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AMD Week in Review

posted 1/15/2010 5:41:01 PM |
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Well, this week has been bumpy to say the least. Been kind of not so fun in blogland, but, a few have tried. “Ignore”. Interesting word, don’t you think? Meaning to not give attention to, act as if doesn’t exist..and with what has been transpiring lately, a good idea. I know, Softie you said it best… we holler “ignore” yet, then we seem to not be able to help ourselves and either comment on the blog of the one we should ignore, or, we post blogs in reference to the one that we say ignore, myself included. If we really want Pervia back, we should embrace the concept of “don’t feed the troll”. Let it starve, fade away. So, with that thought in mind, if a blog this week targets said troll, it isn’t making the review. Why? Because some of the comments from previous reviews have gone like this: “Really beats wading through the muck to get to the good stuff”. So, with that in mind, why include “muck” in the review? So, with that said…here we go:

Ok, onehornytoad69 said “This really grossed me out!” That was one HELLUVA body double in that video! I think if I were the actress, I would have had a few choice words for that director after that.

RevDocLove shared “A List of Possible Slogansat National Condome Week” Ya know, as funny as they were …………..oh hell! They were just plain out funny!

El gato gave us an interesting/entertaining blog about “Retiring?” Amazing the differences in retirement throughout this nation.

Sunshine79 gave us “School Papers” an entertaining list of how kids “hear” what is being taught. Grade school teachers must love some of the things they read. This was a cute list. Thanks Sunshine.

And whisperingcomet had an interesting question in “Is this right?” About whether just because you divorce your spouse, the stepchildren and inlaws are still “relatives” according to Ann Landers. I personally think that is a matter of personal choice.

Teac59 exclaimed “I don’t get it!” And was wondering if it’s so bad to have a red pair of 6’ heels sitting in front of his fireplace “waiting for the right woman”. No, it’s not so bad, kind of an interesting idea actually.

Wordsofwit gave us an interesting blog about “Foods you would never eat again or rather not” Fellow Pervians sharing their experiences regarding foods they wouldn’t eat again. Blogs like this are great as they give us an insight on one another. And show that we are indeed human out here and not just words on a screen.

And Borty293 had us rolling with “BAN BORT Borty, where do you come up with some of this stuff????


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Jan 15 @ 5:50PM  
RevDocLove asked “This Is Hilarious…..Do Conservative Really Believe Shit Like This?” Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani claimed “there had been no domestic terror attacks under the Bush Administration” . Well, yes, there had been. But, on the flip side, there are Liberals who will believe whatever a Liberal says . That’s just the world of politics. Myself, I try not to buy into that kind of stuff.

DarkKnightWalking gave us an amusing blog of “The (insert item here) goes or I goes…” I don’t know, the Orc is FUGLY, ( but cool looking too) but, I don’t think I’d be one to give an ultimatum considering all the pets I have.

Chocolatmilf popped in to say “Ok…got one promotion after 2 months” She was questioning whether to take the promotion and leave her former position vacant which would leave soon to be former co workers hangning. General consensus was…TAKE THE PROMOTION!!!!! Let the company fill the vacant position. And Congrats on the promotion C!

RJ53 blogged about “Items You Would Not Part With” And we discussed items we woudn’t part with and reason’s why. I’m surprised Borty didn’t comment about not parting with his panties collection.

BlueEyes708 shared “Dance Class Revisited” a humorous story about going back to tap dance class . I’ve never tried it, although, minus the sore muscles later, it sounds like it would be fun and great exercise.

Ynot7769 gave us a wonderful blog by our own beloved Ewe_Wish in “ You wish this is from EWE_WISH is..” Now damn! Who do I give credit to this blog to? Ynot? Or Ewe_Wish?? What the hell, I’ll give it to both. She was saying “hi” to everyone as only she can. Thanks Ynot for posting that.

StraddlemynoseWhat name brand(s) of tennis shoes or sneakers do you wear?” Ya know Straddle, you went and confused me on my choice of L.A. Gear… whether it’s still made or not. Cut that out! Yes, it is still being made. Just been a couple of years since I bought any cause they are good shoes that last a while.

