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posted 1/20/2010 6:37:40 AM |
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You know the saying about flattery will get you everywhere?
Yeah, for some that really does work. But it's not true for most of us.

However, a sincere compliment every now and then is always a nice to hear.

What is the last sincere compliment that you can remember getting from someone.....other than your Mom or Grandmother. We tend to give them out frequently.
Yes, we mean them, but we're going to exclude them right now.

Did the compliment come as a surprise?
Did you believe it?
Who was it from?

Whether you tell what is was or not is your choice.

Do you give compliments out or do you just leave them unspoken when they cross your mind?

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Jan 20 @ 6:52AM  
that's funny, i was talking with queen christine of scotland today about
that very subject. in fact she told me i had the art of flattery down.
and i wrote back and told her that i was very flattered by her comment
to me that i had the art of flattery down. in fact she probably had the
art of flattery down, better than i. there are all kinds of bon mots and platitudes
about flattery. it is true, that i am vain. vanity is rather universal. poems
have been written on vanity. for example, the great joe arapaio, king of the arapaho
indians. he needs to be roasted. his kingdom has no end. he wishes to secede
from planet earth and be the king of kings. the god of gods. his mighty knowledge
and great character have made everyone feel so safe, sane and sober. a ufo
landed in his jail from another dimension. they wore pink and enjoyed life
for a change, rather than sweat it out being fugitives from their criminal govt.
they loved the free food, the clean neat cells and relaxing atmosphere in
his jail, courtesy of the taxpayer. this is why they sing the ballad of joe
arapaho. ho ho ho joe joe joe go go go. '3' cheers for joe and britney spears.
that was a very well written blog/post. really the koolest of the koolest.

Jan 20 @ 7:10AM  
I got complimented on my voice over the phone by a client. Whether I believe them or not depends on how often I have received the compliment. Sometimes I give them and sometimes I don't.

Jan 20 @ 7:32AM  
One of my actor friends gave me an awesome compliment and I was so embarassed. But I do know he meant it I am not use to recieving them so when I get them I am very akward (is that how ya spell it?) and then I blush

Jan 20 @ 7:53AM  
I give them when I feel they are due and they are sincere..
I receive them in the same manner and thank the giver..

Jan 20 @ 8:17AM  
I can't remember any to me, but I do like to give them. If I feel it helps make their day a lot better- its my way giving a tiny bit of happiness to the world.

Jan 20 @ 8:42AM  
Lady at a drive thru complimented my nails. I get about 3 compliments a day about how pretty & unique my nails are!!

Last week, I had a lady tell me how beautiful my hair was. Funny thing, it needs to be colored (hopefully today). But, nonetheless she loved my hair.

Jan 20 @ 10:09AM  
My oldest daughter telling me how soft and pretty my hair is!!!

Jan 20 @ 10:14AM  
Last sincere compliment was last week from my department manager at work. I will compliment someone when I crosses my mind.

Great blog CL!

Jan 20 @ 10:16AM  
Do you give compliments out or do you just leave them unspoken when they cross your mind?

I forgot to answer this....

Yes, actually I give people compliments a lot when I feel they are warranted. My husband constantly gets compliments from me. He has even told me to stop because he doesn't believe me sometimes, which makes me mad because I would never lie. I think some people have a hard time accepting that they really are what they are when it's something good!


Jan 20 @ 10:45AM  
I keep getting compliments on my hair. My youngest daughter seems to be enthralled with it. Last time I saw her she kept saying how much she just loved it.

I give compliments easily but only when I mean them.

Jan 20 @ 11:28AM  
But, nonetheless she loved my hair.

I'm pretty sure, I'd love your hair too, if it was laying on my bare chest!

It's easier for me to give a compliment, then to receive one! I kind of get em-bare-assed, when I get one! But, when I give one, I do mean it!


Jan 20 @ 12:24PM  
I cut off my hair last week.. everyone said how young I look like this.. so yeah I reckon..even if it means I look 12 now.. I believed it.

Jan 20 @ 1:40PM  
I used to work as a cocktail server years ago. Had a running rule with the regular guys that if they started to compliment me they got cut off.

My man does compiment me often. He is very good at knowing just the right moment to make me melt. Last night laying in bed looking at my new tattoo he told me it was very sexy

Jan 20 @ 2:59PM  
As I look back on all of the people I have talked to and met on this site I just wanted to let you know that you are 1 of those that stands out the most to me. We may not have talked very much but in the few email comments back and forth I have seen a very nice, beautiful person. You have the type of personality and attitude I hope to find in a person. You are clever, funny, sexy as all hell and I don't believe I have ever seen you be nasty with someone unless 100% provoked, and only to defend yourself. You have a lot of qualities that I really do admire in a person and a unique way of telling stories about yourself and I just wanted to let you know that. I hope you have a very Happy New Year and that you find whatever you are looking for to make you a happier bunny.
...this is the nicest compliment I have gotten here! I feel blessed that this person said those things about me. It came on a day when I really needed to hear something special. I will leave it at that.

Jan 20 @ 10:28PM  
My bf told me he appreciates me. To me, that's a great compliment, especially when you can tell someone means it.

I give compliments all the time. I have trouble filtering my mouth (thank goodness for backspace online) so I say whatever I'm thinking, good or bad.

Jan 21 @ 2:00AM  
What is the last sincere compliment that you can remember getting from someone
Tonight actually. Someone very special told me that I have a very big and loving heart.

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