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Do You Wear Pajamas When You Sleep...Or Do You Sleep Nekid?

posted 1/16/2010 10:30:58 PM |
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tagged: question, sleep, fun, naked

I was talking with a friend last week and the topic of sleeping attire came up during our conversation. She was shocked to discover that I hate wearing pajamas to bed. In fact, I hate wearing anything when I sleep. I much prefer being nekid under the covers. She of course wears pajamas and can't imagine wearing nothing at all under the sheets.

Anyway, this conversation got me a bit curious. Am I the only one who loves sleeping nekid? So I thought I would pose this question in Blog Land.

Do you wear pajamas when you sleep...or do you sleep nekid? all know how I feel about clothes in bed...

Your turn...

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Jan 16 @ 10:34PM  
With a woman, nude. Otherwise shorts and a tee shirt. I haven't worn pajamas since I was a kid. I don't know any guys that do.

Jan 16 @ 10:34PM  
I always wear a pair of shorts and shirts when I go to bed. I never sleep naked.

Jan 16 @ 10:35PM  
I don't wear pajamas... I will wear a nighty to bed.... sometimes just a t-shirt and panties or sometimes... just my panties...... but naked is best!!

Jan 16 @ 10:38PM all are missing out. Nekid is the best when sleeping.

Jan 16 @ 10:38PM  
With a woman, nude. Otherwise shorts and a tee shirt.
With a man, nude. On my own, nude unless it's really cold... then I wear flannel from my neck to my toes.

Jan 16 @ 10:43PM  
On my own, nude unless it's really cold... then I wear flannel from my neck to my toes.

Oh my...I couldn't wear flannel to bed. I would feel too restrained. I'm surprised you can go from sleeping nude to wearing flannel in the winter.
Once I started sleeping nude...I couldn't go back.


Jan 16 @ 10:49PM  
I feel more comfortable wearing nothing at all. Sometimes a t-shirt and shorts.

Jan 16 @ 10:49PM  
nude mostly...tho time to time i'm in boxer briefs...

Jan 16 @ 10:54PM  
There is no way I could wear flannel to bed, although I have a flannel gown that's really attractive....LOL But I usually wake up and it's waded at the foot of the bed. I usually sleep so hot that naked or as close to it is best.... those damn hot flashes come in the middle of the night mostly!

Jan 16 @ 11:04PM  
Just my briefs when alone- nekkid with a lady and then I like to spoon with her, usually me behind her!


Jan 16 @ 11:09PM  
Depends on how cold it is and how many grandkids are running around first thing in the morning. I usually sleep nude and just keep a robe handy in case I need it.

Jan 16 @ 11:53PM  

Jan 17 @ 12:15AM  
In mah underpants alone; with company, I sleep nakey. During the cold months here, jammie bottoms and a shirt.

Jan 17 @ 12:24AM  

I'm so glad I'm not alone in my nakedness!

Jan 17 @ 12:46AM  
only way I can wear something to sleep is if I pass out drunk....gimme naked

Jan 17 @ 2:53AM  
I am in the nude when it is hot and as the seasons change so do my additional layers. Big pink loves it when he has layers to sneak into, so regardless if I am naked or not...he is happy.

Jan 17 @ 3:29AM  
I sleep naked as a Jay bird all the time 24-7......

Jan 17 @ 3:31AM  
I don't even own jammies, lol Nekkid all the way!

Jan 17 @ 4:00AM  
boxer briefs, don't like sleepin naked 'cept if a naked woman is here.

Jan 17 @ 4:09AM  
I have to admit I usually sleep in something.....even if it's just panties.
I'm out of bed usually at least 3-4 times a night, so even if I am nekkid, it changes when I get up....... at least til, well.......................


Jan 17 @ 4:33AM  
I used to sleep nekkid, but whenever I tossed at night, the flopping around would usually wake me up. So now I wear attire to keep things in their place- it results in a better night's sleep (and less skid marks in the sheets )

Jan 17 @ 4:59AM  
Underware! If I get cold more covers!