RevDocLove and SweetWineO kept football fans updated with scores of games. Rev’s “Cowboys are kickin’ Dupa” highlighted the Cowboys leading by a score of 34-7, and SweetWineO’s “Cowboys 34-Eagles 14 Sunshine Where Are You?[B]” Ok…she wanted to see Sunshines Cowboy Dance.

gave everyone a chuckle with “Snotty Receptionist”. Don’t ya just love it when snotty people get their crap thrown back at them.

Leonidas100 blogged about “Whale Wars or Whale Whores?” A show on Animal Planet about one Paul Watson who is against whale hunting and goes to extremes, even at the risk of his own crew members to save whales from Japenese fishermen. I saw where he was referred to as an “eco-terrorist”. Some people should realize that they don’t need to threaten, harass, and try to intimidate others to change peoples ways of living. Oh well, human nature at work I guess.


Jan 15 @ 5:56PM  
Looks like another erotica author may be on the horizon as Zorba3150 wrote a steamy 2 part story in “Fiction” and then in “Sandee (Part2)” That story was HOT!! I really hope this one sticks around to offer up more writings.

flavorbuster, Damn! He had a good week! His next blog “WHY IN THE HELL DID TAISEN SKIN OUT?” Got 352 views. Unfortunately, Taisen left AMD due to some conflict . And that is ALL that will be said on the subject.

RevDocLove..well, what can I say? His blog “Sheriff Joe Apiro..Hero Or Rogue Cop?” got 209 views . Go Rev! Seems some in higher places don’t like Sheriff Joe’s ways of doing his job. Personally, I think we need more Sheriff Joe’s around.

Sunshine79 asked “U Know A 404?” Another informative, yet giggle producing, blog by our beloved Sunshine.

DesertSmile said “I remember…” in a blog about Elvis Presley, who would have been 75 this year.

Wordsofwit blogged about “Going Green-Eco Bags” So folks, what is it? Paper? Plastic? Or the bring your own cloth bags . Btw….if you didn’t notice, this blog got 109 views.

TexasRacer told us why “Yelling At A Man Doesn’t Work” It’s an oldie but goodie.

aspiringwriter asks “WTF???” Apparently the Patriots weren’t doing so good. Sorry AW

Soft_touch938 says “By Gaud I Think I’ll Live…” and offers up some good advice on taking better care of ourselves. Love you for the thought Softie, but, I didn’t listen to my Mom too well, there has been the incident where I feel 20 feet out of a tree and landed flat on my back ..was pretty stiff and sore for a week after that . Then there was the roll over accident where I messed up my right knee . So..I imagine later I’ll be feeling the affects of those two “adventures”. Well, with my knee, I do. It will ache sometimes when the weather is really damp.

TexasRacer shared “INEXPERIENCED CHILI TASTER” with us. That poor guy at the end…someone should have warned him about Texas chili.

1bunny629 shared a lesson in “Listen and Learn” about “intruders”. Who would have thought Huey Lewis could be such a jerk? Oh well, he still had some good songs.

BlueEyes708 said “I Miss This One”..Yes BlueEyes, we all miss NightofOld. I hope he comes back.

girl country shared “Birthday Memories” Don’t ya just love when those in your life do something so special for you?


whispering comet blogged about “THE BIG CHILL”. At first I thought it was going to be a blog about winter, but, turned out to be about the movie. And I still haven’t seen that movie.

Jan 15 @ 6:01PM  
Leonidas100 gave us the score in his blog “Arizona Defeats Green Bay 51-45 in an OT Shootout for the Ages!” Sounds like a great game. Sorry I missed it.

RevDocLove shared a “Letter Home From Scout Camp” Yep, just makes ya feel a warm and cuddly about sending the kids off to scout camp.

Straddlemynose asked “What kind of socks and brand socks do you wear?” That’s easy…whatever is on sale at the time.

whisperingcomet has suggested “Scavenger hunnt”. Sounds like it could be fun . I remember before she left, Dayna had one started. It was fun.

