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So the virgin needs a little hand holding!

posted 12/28/2006 7:25:37 PM |
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  Luvrgrl I am back again....been lookin things over and just have a few questions...and a few things to it like an automatic thing that any new person that joins is looking for sex? So I become a "new member" and suddenly my mailbox fills up with pictures of every size cock imaginable....who knew they were so huge!!!! Kidding guys....don't get me wrong...size matters....big time...but that is not my point is.....I am not necessarily looking for anything really......but am I supposed to be???? C'mon girls come to my aid here....or are you all as naughty as those men.....always thinking about sex???? I enjoy the conversations and like the fact that you can talk honestly about just about anything on here.....right? Not that I can't do that with people I talk to on a daily basis, but it seems maybe you can really let it out here...I like that....once you get me going.....I can go......

I am single....I do date...not a lot....I think I am smart about what I do with who.....maybe it just feels weird to have 8 million dicks in my face.....haven't had that happen before.....I will admit, I am a 1 man woman....I have had the 3some experience.....enjoyed it...not sure how I feel about anything new...I guess it might take some getting used to.....?

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Dec 28 @ 7:45PM  
Here we go again! No matter what U matter how many times U tell them not 2 do matter how often U bitch about it and beg them 2 stop doing it men are still going 2 send U cock shots and cumfuckme emails. Why, U ask? Well, mostly because this is a fucking sex site (if U haven't noticed this B4, now would be the time 2 log out and go home, crawl N2 bed and hide under the covers. Someone probably knows U were on here and it is bound 2 get out. Betcha can't wait 2 hear the gossip at the next church social, huh?) and that means it is at least semi-appropriate 2 do so. Just about anytime a man has the green light 2 show a chick his cock he's gonna take it. It's the nature of the beast, I'm afraid.

Does that mean U have 2 abandon Ur morals and join us in our debachery 2 have a good time? doesn't. U can do whatever makes U the most comfortable and U can talk 2 (or not talk 2) whomever U feel like. U can blog about whatever the fuck U want. But U do have 2 post naked pictures. That part is required. Ok, it's not required that U post them, but U do have 2 at least send me some.

Just are stupid. Don't expect them not 2 be and U should do ok.

Hope I wuz helpful...


Dec 28 @ 7:56PM  
Dick....thanks for takin me under your wing......what a kind gesture.....

I appreciate your forwardness and willingness to be frank with can probably tell...I'm one of those girls.....look nice and sweet on the outside and I'm just a little naughty on the inside...hence my hesitation to post a picture....I have seen a few people I know on here.....which is a little think I might just wait before I post any those that ask nicely ( Dick) I will send you some pics......

Dec 28 @ 8:06PM  
Send away, baby!!! I am always always always in the mood 2 look at a naked woman!

BTW, I do hope U fellas out there are taking notes. Some of this may be on the final.


Dec 28 @ 8:15PM the are all excited.....what if I am so ugly you can hardly stand to look at me? Ya know what I mean.....or do you just trust the fact that I am attractive.....for the recored I am....but guys go running after wet pussy like it's going to be extinct tomorrow....what's up with that? Now to be fair....yes, we women....well....I should only speak for myself.....I like sex...ok....I like it a lot.....more than some it seems....but.....I just don't go running after every guy who drops his drawers for me.......I think some of it is just a human thing...I do believe that we were all created to be sexual beings...I really's normal to a certain extent.....I will give you that.....maybe it's just me...I'm just one of those "nice" girls....who only lets the naughty out to a chosen select few.....or maybe age has taught me to be a little more selective.....or maybe size has taught me to be a little more selective.....bigger IS least for me.....

Dec 28 @ 8:39PM  
See...there U go assuming again, doll! Trust me on's rarely what U think. U think I want 2 see U naked because I am hoping U are a Playboy model and will be therefore all the more fun 2 jerk off 2. While it is true that I hope are good looking, that doesn't matter 2 me as much as U might think.'s not the picture that gets me off. It's getting U 2 send it 2 me that gets me off. That's why it has 2 be U, not just some bitch U downloaded off of the intemet.

This is by nature a very impersonal way of communicating. I guess (and I am guessing, since I really never even thought about this B4) I ask 4 pics as way 2 personalize the experience. do U know I will find U 2 be ugly? I find the strangest things about women attractive, and a girl's personality can make her absolutely irrisistable regardless of how she looks. Of course, it helps when she is also a nymphomaniac who can't keep my dick out of her...thoughts.

Talk at cha later, babe


Dec 28 @ 8:53PM  
ok people....who is this guy? This is clearly a 1 sided convo all know eaach other...can this man be trusted????

Dec 28 @ 9:30PM  
So here we go again...another woman joins an "adult dating & swinger community" and probably created a profile that obviously points out what sort of sexual encounter they want (ranging from email/phone to alternative) and then she complains that people are trying to contact her.

If you're just wanting to chat, maybe you're in the wrong place?

P.S. I never send cock pics unless requested to do so.

Dec 28 @ 9:34PM  
Seen this guy spurt all kinds of bs to other girls on this site. Even is trying to get a girl to contact him about getting into the porn business. Look at him..that ought to be renough for ya!