Jan 17 @ 6:01AM  
I sleep in a suit, a birthday suit.

Irrespective of the seasons, I make sure to sleep naked.

Jan 17 @ 8:15AM  
T-shirt and undies. If it's cold, I'll wear sweats too. My husband sleeps nekid. He laughs when I have my pants on sleeping and says I wear a “snowsuit” to bed I can't help it - it's cold!

Jan 17 @ 9:14AM  
Nekky..I can't stand waking up with a
piece of clothing twisted up in my butt

Jan 17 @ 10:31AM  
back in the day when i first got married, i went along with the deal to wear somethin, shorts, briefs, and or boxers. the deal i was supposed to be a modest person, being that i walk around at times in the night.
that was then, now i try not to offend any house guest, but if i want a snack or somethin aint about to put on shorts or whatever just to please them. they already know if they hear me they better keep thier eyes closed or what ever they want to.
nowadays though, i have been hearin a few snickers as i walk through the livin room. might go back to boxers

Jan 17 @ 10:32AM  

Jan 17 @ 10:40AM  
Frank brings up a good point. It depends on who is around. If it is just me and a lady I am intimate with, nude. But if there are others around in the house, having on something allows me to literally cover my ass in case there is a chance encounter in the middle of the night like converging simultaneously at the bathroom.

Jan 17 @ 1:12PM  
The only times I wear anything is when my daughters are here e/o weekend, then undies. Even when traveling it is NEKKID for me

Jan 17 @ 2:07PM  
Since the daughter and her fiance moved back in for a while.. I have to sleep in something.. hate it.. prefer wearing nothing. Something cuz I can't sleep with my bedroom door closed.

Jan 17 @ 3:09PM  
WoW, LilGriz and Skwirl bring up an excellent point. If you have guests in the house, chance encounters with those guests could be quite awkward. For this reason, I have a nice handy robe to throw on when leaving my bedroom.

Yep, you guessed it...NO ONEgets between me and my nakedness while sleeping...not even the occasional house guest.

Thanks for all the great comments Pervia.


Jan 17 @ 10:22PM  
Winter time, I wear jammies. Summer...nekid.

Jan 18 @ 4:45PM  
i always wear p.j got use to then i raized 4 girls haha


Jan 18 @ 7:58PM  
I wear shorts and sleeveless T-shirt. I have slept naked too many times during hot summers. This is has always ended up with me getting horny.

Jan 19 @ 12:38AM  
I always feel more comfortable naked when in bed.

Jan 19 @ 1:35PM  
Nekid always.... can't stand clothes

Jan 19 @ 1:41PM  
I'm with you Kit....nekkid, but I got a robe handy if needed!!

Jan 19 @ 3:06PM  
It used to depend on my mood or comfort level. Nude was usually best. But now, I'm renting a bedroom from a nice older lady and I don't wanna scare the poor dear during one of my many bathroom trips during the night. So now it's usually a pair of light scrub pants and no shirt.

Jan 19 @ 3:09PM  
I don't know, maybe she'd enjoy the sight gardasian


Jan 19 @ 5:13PM  
Easy question lol naked of course - unless I am trying to seduce my man in certain ways. Then maybe I will wear something.

Jan 19 @ 5:37PM  
I've been sleeping mostly in the buff for just over 30 years. There are times I need to wear jammies but they have to be soft tee shirt knit or I get all tangled up. Like Kit & RJ, I keep the robe handy is I need to get out of bed for some reason.

Jan 21 @ 5:13PM  

Jan 21 @ 10:58PM  
hi there i sleep naked i love it is so cool with the sheets on you

Jan 21 @ 11:11PM  
spiderman underoos

Feb 5 @ 11:55PM  
Half and Half....
Something always escapes from the covers...

But if I have a warm body to snuggle up to....
well, my ass doesn't seem to get so cold! But, I also don't get as much sleep.

Feb 12 @ 1:58AM  
90% of the time i sleep nude, the other 10% in boxer briefs

Feb 14 @ 10:56AM  
I hate clothes in bed naked is best . Have to be ready just incase company stopes by .