Onehornytoad69 is having it rough in “Waiting For Mom to Die….” All I can say OHT..thoughts and prayers to you and your family in this difficult time.

Sunshine79 gave us “For All The New Yorkers” a cute “You know you’re in New York if……Don’t know about that subway without a/c in the summer.

dmb420 joked about “God’s Gift To Women” Yep, God sure does work in mysterious ways.

TexasRacer shared some “New Rules” with everyone. #2..ummm..yeah…those drive thru windows at fast food places are like russian roulette.

earthquake501 shared “A lot of nerve”…yep, some people’s manners…just got to wonder about them.

lunanegra blogged about “Naming inanimate objects”. Loved some of the names.

Straddlemynose asked “Should Leno have been axed , or continued on in prime time?” Oh yes, NBC is having it’s drama of the late night hosts. Going to be interesting to see how it plays out.

TexasRacer blogged about “Squirrels” Yeah, they are cute little critters. I love watching their antics, especially at bird feeders.

shellsmack blogged about “Over Workin’ It” About the tendency to overuse big words in order to appear more intelligent. There were some entertaining comments in this one


Jan 15 @ 6:08PM  
Straddlemynose asked Would you give your sweetie a pedicure?” ummmmmmm….nope!

Texas Racer (who is soon joining the ranks of blog whore with Straddle and Sunshine) shared “A Beautiful and Kewl thing happen” A special story about a little boy meeting one of our military Vets and the special gift of the Flag. Definitely a beautiful story.

Sunshine79 gave us some “Last Words” Go Sunshine!

aspiringwriter blogged about “The Simpsons and American Idol”. 20 years. Wow, doesn’t seem like the Simpsons has been running that long, but they have. And American Idol will be losing “arch enemy #1”, Simon Cowell after this season. I’ve never really watched it, but, I’ve heard of Simon, and I know if I was one who did watch it, with Simon leaving, I would most likely stop watching it.

RJ53 gave us “Maybe all sites need this” Yep, a “stupid filter”..good idea.

Sunshine79 had a good one in “Camel Toe-Yes or No?” Nice tattoo.

Surv6969 gave us “Result from the Wild Card Round and this weekends match ups” Someone needs to use flash cards in the Lion’s locker room so they know what they are supposed to be playing for.

Wordsofwit shared “Manfred’s favorite joke”. Yes people, Manfred likes to crack jokes too.

max49 shared “After Effects”. Can you believe it took that poor soul to realize what the farmer’s daughter meant?

dmb420 shared a whole new meaning to the phrase “kiss my ass” in her blog “Face Transplant” Imagine that, using the skin off the wife’s butt on her hubbys face for a skin graft and getting satisfaction of watching the mother in law “kiss your ass”.

mo stargazer re-introduced herself to us. If ya missed it..she used to be secretsexkitten.

max49 shared “On Hearing The News” My personal favorite in that round of jokes was the pilots throwing the politicians out the window so as to make the whole country happy. Go pilots!

Sunshine79 shared a cute story about a kid’s interpretation of “folgers in your cup” in her blog “Cup O’ Joe”. Kid interpreted the jingle as “ soldiers in your cup”. How cute!

RevDocLove shared “Kids, Your Mother Is Ready To Start Fucking Again”. Talk about open and honest.

DesertSmile blogged about “Wal-Mart Wants To Go Green…Big F****** Deal![B]” Guess Wal-Mart “needs” more money, so they want to start charging .015 cents per bag for the plastic bags. May be time to invest in the reusable cloth shopping bags.


Jan 15 @ 6:10PM  
Btw….if you didn’t notice, this blog got 109 views.

Thank you very kindly. I found it interesting that you would cite the number of views on it as three of my other blogs in the last week have gotten more views:
AMd Bar & Grill...2010 - 244
Foods you will never eat again or would rather not -174
The First 48 - 151

Jan 15 @ 6:15PM  
lunanegra blogged about “Tattoos and Piercings”. I still say Ozzy’s dragon tatt is awesome.

RJ53 provided a link to a quiz in “How many kids could you handle?” octuplets???? NO!

