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First time blogger HELP!!!

posted 12/28/2006 12:09:30 PM |
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Hey there!
Any "veteran bloggers" out there who can help a girl like me? So many of my friends are into this kind of thing and I have never done it before....looks like y'all are nice folks just hanging out and havin a little fun....that seems fair enough......I feel like the new kid on the cheeks, sweaty palms.....wanna run back to mama!

Just movin into the new year lookin for new adventures....I think this just may be quite an adventure!

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First time blogger HELP!!!


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Dec 28 @ 12:16PM  
you sure came to the right place....mmm run home to mom when Santacocks here??? aww hun..your're gona be just fine....try the forums to work on some of your writings an styles and read blogs and watch the rest of the comments i KNOW you're going to get from some who write rather well and often on here......good job btw....

Dec 28 @ 1:12PM  
I'm not one who blogs, however, seems to me a blog is basically nothing more than a place to post your thoughts and questions...

I too am a virgin here at MatchDoctor, so I'd like to take this time to welcome you to MatchDoctor and to say HI!

Dec 28 @ 1:56PM  
Well, good things to post in blogs are opinions, feelings, and creative musings. If you are going to post up quotes, just do the right thing and make sure you provide props where they're due. Besides that, have fun. Let you're personality shine through and I'm sure you'll get appropriate feedback!

Dec 28 @ 3:32PM  
Just be yourself and write anything in blogs that interest you and it's always a bonus when you write about what people like to read. Share a lot about who you are.

Dec 28 @ 6:25PM  
I don't know if I am a "veteran blogger" or not (I've been doing this since last July on blogger and a couple of months here), but I can tell U that the people on this site are very supportive of one another. U have picked a good spot 2 give blogging a try.

We all seem 2 be blogging 4 many different reasons. Some people like 2 share thier poetry or erotic fiction. Some people like 2 use it like an online, public journal. Some people use it 2 bitch about whatever happens 2 be stuck in thier craw at the moment. I use it 2 entertain...myself, if no one else! Once U find Ur indvidual niche (and assuming U like 2 write) it does become fun. Add 2 that the friends U will most certainly make and U have a recipe 4 fun in the new year!

Don't be afraid 2 ask questions. If no one else is around 2 help U just shoot me an email and I promise I will help U as much as can (probably not much). Requests 4 help that are accompanied by naked pictures are answered faster, of course.

Welcome 2 AMD. Kick back, have fun and make friends. At the end of the day just remember 2 blog,!



Dec 28 @ 7:39PM  
Ok yall....just getting this stuff figured out...what a trip.......who knew it was so complicated.....I'm kind of an old school girl.....learned to do things the hard way....I have been on a dating site before...but was never like this....this is like the Mall of America of dating websites....ya have to shop it all to see what you like and don't like.....I'm kind of a dork...must be why I like those super smart guys....keep the advice guys are great.....once I get started....I'll get on a roll!

Dec 28 @ 7:46PM  
Oh Dick!!! U are too funny! Shoulda checked you out a little better befor I got so excited! Ha! Nice.....very nice.....

Dec 28 @ 8:47PM you want me to talk about who I am? Well.....

I'm single....never been psycho ex' drama in my life...maybe thats the problem...I have no drama......I want to be in a relationship....but it's hard to meet decent men as you get older.....I'm sure some of you would understand that......I just try to earn my buck and go home at the end of the day and be done with it....I have a guy that I hook up with every now and again...we have really great's just that.....he would drive me crazy if we were in a relationship.....I wouldn't mind seeing him more....his schedule is weird.....I like it that way's hassle demands either way...we have known each other for several years, we like each other enough to sleep together and thats good enough for both of us....I just want it more that he is willing to give it....thats really the only problem..... If only I could find someone to fill in the gap!
I'm just a pretty simple kinda gal....I like to have my fun....I guess it's fair to say I'm discreet about things.....I'm love a stimulating conversation....I have a difficult time with people who can't spell or who have bad manners.....I have trouble with people who just can't figure it out....(I know I know) Look who's talking! But...I'm not a complete idiot.....I'm probably one of the most caring people......I have a humungous heart....much to my detriment.....and a very strong will....also very much to my detriment......but....I'm just a girl lookin to try something a little here I am...thanks for all the warm welcomes! Let's have some fun and see how it goes!

Dec 28 @ 10:29PM  
Ok Santa...I'm ready to sit on your lap and have a little chat....

It is becoming quite clear who is for real and those who are just assholes....DS...he's cool....I kinda dig his dry wit and sence of humor....I would like to hear from the girls, I have been reading a few threads of those you referred to and they seem cool....Sunny D inparticular....she is all over the bullshit....I have read some of these stories about the men and their kids and their crazy ex's and why people are so rude...I actually was going to go there...why the fuck? It just isn't necessary.....but to some I suppose it is....whatever....I don't have the energy to argue about being's not worth my serves no purpose and being mean and rude accomplishes nothing unless...of course you have to be rude to those who are not smart enough to get it the first time respecting someone really rocket science? It seems to some out there it is....what a get what you ARE right the bigger the cock....the smaller the brain.....I mean think about it people.....although to some....being nice might be to their detriment...being nice has gotten you into trouble.....I have some friends like that...I feel bad about's about finding balance.....sometime you can only give so much and there are those out there who will suck us dry if we let them.....I won't let people do that to me any still doesn't mean I have to be a bitch....I mean, I will if I have to trust me...but I just don' like Big Daddy.....I'm off to read Ritchie Rich and Jughead.....

Dec 28 @ 10:54PM  
Welcome to AMD! This is a great community full of all kinds of strange and wonderful people to enjoy :) A very diverse group, indeed! Sure, we rant and we debate, but we do even more sharing, laughing, and supporting each other. Enjoy! Oh, and don't forget to check out the forums - lots of very cool people there, too!

Now, DS...Erotic fiction? Ya think?


Dec 28 @ 11:14PM  
YEA!!!! My first response from a woman!!!! Thanks Hon! Much appreciated!!!! There are a handful of you who seem to be super cool! Keep em comin!

Dec 28 @ 11:49PM  
Been looking at your blogs and posts and shout! It's nice to see the respect you are definately a beautiful woman! See, there are so few women out there who can have it in and out! Thanks for your encouragement! As I said, it's pretty clear who is for real and who is not.

Dec 29 @ 11:40AM  
Welcome to the wonderful playground sxze and many others have so joyfully built and protected.......

Dec 29 @ 2:01PM  
Why, thank you Rockstar! What a sweetheart you are!

Dec 29 @ 9:37PM  
YEA!!!! My first response from a woman!!!! Thanks Hon! Much appreciated!!!! There are a handful of you who seem to be super cool! Keep em comin!

Hey, glad to meet you, Luvrgrl! And yes, there are some very cool women here - not just men (but oh! the men! ;) And thanks for the kind words - you seem pretty damned cool, yourself!


Jan 3 @ 1:09AM  
Welcome to our humble abode.

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First time blogger HELP!!!