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thats stupid

posted 12/28/2006 7:18:40 PM |
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there are so many people on here that are either married or they have a boyfriend whats the point of being here if your married or involved with someone. hows i guy like me supposed to know a girl has a boyfriend then what are they doing here thats the dumbest thing i have ever heard of. so i guess we have to mind readers for the stupid people gee i didnt know you were involved cant read a pee brain

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thats stupid


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Dec 28 @ 7:32PM  
Dude...are U fucking serious? Or are U joking around again like when U came up with that nickname?

People are here 4 varied reasons from all walks of life. If U took the time 2 read profiles and essays U might actually find out right off the bat whether or not someone is married or involved and maybe even why. Who the fuck are U 2 judge them because U are either 2 lazy or 2 stupid 2 do more than just look at someone's picture and location B4 arbitrarily deciding they are worthy of Ur twelve (count them...twelve) inches of man meat? And even if they are married, how do U know her husband doesn't want his wife riding Ur foot-long-dong anyway? It's not everyday one comes across someone as endowed as U, my friend. It's no wonder that whenever U get hard U don't pass out from lack of blood 2 the brain.

Lighten the fuck up, already!


Dec 28 @ 7:35PM  
1) Read the profiles

2) Read the essays

3) Don't assume everyone is monogamous

4) Don't assume that just because they are looking that they are looking for you

Dec 28 @ 7:55PM  
That's true, many are here to get something new and exiting even if they are married or in a relationship. Many of them let you know if you read their profiles.
Seems like most of the women here are only looking for other women, but state they are looking for both. Some are not looking for sex or a relationship at all, some are fakes, and some are here just for the forums and blogs. I can see your frustration, don't give up, it may take time but things can happen.

Dec 28 @ 8:31PM  
cocks his head and raises an eyebrow...Christ some of you get your damned feathers ruffled rather quickly...I love how everyone wants to carry on what their opinion is on here...Yet when someone does so and others don't approve, They come bashing in the reply section...Yeah, Naturally all of us come from different walks of life, with different values, opinions and lifestyles...And naturally everyone is going to have an opinion about it...As for people "lightening up"...Exactly, Lighten the bloody Hell up...

Dec 28 @ 9:04PM  
If you take the time to read the essays on profiles you would figure out fairly quickly if a person is involved, or married. You have the right to your opinion, just like i have the right to mine. You think it's stupid for me to be on an "adult-dating site" because i have a boyfriend. I think it's stupid when men (and some women) don't take the time to read profiles, essays, blogs, or forum posts.

Dec 28 @ 9:45PM  
I tried to lighten up,but this bud light gives me the runs. I'm going back to the harder stuff!

Dec 28 @ 9:54PM  
Well, since I am not single but am on this site I can attest to my intentions. I am here to make friends. I met my SO on this site, so technically I started out single but you know what? I don't think it's my place to judge others intentions. I read the profiles, and listen to what others have to say and wow, enjoy the company. Why can't it be just that simple? I think many who are on this site who are in a relationship say so openly. Take time to read the profiles and you'll see that. As a matter of respect for other people you should be doing this anyways.

Until you walk a mile in my shoes don't judge me.

Dec 28 @ 11:05PM  
DickSlippery: It's not everyday one comes across someone as endowed as U, my friend. It's no wonder that whenever U get hard U don't pass out from lack of blood 2 the brain.

HAHAHAHA. Dude, that was awesome.

Dec 29 @ 12:00AM  
So many actually came, made friends then found someone, that they stay for their friends...

Also we have couples looking to swing with

1 other females

2 other couples

if you are neither don't get upset by the word no.

In my experiance most invovled persons on here are intelligent, so the pea brain comment sucks

Dec 29 @ 7:22AM  
I myself started out on this site cuz a friend suggested it. I figured i'd get on her with the intention of making friends, if something else happened, all the better. I stay on this site because i have made so many friends on here that i am quite fond of. Try reading people's profiles. that helps. If they say they're involved that doesn't mean you still can't be friends with them. You bypass some pretty interesting people if you just get pissy over the fact that they have someone.

Dec 29 @ 7:56AM  
bet your not gettin laid here are you???

Dec 29 @ 11:25AM  
A lot of us married people are here more for the conversation than sex. And, a few of us have spouses that know, understand and sometimes like to watch or join in.
Obviously, you have never been asked to do someone's wife or girlfriend. And, more obviously, with your attitude, you never will.

Dec 29 @ 11:42AM  
FRom what I've seen, everyone HAS put thier matital/relatioship status in thier profiles. Many even went on to explain why they are here in some detail.

All you have to do is READ the profiles insted of just looking at the pics.

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thats stupid