TexasRacer blogged “What Am I Doing Wrong?” He found a post in CL of a woman, ok, more like gold digger, ad posted in Craig’s List and the snappy come back ad by a man in response to that ad. Loved it!

Straddlemynose…ok, is it me, or, does it seem like Straddle is starting to sound more domesticated rather than the usual kinky nature of his? This blog he’s asking “After doing laundry, do you fold your towels, or roll them?”

theSkwirl gave us “Musings On Life…part 1 tbc maybe” Some very strong, and sound ideas on how to deal with “difficulties”. Yep, Skwirl gets the point across, as does Softie. Love them both.

playjay16 said “Hello out there” I hope he gives the site some time, and joins in on the blogs and forums.

alanwestmorelandATyahoo caused a bit of a debate in his blog “Joys(?) of Muslim Women PLEASE READ AND PASS THIS ON”

onehornytoad69 questioned about wills in “The making of a “Last Will and Testament”” Bottom line, make a will and be very clear and specific in how you want your estate settled people.

max49 shared “Another Frivilous Lawsuit”. Makes me think ….maybe if I drive into an oak tree I can sue and get me a brand new Grand Cherokee.

Sunshine79 shared some very important “Floppy Dick Care”. Gonna have to read it to learn how to care for those floppy’s.

Soft_touch938 shared “Cold January Mornings” She sure has a way with words. I could actually see the beauty in the cold. But I’m still enjoying the January thaw we’re having.

TexasRacer asked “Why do I frikkin work!!!!!!!!!!!!”.. I would guess for the same reason all of us work….to get the bills paid.

alanwestmorelandATyahoo blogged about “I want your honest input on this, “Our Next Black President” My honest input? I don’t vote based on race…I vote based on which candidate has the better “game plan” for the better of this country . Race and party means little to me in this.

Max49 talked about “Misfortune”…I wonder if that man ever learned how to play Russian roulette?

ksk72 shared “Side effects of Swinging”. This lady has been having herself a wonderful time!!!!! Go girl!!!

Somnium shared “A Community Service Announcement…#3:)” 3 short videos of technological advancements. Very interesting.


Jan 15 @ 6:16PM  
I am amazed...week after week you do such a good job with this....thanks

Jan 15 @ 6:22PM  
RevDocLove is “Contemplating and Curious” as to why the U.S is “rushing” to help the victims in Haiti, yet why a former President “couldn’t or wouldn’t” help Katrina victims. Slohand summed it up accurately in his response.

Sunshine79 asked “How Many Chickens Does It Take To Cross The Road?” Ok, I like the sign the Farmer came up with …but….never did say how many chickens it takes to cross the road.

Soft_touch938 declared “It’s my MESS” Yeah, her house is in a bit of turmoil, but a good kind . She’s got her gym set up and is ready for her to enjoy.

RJ53 asked “Who Remembers” The old BBS system? I’m so used to my DSL and the way the net runs today that I had totally forgotten the “good ole days” of waiting forever on dial up to find an open line. Isn’t it amazing how far it has all come in the last few years?

Ynot7769 asked “How Ugly Was He?”…well, guess we will never know since the woman he saved “lost her head” and can’t tell us.

Sunshine79 entertained us with “Confused Woodpeckers” I didn’t know Tiger Woods could be right about something …but, apparently he can be.

Max49 shared with us “Heavenly Cat”…I’m still wondering if that cat ever got in trouble for her mistake over the “meals on wheels”.

Wordsofwit asked if any were going to watch the season premier of “The First 48”. Let’s just say it isn’t a show for those weak of heart. And yes, I do want to check it out as those programs are interesting.

RevDocLove asked “Right or Wrong..Opinions Please” about police abusing their powers in arresting citizens for use of their camera phones while catching cops in the act of allegedly abusing their powers . I would say…if it’s true, the cops are WRONG and are abusing their powers.

Sunshine79 shared “Actual Responses On Welfare Apps” I can almost believe those are actual responses. But like it was pointed out…if they are..somenone is in a world of trouble cause those are supposed to be kept confidential.