Feb 19 @ 11:40AM  
Naked is great. Well until your place catches fire in the night. And ya can't get to your dresser drawer.

Feb 20 @ 2:51AM  
I sleep in shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt, jammie pants and a tank top, or I have a few sets of capri's and sleeveless shirts that I sleep in. The only way I sleep nude is if I fall asleep after sex. If I get up to go to the bathroom after sex I put my jammies on again. The least I've ever slept in on purpose is a pair of panties. I don't know what it is, it just doesn't feel natural to me to sleep in the buff. All of the men I've had long-term relationships with have slept in the buff. Didn't seem to bother them that I didn't, and it didn't bother me that they did.

Feb 24 @ 12:57AM  
Nothing better than being naked. When you dream of your s/o having sex indoors or outdoors, the feeling of the sheets themselves can be arousing.


Feb 24 @ 1:14AM  
always naked!

Feb 24 @ 12:08PM  
Naked -- If I have overnight guest I assume she will attire herself accordingly.

Mar 9 @ 7:43PM to BED...what is this world coming too. Last time I wore any kind of under garment, I was 21. Be a nudist, be comfortable in your own skin.

Mar 11 @ 10:22PM  
Hey KitKat I pretty much do the nekid thing not only when sleeping, also around the house or in the swimming pool.

Mar 12 @ 10:55PM  
Always naked, I feel too constricted wearing any clothes. Although I hate it when my feet are cold, so during the winter I often wear just socks...I know that sounds kinda silly.

Mar 13 @ 1:20AM  
I sleep naked
but not because I love it, because if I wear close in bed they will get dirty with my stink and I will have to do laundry sooner. plus in the summer it's hot and I stay cooler nude.
with a women I often wear a shirt or socks; I don’t know why though. I think its because by the time we r in bed together after foreplay I want to get to the sex as fast as I can, and not tacking off certain items will be that much faster. Sorry if my response is not as sexy or liberating as you wanted.

Mar 13 @ 1:41AM  

Mar 14 @ 9:22AM  
i sleep naked otherwise its hard ro sleep

Mar 18 @ 4:18AM  
I had some bomb-diggity PJs when I was 4~9yo From about 9, until 13ish, it was tighty whities and a t-shirt. However; since about 13ish, it's been el natural I'd buff it even when crashing over at a friend's house, lol. No joke!

Mar 18 @ 8:56PM  
;) nice question! ;))

Hello KK,

..only nude..

..u get nice feelings all over ur body after shaving the whole "thing" unter satin will get horny...;))

..also when sleeping together with a woman - both are nude - its easier to have sex before sleeping & in the there won´t be any excuses..still getting ur partner & penetrate, suck or blow sth.. ;))

..mhmm..the onliest "disadvantage"...i mostly dream sth with i will have less sleep in the night, get horny in dreams & my penis get up ealier with a great errection...right for start a nice job..;)

..but sleeping nude makes me more creative in job, cause the hormons would party all the time..

Hey girls & boys..get urself naked in bed!! ..& at home..& in nature...everywhere!!!

Have some fun,
Bye, ABE

Mar 20 @ 1:03PM  
Been sleeping nude since i was 18 so yeah 30 years in the raw. Only way to feel comfortable and its when your both nude it just feels good body to body.

Mar 21 @ 1:51PM  
Nekid is the only way to go

Apr 11 @ 5:56PM  
Naked when at all possible. There is no other way once you have really given it a try.

Apr 15 @ 12:20PM  
I do everything nekid whenever it's warm enough. I sleep nekid, work in my garden nekid, mow my lawn nekid. I am nekid about 99% of the time when it's warm.

Sep 16 @ 5:40PM  
Nothing beats sleeping naked , just a light sheet, nothing beats skin on skin

Sep 29 @ 9:24PM  
both neiked and clothed. Have to stay cool in the summer you know. But those winter drafts would give me the shivers. A hot tea in my tummy and a hooded sweater for my ears is the answer. So if you 'girls gone wild' drop by just let yourself in and join me in the sack. Two can stay warmer than one, and I have ice ready for those hot summer nights.

