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What are you going to get your s/o for Valentines Day?

posted 1/15/2010 3:16:53 AM |
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tagged: love, holiday, valentines day, straddle

Valentines Day is about a month away, so I thought I would go ahead and post a Valentines blog early. What are you planning on getting your s/o for Valentines Day this year? Are you going to spend some money on flowers and/or something else on them, or maybe possibly go out with them for a nice quiet lovely romantic dinner, or maybe even be very creative and make something for them, or just spend time with them at home and that's it? Or, is this a holiday that you hate and will be overlooking?

I personally love Valentines Day, but I also believe that one should make every day special in their relationship, and not just on Valentines Day.

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Jan 15 @ 5:43AM  
Or, is this a holiday that you hate and will be overlooking?

overlooking this holiday.

Jan 15 @ 6:47AM  
Since I can't afford much this year, so all she will be unwrapping is me .... that is, IF I am dressed

Jan 15 @ 6:47AM  
I have it will be just another day to me....!!!

Jan 15 @ 7:58AM  
I doubt that a lot of other people will post on this blog since a lot of them are still seeking a partner.

Jan 15 @ 8:01AM  
A Ponzi Scheme!

A job!

A mortgage backed security!

A predatory loan!

A credit default swap!

Jan 15 @ 8:02AM  

I think that's what I said last year too.......I don't feel like researching that though.

Jan 15 @ 8:03AM  
I believe you also said this at Christmas.

Jan 15 @ 8:06AM  
Same thing I got him for Christmas..NOTHING!!!!


Jan 15 @ 8:08AM  
Same thing I got him for Christmas..NOTHING!!!!
You have a new man in your life?

Jan 15 @ 8:11AM  
Same man. Stupid Me.

Jan 15 @ 8:12AM  
I am going to find me a Sugar Daddy. I find the one's I have to support.

I guess I better move out of this area to find a Sugar Daddy.

Jan 15 @ 8:12AM  
Same man. Stupid Me.
The one that was in the hospital seriously ill not too long ago?

Jan 15 @ 8:16AM  
Same one. He has been back in the hospital a couple of times since then. Once at OSU.

Jan 15 @ 8:17AM  
I better get ready for work..

Jan 15 @ 8:30AM  
This is one holiday I will skip.

Jan 15 @ 8:41AM  
My husband and I don't usually buy stuff for each other on Valentine's Day. Just another Hallmark holiday, IMO.

Jan 15 @ 8:56AM  
Here ya go Sunshine. I sent this to someone once as a gag gift:


Jan 15 @ 9:09AM  
I asked my friend, Tony, whether he had bought his wife anything for Valentine's Day.

"Yes," came the answer from Tony who was a bit of a chauvinist, "I've bought her a belt and a bag."

"That was very kind of you," I said, "I hope she appreciated the thought."

Tony smiled as he replied, "So do I, and hopefully the vacuum cleaner will work better now."

Jan 15 @ 9:38AM  
"I've bought her a belt and a bag... That was very kind of you...
Tony smiled as he replied, So do I, and hopefully the vacuum cleaner will work better now. I've bought her a belt and a bag.
This is one of many reasons why I don't do Valentine's Day—LOL!

a couple of other reasons... it's based on commercialism and can create unreasonable expectations and disappointment. Also, I'm boycotting LTRs and anything else resembling it... I'm happy with they status quo.

Jan 15 @ 10:21AM  
Soon's I find a s/o, I'll let you know- if not this Valentines Day, maybe next year!


Jan 15 @ 10:26AM  
Well I don't have a S/O....I don't even have an inS/O but ya know what? I love Valentine's Day.

Ya see...I'm in love with love. I'm in love with the IDEA of being in love. I'm in love with Sweethearts 'n romancing and all that other schmooze and schmaltzy stuff. It's a time I remember some of my better memories and a time to toy with just a smidgen of hope that maybe someday......

Or maybe its just that I love all the red 'n pink 'n white decorations...they're so pretty...