TexasRacer said “Your ugly too” huh? What? Oh…it’s a joke…… Guess it’s time for that person to get another shrink.

RevDocLove gave a “stinky” lesson in “Why Is Poop Brown And Other Facts” Like I said Rev, that was a “smelly” class.

lunanegra asked about “Top 10 comfort foods” I see a lot like Chinese…I think after all of that…I’m going to order me some Chinese Orange Chicken for dinner tonight. Yum!


Jan 15 @ 6:28PM  
TexasRacer gave us a “VISITORS GUIDE TO DALLAS, TX” I don’t know…between that, and what I’ve seen/heard about driving in L.A., I think I’ll stick with the dummies here…. a wee bit less aggravation.

Sunshine79 shared “What It Really Means” Now aren’t you all glad she’s here to clear up things?

TexasRacer asked “Is there a Santa Claus”. Of course there is… all those scientific calcualations forgot about magic.

playjay16 shared “a poem-”Until The End”” Don’t know if it’s his own, or a copy and paste, but, it’s nice.

ShadowMale blogged “Less politics, and more sex” The age old “this is a sex site”…Yes, it is. And I agree with the “too many political blogs” statement, but, yes, I’m going to be a “killjoy” here as it does state in the blog guidelines “Subject Matter - You may blog about any subject you like, perhaps a current event or an epiphany you had today. Keep it interesting. Don't just describe what you did today.Talk about ideas, thoughts, or things you might have learned for example[B]“ .So, as the saying goes…if you don’t like it, don’t read it.

asked “What are you going to get for you s/o on Valentine’s Day?” Some like Valentines Day and some do not. Myself, it’s just another day.. but to the others who enjoy it, I say have fun.

frank747 blogged “WTF” about retirement and what he’s “done” since retiring.

Sunshine79 blogged about “Floor Models” Stool samples? Good one Sunshine!

Max49 blogged about “Birth Control Pills” The 75 yr old woman, that was cute.. but that football one…that was FUNNY! Thanks Max.

rollplayer shared a “put your head down and pray” a little “poem” that makes it rounds usually putting in a current president’s name. I’ve seen it go around with Clinton’s name in it, Bush’s name in it, and now Obama’s. Humor folks…that’s all it is.

dmb420 shared “The Sportsmans Double” Careful on those threesomes!

Sunshine79 told us “This Is Why I Don’t Do…” yeah, political/religious blogs are touchy as people do have strong opinions and this can sometimes lead into overly heated discussions.

Soft_touch938 says “Sometimes” and talks about how “things fall into place”. Which can happen, just got to be patient.

And that brings this weeks AMD Week In Review to a close. Wanted to close on a positive note, thank you Softie. Everyone, have a fun and safe weekend.

Jan 15 @ 6:30PM  
Excellent dahling....just excellent. One shiny cookie comin' your way...but lets pretend it's all of them and then some cause you deserve everyone of them...

Jan 15 @ 6:40PM  
Green Thingy!

Jan 15 @ 7:59PM  
You just keep on gettin' mo' bettah!
You're doing great! Greenie

Jan 15 @ 8:07PM  
Wow. we was a prolific bunch this week ey?

I'ma give you one of my nuts!

Jan 15 @ 9:10PM  
Bravo bravo bravo!!!!

WOW!! Alot went on around here this week!! So many people have so many good things to say!!!


Jan 15 @ 9:45PM  
Job well done, Dawn!

Jan 16 @ 2:58AM  
Great blog! We were busy this week. A greenie for you.

Jan 16 @ 6:09AM  
Wow,awesome!!!!.... Thanks for your time Lady......

Jan 16 @ 9:22AM  
as normal great review...

btw...ummm i found that girls head...but she gives a whole new meaning to dead head

Jan 16 @ 9:46AM  
Good job Sugar

Jan 16 @ 9:50AM  
the one time i did not post a blog. ok so it has been two weeks. i still be stupid

Jan 16 @ 2:36PM  
Good Job

Jan 16 @ 3:00PM  
Just want to say thank you to all who enjoy these reviews.

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