RJ were kind enough to post links to their favorite stores, which by the way made my wish list that much longer. It also appears that the women are not the only ones feeling sexy around here. We had a few guys drop in and share some tidbits about some of their favorite sexy clothing pieces. I'm going to refrain from asking RevDoc to model some of his "dick hats" , but I'm thinking I would be fine with ShadowMale modeling his deputy tactical uniform. Now what was the position I was supposed to assume?

Thanks so much for all the fun and sexy comments.

Jan 26 @ 2:59PM  
white t shirt fresh clean,

Mar 20 @ 9:44AM  
When i'm commando in a nice pair of jeans. Just something about the feel of my manhood rubbing against denim.

Mar 26 @ 8:21AM  
I always feel great when I have nothing on but silk boxers. That is what I always look good in.

Apr 15 @ 12:24PM  
My birthday suit.

Apr 16 @ 1:36AM  
A man's.... dress shirt and nothing else...and only one button done.
Preferably with his essence still lingering.

Apr 16 @ 2:43AM  
nothin...waxed clean as a whistle and am as good as layed....

Sep 16 @ 5:43PM  
My kilt with my bag pipes on my shoulder playing for the ladies

Sep 16 @ 6:31PM  
Looks like you have a Fan...Lady!!!

Oct 3 @ 2:10PM  
A man's dress shirt.... unbuttoned and still warm and smelling of him... and his arousal
smooth pressed cloth, grazing my nipples in front and the crest of my cheeks in back.
Maybe with nothing else or the over the knee red leather high heel boots... that feel like supple warm skin

Oct 3 @ 4:56PM  
I have a lot of dress shirts and neck ties that women seem to find sexy when I wear those out and about. Women sometimes love a well dressed man.

When I have worn my black leather jacket during the fall and winter, that seems to turn womens heads as well when they see me wearing it. A lot of women find that very sexy on guys as well.

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What Piece of Clothing Makes You Feel Super Sexy?