Jan 15 @ 11:22AM  
This is a holiday I usually ignore.

Jan 15 @ 11:32AM  
When its February the 13th, ask this question again.

(you can already guess my sentiments on the topic...)

Jan 15 @ 11:45AM  
It's just another day to me. Always has been. Never been one to be into the whole "romantic candle light dinner, roses, box of chocolates" type thing. Although.....I never turn down chocolate.

Jan 15 @ 12:04PM  



Jan 15 @ 1:11PM  
Been so long since anyone gave a damn about me I just overlook this "holiday" or as it should be aptly named throw out your money. So I will just buy myself a chocolate Kiss you know the big one Then I'll pass gas the rest of the night

Jan 15 @ 1:31PM  
I love Valentines Day. I love the premise. It usually isn't a day that follows the premise. I am sorry for those that find it less of a holiday than it is set out to be. I too have no one, but I think I will celebrate with me and my pup and get her a snicky snack of some sort, and for me something pretty n pink! I am sure I will have to work, so I will be surrounded by people who are trying to follow the customs of the day, I just hope they are as happy with each other everyday. I am still thinking I should have kept my husband, but since I can't have him back, I am going to always remember the good and forget the bad; especially on that day.

Jan 15 @ 1:42PM  
Griz and I are going to meet half way and spend the weekend together........ can't think of a better Valentines Day gift than being with him.

Not to mention it's an anniversary for us. 2 years.......

Jan 15 @ 1:47PM  
Yeah! for Casual and Griz! Yeah! for Casual and Griz!...I forgot how poopy I was being over the holidays because I had to work so much...but now I remember what brought a smile to my face about the up and coming holiday. Godd for you kids! ...Congratulations!

Jan 15 @ 3:50PM  
It's just a holiday that's overlooked, hasn't meant anything to my b/f, I use to get him cards but quit doing that as of last year since I haven't gottin anything in quite a # of years from him ...hmmm rather just spend it with somebody else and be in his arms... ...he knows who he is.

Jan 15 @ 4:16PM  
I used to love Valentine's day. For my last s/o I flew from the eastern shore to Dulles, rented a limo, picked her up and took her to dinner at one of Baltimore's nicest restaurant's The Prime Rib. After dinner I took her to an Orioles game, she'd never been to a live game.

You forgot to say April Fools because until April, all of games are spring training games in Arizona or Florida. Did you take your mom to her first Ravens game for Mothers Day?


Jan 15 @ 5:16PM  
..hmmm rather just spend it with somebody else and be in his arms... ...he knows who he is.

lol not sure bout somebody vs nobody but yano i gota set of arms...just sayin.....

Jan 15 @ 6:26PM  
I love Valentine's Day...whether I'm with someone romantically or not. I've always gotten my son and mom something special on Valentine's Day so a SO doesn't necessarily make a difference. Although, I do feel you should share your love with the special people in your life throughout the whole year...not just on Valentine’s Day.

Jan 16 @ 1:32AM  
Dr.Cocktail, I hope you learned a lesson about disguising gifts for yourself. It sounds like she was on to you. Next time try a stupider broad !

Jan 16 @ 1:40AM  
AFTERTHOUGHT: I hope she found the baseball, sold it on ebay, and treated herself to a girly indulgence!

Jan 17 @ 1:30PM  
Yeah! for Casual and Griz! Yeah! for Casual and Griz!.

CL and I say Thank you.

Jan 17 @ 2:28PM  
Our 9 year anniversary is on the 12th so the 14th doesn't mean much to us. We'll go out to dinner together and then probably come home, watch an adult video and pretend we are porn stars.

Jan 18 @ 4:27PM  
a sweet kiss and flowers and tell them how pretty that ar on the inside and outside

love to all you pretty ladys


Jan 18 @ 5:38PM  
Just gonna pass this one by

Feb 12 @ 4:41PM  
thats what i like about sunshine she is always happy.and has the right anwsers


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What are you going to get your s/o for Valentines Day?