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What do you think about this?

posted 1/22/2010 1:26:30 AM |
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VT contemplating the drinking age

They are considering debating the law on the legal drinking age. What are your thoughts on this?

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Jan 22 @ 1:58AM  
I hate to see the drinking age be returned to the age 18. Although I am not dumb enough to believe no one under the age of 21 drinks, I believe that having the age set at 21 does lower the number of teenage drinkers................BUT i think that anyone who is serving in the Military should be allowed to go into a bar and get a drink whether he/her is 21 or 18..........if they are old enough to serve our Country they should be old enough to have a drink in it...............JMO

Jan 22 @ 4:19AM  
I have to agree with Dayna about the fact that I'm not too thrilled to see the drinking age lowered to 18. But the fact that one can serve their country at the age of 18, it seems only fair for them to drink alcohol then.

Jan 22 @ 4:30AM  
Aw, why not? They been crusading for years against every sliver of evil related to, and ALL, alcohols fault.

Some political figure likely just had a light bulb pop over their head and said "DAMN, we are making a lot of money off these alcohol taxes, can we make some more..."

Just another example of governmental flip flopping.

Next thing will be to lower the smoking age as well...just as soon as some of the heat cools off on that crusade.

Jan 22 @ 7:59AM  
should just leave it 21.....tho the problem is the one's they're worried bout WONT obey the law anyway .....examples...gun laws..ONLY work on honest people.....there's no criminal worried bout IF its legal or not to carry a fire arm......leaves them armed and us NOT>....

Jan 22 @ 8:16AM  
If there's a law against anything, someone is going to find a way to break it
At 18 at least there would be fewer kids breaking the law..
I've been drinking in bars since I was 14 and no problems..
When I was in high school my older friends would have me get their beer for them..

Jan 22 @ 8:43AM  
When I was 19 I lived in Florida...19 was too young! we drank and drove every where....

Jan 22 @ 8:47AM  
If you can defend your country at 18 and serve in the military, you should be allowed to drink. JMO.

Jan 22 @ 9:16AM  
Personally, I think the age limit for drinking should remain as is, but I'm not so naive as to believe it will not change to what is being discussed. Of course, more taxes for the government to spend is at the heart of the matter. That's the answer alright... making money off of the youth of our country and for many, their deaths... makes sense to me, uhuh!

Jan 22 @ 9:50AM  
I found this to be interesting. There are quite a few States where it is legal for minors to drink under the supervision of their legal guardian. Here is a link and they also provide reference links.

Jan 22 @ 9:54AM  
Sorry I quoted the link try this Drinking age by State

I say leave it up to the people of the State. Put it up for a vote.
If the State lowers the age they might loose Federal funding for their highways.

Jan 22 @ 11:40AM  
Kids do dumb things all the time so they dont need to add drinking to thier list. My son is in the airforce and only one time he wanted to drink and I let him at home with me there and he didnt like it. But then again didnt we all hate our first time drinking lol

Jan 22 @ 2:27PM  
I think it's just another way to waste taxpayer money on another fucked up stupid ass study.

Jan 22 @ 3:08PM  
I'm trying to get a Gummint Grant to determine what effect wigglin' my weenie has on the female population Uh huh, oh yeah

Jan 22 @ 3:32PM  
^^^^ You are too funny Doc!!!!

Hey.... that's got to be the biggest camel toe I've ever seen in my life Doc!!

Love that hot white get up though!

Jan 22 @ 3:50PM  
Tee Hee...That's just nuts

Jan 22 @ 4:10PM  
I think the age should be 21 but I think the age for joining the military should be 21 without a parent's signature. The recruiters circle the high schools like vultures here in Fayetteville. I really do not think 18 year old kids knows what they are getting into. They really should not be drinking, smoking, texting while driving, or being talked into doing something they may just regret in the near future. JMO And both my sons are in the military but my oldest joined at 22 and the youngest at 25. They pretty much knew exactly what they were signing up for. If I had caught either one of them drinking at 18 getting a DUI would have been the least of their worries.

Jan 22 @ 5:26PM  
Honestly? If they feel at 18 one is "responsible" enough to vote and serve in the military, then MAYBE 18 is responsible enough to drink? So, at 18, they can vote, join the military, but, can't drink till they are 21. I've always wondered at the logic of that. It's a 3 year difference, so, are they more "mature" and "responsible" at 21 verses 18? Some are, some are not. It's hard to say yes or no to this. Since I can remember, drinking age has always been 21, and I really see no reason/sense in lowering it. Face it, kids are going to find a way to party...lower the drinking age to 18, and there are still the 14, 15, 16, 17, yr old out there sneaking around getting drunk.

Way I see it, lowering it isn't going to change anything.

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