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What are the top 5 WORST movies you have seen?

posted 1/22/2010 12:31:38 AM |
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What are the top 5 WORST movies that you have ever watched in your lifetime? I know most if not all of you have at least 3 of these rotten movies that you wish you never saw and wasted time on.

My top 5 WORST movies would have to be these:

1. Stuart Saves His Family

2. SuperStar

3. Ishtar

4. A Clockwork Orange

5. Who's that Girl?

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Jan 22 @ 12:40AM  
I'm terrible at remember names especially things I didn't like. If after 30 minutes a movie hasn't grabbed me I ask for my money back at the theaters.

Jan 22 @ 12:41AM  
1) Little Nicky
2) Anchorman
3) Stepford Wives
4) Happy People
5) Strangeland

Jan 22 @ 2:00AM  
I can't think of any off hand that I absolutely hate but two that I saw lately............2012 and Public Enemies wasn't worth the admission to see it...............

Jan 22 @ 2:50AM  
Inglorious Bastards sucked donkey dicks, mostly in foreign language?!?!

Jan 22 @ 3:43AM  
Joe Dirt

Jan 22 @ 4:35AM  
Damn....some of these that people didn't care for, I liked fairly well....

Let's see....

Dudley Do-right
Death Proof
Zombie Strippers

Jan 22 @ 7:35AM  
Paranormal Activity
Kung Pow: Enter The Fist
Napoleon Dynamite
Grizzly Park

Jan 22 @ 8:20AM  
I can hardly remember the last time I went to the movies but
it would have to be the Halloween type, blood and gore

Jan 22 @ 1:52PM  
I don't remember the bad ones....

Jan 22 @ 2:13PM  
I can only think of 2 that I thought were bad enough I got up and walked out of the theater on.
Pet Cemetery and Dogs in Space

Jan 22 @ 2:16PM  
The newest Final Destination was terrible also.

Jan 22 @ 2:17PM  
Napoleon Dynamite
I forgot about that one. That movie really sucked and made no sense whatsoever.

Jan 22 @ 2:19PM  
Inglorious Bastards sucked donkey dicks, mostly in foreign language?!?!

He's did suck donkey dick!!!

The Happening was a stupid movie. Other than that, I cannot think of any movies I don't like except most horror/slasher-type movies are pretty stupid.

Jan 22 @ 2:20PM  
Pet Cemetery, I had forgotten how that movie PISSED me off so damn bad...I had read the book 3 times and it was waiting to see it....then got that garbage for a film.

Jan 22 @ 2:24PM  
DKW? You didn't love Zombie Strippers? Man that was almost a classic.

1. Ishtar! Gawd that sucked so bad.
2. Anything starring or costarring Madonna... just .. eww.
3. The Happening... come the fuck on Shyamalan... you had it going so well at one time.
4. The Pink Panther starring Steve Martin... OMG bad.
5. Amadeus .. it got frigging Oscars.. but it sucked so hard core people walked out of the theater and didn't even bother asking for their money back.

Jan 22 @ 2:25PM  
Napoleon Dynamite
I forgot about that one. That movie really sucked and made no sense whatsoever

I freaking love Napoleon Dynamite! That cracked me up! Maybe cause I know someone like that!

Gotta go with Surv on the latest Final Destination! Not near as good as the first ones!


Jan 22 @ 2:44PM  
I couldn't stand the Austin Powers movies.

Jan 22 @ 2:49PM  
I thought Napoleon Dynamite was a riot!!! C'mon it stoned I have met someone like that in real life too

Jan 22 @ 3:20PM  
My worst would be "The Sheltering Sky" . My ex had to read the book for book club and it was making NO sense. She heard it was also a movie, so we rented it... thinking it would shed some light on the book. Wrong. It made no more sense than the book. There are 3 main characters; 2 men and a woman and they are wandering the middle east & the desert. We couldn't figure out why. At some point one of the men dies, but it really didn't seem to change things one way or the other.

I like James Bond, so I had a chance to pick up some of the older ones on VHS. My son and I sat down to watch Moonraker. It seemed pretty cool at the time... but OMG... that movie is corny, stupid.... the special effects look like they were done by a 5th grade science class. It never did get exciting because we were so busy laughing.

Oh.... as for Napoleon Dynamite... that has to be the STUPIDEST movie I ever turned off in the middle and threw in the garbage. I can't call it the worst, because they were trying to be stupid. Mission accomplished. Overkill, but accomplished.

Jan 22 @ 3:58PM  
My 5 picks in no particular order as the all completely sucked big time.

1. Howard the Duck (Tim Robbins and Lea Thompson)
2. Battlefield Earth (John Travolta)
3. From Justine to Kelly (Anyone remember the first season of American Idol?)
4. Gigli (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez)
5. Swept Away (Madonna)

Jan 22 @ 6:28PM  
Shanghai Surprise with Madonna and Sean Penn

Porky's II

Halloween 3

I know this movie was a big hit, but when I tried watching it, I got bored in the first 10 minutes. Shawshank Redemption

And any Rocky movie after the 3rd one.

Jan 22 @ 11:29PM  
Naked lunch

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What are the top 5 WORST movies you have seen?