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Are you planning on being an organ donor?

posted 1/21/2010 1:44:51 AM |
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tagged: life, death, straddle

This is a two part blog with a couple of topics that a lot of people don't like to think about, let alone talk about with others. So I will begin with organ donation. Just curious to know how many of you would donate your organ(s) once you're deceased. If so, what organs would you donate? If not, please feel free to explain why you wouldn't, but only if you would like to share why you wouldn't.

The other topic would be if you're in a marriage, and your spouse had just passed on, and you were in control of making their arrangements, would you honor their wishes with the location of the burial if they wanted it back in their hometown where they grew up in, or would you go against their wishes and have their burial next to your plot in another state or location? If you decided to honor their wishes with a burial in their hometown, would you want a burial next to them then? Also, if they wanted to be cremated, would you honor that, or just go with a burial instead?

What wishes would you want your spouse to carry out with you once you're deceased?

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Jan 21 @ 1:58AM  
<<< still on the waiting list for brain donations....

Jan 21 @ 2:02AM  
still on the waiting list for brain donations....
I didn't see that one coming, Joe.

Jan 21 @ 2:26AM  
I don't think I could just give my heart to another

Jan 21 @ 2:27AM  
I am set up to be an organ donor, but not planning on it in the near kinda just gets ya when ya least expect it...don't ya think???

Jan 21 @ 4:59AM  
Good questions Straddle!

I'm a registered organ donor. They may use whatever is worth using.

My husband's wish was to be cremated and his ashes scattered over Hawaiian waters. That's what I did. We discussed this early in our marriage as we both prefer cremation. Honoring my spouses wishes was the only point to consider in this matter.

Jan 21 @ 6:34AM  
Any organ that I have is up for grabs when im gone. i have a friend whos brother passed unexpectly at age 45, seven people recieved the gift of live or sight from him. Yes Yes Yes....take whatever is usable.

If i had a spouse, of course i would honor his wishes, and at my age, that might be next to a former wife of many years....

My plans are to be cremated also,'s cheaper, and i had much rather my children have the money than the funeral director.

Jan 21 @ 7:50AM  
Of course..Whatever that's left that's usable..
Cremation is the way to go

Jan 21 @ 7:53AM  
I'm a registered organ donor. I hope they are able to help others with as many parts as humanly possible.
I want to be cremated, for a few personal reasons. And at my memorial service, I don't want bunches of flowers and sappy sad funeral music. I want music that I liked and is upbeat and happy. And hellium balloons.... bright and colorful.
I want a celebration that I lived, not just sadness and tears.

As for a loved ones wishes, Yes I would honor them. Because I love them.


Jan 21 @ 8:43AM  
I am one

Jan 21 @ 9:16AM  
Yes I'm a donor for whatever still works.

My husband didn't care what his final arrangements were so I chose cremation...I just wanted his ashes with me. But if he'd have wanted something else I would have honored his wishes. I have since scattered his ashes over the pond near the house where we lived for nearly 30 yrs.

I also let him be a donor....his leg bones, skin on his back and legs and to tell you the truth I don't remember what else. Not his kidneys because they were failing and I don't think they took his heart either. With all his early years of drinking I don't think they used his liver either. But probably his corneas was used.

Jan 21 @ 9:35AM  
Yep I'm a donor, they want it they can have it since I'm not married don't have to worry about it but yeah I would honor his wishes

Jan 21 @ 9:42AM  
I would donate my organs - take em all....I don't need em!!! I would honor whatever wishes my husband has because I would expect the same.

My wish is to be cremated when I die and they can do as they wish with the ashes....isn't really going to matter much to me at that point!

Jan 21 @ 10:07AM  
Organ donation...I've got it marked on my driver's license to donate. As far as I care, they can use whatever..if I'm dead, ain't going to matter is it?

If married, and my spouse dies and has expressed his wishes to be buried in his hometown, yes, I would honor his wishes. This would have been a topic discussed and agreed upon long before his passing. I would like to think we would have decided together where our final resting would be.


Jan 21 @ 10:41AM  
Hmmm... I dunno... I've read stories about some people that may have been buried alive and no one knew it! I have to think that if I were to donate my organs, it would have to all of them but my heart! I mean, if I were to wake up, I'm gonna want the rest of my parts back!


Jan 21 @ 1:55PM  
would you honor their wishes with the location of the burial
Gary wanted to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery.........I would have preferred that he was buried in the cemetery my family is buried in..........but I went with what he wanted........makes it hard for me to visit him grave.........but it was what he wanted.

There is also a spot next to him that is mine if I want it.........I do not.....but only because I don't want to be buried.......i want to be cremated.....with my ashes spread in a the Avenue of Pines here in MN...........

Jan 25 @ 4:07AM  
1. Yes, I would like to try and be an organ donor.
2. I would do whatever my SO wanted me to do.
3. I want to be buried...I think. I might have to think more about this one.

Feb 20 @ 6:13PM  
Yes, I am on the organ donor list, the bone marrow list....
and I read the book Stiff. About what happens to your and borrowed stuff.
At least that way, my body won't sit on the the side of the road while they think about getting lunch.

Feb 20 @ 6:23PM  
Yes, I have agreed to donate my organs and it is within the data base of my drivers license. I am not only willing to donate my organs, but any pianos and harpsichords I own also!

Feb 20 @ 6:25PM  
However, the individual receiving the organs run the risk of being cited for dying while intoxicated :)

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Are you planning on being an organ donor?