Dec 28 @ 9:45PM  
your 36 and talkin like 3 year old come on this is an ADULT SITE what did you expect cartoons get real

Dec 28 @ 9:49PM  
OOOHHH....Daddy...I'm just a nieve little midwestern girl who doesn't know much...can't you tell?

Dec 28 @ 9:55PM  
DS is solid: enough said.

Dec 28 @ 9:56PM  
Mr. Smed....

Not complaining....just didn't quite expect such a HUGE welcoming's all good....I guess what seemed odd was that it was an automatic that i was looking for sex.....ya know what I mean? Daddy seems to think I need a spanking.....

Dec 28 @ 10:03PM  
I personally think if you are on this site you are looking for sex why else go to an adult dating and swinger site

Dec 29 @ 4:29AM  
Boy I think there is a new smart controversial blog writer here....and she sounds sexy....I like them fiesty.....and you do need to be spanked hmmmm....

Dec 29 @ 7:05AM  
I'm guessing that you want to be seduced into revealing yourself, thats a normal thing, but there are a lot of impatient (horny) people on here. I'm a very horny guy, but i love the chase too.
Good luck to you

Dec 29 @ 9:58AM  
hmm...seduced into reveling myself? I like that idea......just the idea of being seduced....gently, slowly and quietly...... you think I am controversial? I will take that as a good thing.

Dec 29 @ 12:12PM  
OOOHHH....Daddy...I'm just a nieve little midwestern girl who doesn't know much...can't you tell?

Naive women don't join sex sites.

Dec 29 @ 3:58PM  
You see Rockstar, what I like about you is that you didn't go throwing your dick in my tatefully and respectfully have watched listened and observed the interaction here.....props dude! You seem like someone I might want to get to know a little better....

Dec 29 @ 5:37PM  
From what I've seen, DS can be trusted. Seems to be honest in his postings and offers sound advice too :)

It's ok to be shy. Just be yourself.

Dec 29 @ 9:57PM  
Sorry I'm late again, Luv! I've been sick so I'm a bit behind in reading blogs...

DS is okay...full of shit, somewhat annoying, but funny as hell. Ignore him if you want - he'll keep talking anyway! *zing!*

Now as for this comment:

So here we go again...another woman joins an "adult dating & swinger community" and probably created a profile that obviously points out what sort of sexual encounter they want (ranging from email/phone to alternative) and then she complains that people are trying to contact her.

If you're just wanting to chat, maybe you're in the wrong place?

I was joking about DS - this guy you can ignore for real...and anyone else who wants to tell you you're in the wrong place. If you're here to partake in the adult fun of blogging and posting in the forums (as I see you are), you're in the right place! My profile clearly states I'm not looking and I have every right to be here and so do you. What some people don't get is that this is a community - NOT just a dating site. Since when does one have to be wanting sex to be a part of an adult community? Yes, that's right - I'm not going to shut up on this issue!

Being hit with all that mail is typical when a woman joins the site. Not always a bad thing but can be quite time-consuming. It should slow down - unless you're a socialite like me - I talk to everyone and run out of email on what seems to be a regular basis. Oh well - so sue me! (Hey isn't that canu's new line???) Anyway...also don't worry too much about the "wanna fuck" emails. If you get any really good ones, check out the Share your recent STUPID email in the forums. And, if you get any particularly nice emails, you can brag about them in the Share your recent NICE mail thread.

Some things are a fact of life here: "wanna fuck" emails and dick pics are two. Best to just discard what you don't like and move on. WAY too much time has been wasted on these subjects of late :) Just enjoy the parts of the site (and the people) that you like - join in on the fun as you feel comfortable - and don't be afraid to report anyone who gets way out of line with you (but respect the Terms of Service and Blog Rules).

Now, go have fun! I'll see you around!

Dec 30 @ 2:04AM  
Hey honey....SZXE

You are such a beautiful woman.....thank you so much for all you have to say.....I am still trying to get thru everyone shit.....I'm a little hung up on Dom's ass....DS's humor, Rockstars sweetness....Santa's's a lot to swallow....

But....I'm really enjoying my time....takin a break tonight to spend a little time in my hot tub with a friend......but couldn't help but wonder what all you clowns are up to! Hope ya'll are having a good night.....the weather here sucks....rainy and foggy...good night for hot tubbin....

Peace ya'll we'll catch ya in the A.M or P.M or something....

For the sake of the events of today....I want to make an official shout out to all of our Men serving our country......Thanks for all you do...have done and will continue to do for us back here in the US.......There simply is not enough thanks to to ever go around for all of you guys over there.......Happy New you over there and to all you here.....we can fiddle fuck around on these crazy web sites while they risk their lives for us.....

Jan 3 @ 1:19AM  
Oh my. I too have a problem with some of the comments these guys have made. Ignore them sweety. You can be here for whatever reason you want to be here for. Don't let anyone force you to do anything you don't want to do and don't let anyone make you feel uncomfortable. If they do, just come find me and we'll break out the old war banners.

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So the virgin needs a little hand holding!