Sep 30 @ 12:41AM  
got to be naked, and if you alone you have the bedclothes for warmth, why wear clothes to bed yeuck

Sep 30 @ 2:58AM  
I love having sex with my pajamas on. Just put your wing ding through the ding dong hole and your set!!! The last guy to leave a comment must be a homosexual cuz he hasn't worn pajamas since he was little. What a sissy!!

Sep 30 @ 7:55AM  
I not a kid any more and sence I was 10 years old I have never slept in anything!!
When it is cold at nite that makes it better You Snuggle up net to the one your with and get heat from one another. So stop being a sissy and get Naked. That is the way You were brought into the world NAKED. So lets have fun!!!

Sep 30 @ 11:14AM  
summer or winter / with a woman or without its naked. seem to get tangled up if i try to wear anything.

Oct 2 @ 7:46PM  
Flannel sheets year round.... no blankets
but sometimes the t's... are cut off just below my breast's, to keep the chill from my shoulders.
But since I fell, hunting... one leg elevated iced....most of the night.

Oct 4 @ 6:00PM  
Shoot sleepin nekid is like being set free its the only way to sleep with or with out a partner.

Oct 5 @ 12:20PM  
hi kitkat..i sleep nude,that way i can stroke my rod freely.

Oct 6 @ 9:22AM  
NEKID! Of course!!!

Oct 8 @ 5:51PM  
its time to get miss kit kat bar warm with me and her sexy nude body .
we keep each other warm my dear.....

Oct 10 @ 7:21PM  
NUDE all the way it's much more comfy!!

Oct 11 @ 3:43PM  
naked, the only way to go.

Oct 12 @ 2:38PM  
I love to sleep nude, but the woman i sleep with as friends with benz sometimes makes me put my undies on . sorry i snuggle tight and get wood lol

Oct 18 @ 4:51PM  
I always sleep in the nude, it's far more comfortable

Oct 23 @ 9:58PM  
naked!!love that fieeing

Oct 24 @ 6:20AM  
naked if its summer...winter is just too cold unless i got a babe too keep me warm at night,then there is no need for pajamas...lmao...

Oct 29 @ 6:51AM  
I wear clothing all day and I sleep naked at night. The last time I wore clothing to bed I caught a cold.

Oct 29 @ 7:23AM  
I was gonna say ; how did i miss this ?

but then remembered I was working away in january .....

see, i told you there was a reason you should come visit for a sleep over.
cos we could all be wearing the same under the covers

Oct 30 @ 6:03AM  
I like to sleep in just a tophat and one shoe.

Nov 16 @ 10:37AM  
I love to wear in bed what I was born with, nothing at all. yes I love sleeping naked, I wouldn't feel comfortable, wearing anything, whatever the season, naked is best.

Nov 19 @ 8:10PM  
I was in the marines for 4 years..pajamas would have been enough to get you
out on a section 8 (mental problems) lol

Dec 8 @ 1:35AM  
i always sleep nekid its a pain to wear pajamas i dont like them i prefer being nude when i sleep

Dec 8 @ 11:35AM  
Always naked. Only way to go

Dec 8 @ 2:39PM  
I wear boxers to bed; I've tried the sleeping naked thing, but it's too distracting; I get really horny with the way the covers move across my dick.

Dec 15 @ 4:47AM  

Dec 15 @ 9:11PM  
Does it count as clothing if I'm wearing someone as I sleep?

Dec 20 @ 1:09AM  
Usually I sleep in pajamas or just a t-shirt and underwear... but a couple of years ago I developed a phobia because the bed I had was well worn and I was afraid to sleep on it with out pants (in case I got poked by a bed spring) lol

Mar 23 @ 10:15PM  
i always sleep naked in matter what the weather.i feel better not wearing anything under the covers,of course i am an avid nudist any

Mar 23 @ 11:12PM  
when I was younger the ReverandDoc always made me sleep naked.

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Do You Wear Pajamas When You Sleep...Or Do You Sleep Nekid?