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Musings On Life... part 1 tbc maybe

posted 1/12/2010 10:20:40 PM |
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Delete, Block, Ignore.. some of the most powerful words on the planet. What does it say in the Christian Guidebook? "And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?"

I see it all the time. Someone rants about someone else ranting about someone else ranting about something someone said that they could just as easily have walked away from. I've even done it myself. Nope.. theSkwirl is not perfect.

So someone is shitting in their own yard. Does that mean you have to allow them to shit in YOUR yard? Hell no.. if someone says something in your space that you do not appreciate.. delete it. If it continues.. block it. If they say something about you somewhere else? Ignore it! Yup.. you got it.. it's your choice to be offended and to continue the behaviors. Even those who are bitching about the people who are continuing the behaviors have that option.

I'm fixing to take my own advice. So, if you suddenly find your comments deleted, yourself blocked.. me ignoring everything you say? You have been forewarned. I expect the same from anyone I offend. I will indeed start with an email to the person who has irked me to be sure that I am understanding their point. If that is unsatisfactory the comment goes poof. If that doesn't work the profile is blocked. After that you are on your own. It's up to me to police my own space.

Do you remember when we used to speak of our lives, our loves, our pains and our joys? Now we only speak in trivialities, of the weather, wanna fucks.. when in our hearts what we really want to say is, "I love you, I miss you and I wish you were here." "You bring joy to my life." "I'm sorry that you are hurting and how can I help?"

I'm sorry.. but trivia is not enough for me. I love you.. I miss you.. and I wish you were here.

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Jan 12 @ 10:28PM saying I can't bitch about clearing out the driveway today while the dogs played in the backyard.

Alright....joking put away for now. You are so right. It is MY space, and I'm tired of it being invaded, polluted, and just dirtied. So...the one doing that, has been put on the block list.

Ignore...about damn time I follow my own advice, and that's what I'm going to do.

And, I'll leave ya a kudo just cause I still say you're top Skwirl here.

Jan 12 @ 10:32PM  
i miss you too...

Jan 12 @ 10:39PM  
I'm always here, so you can't miss me. And even if I'm gone, I'll still be with you. <3

Jan 12 @ 10:41PM  
You're so sexy when you say "Block."

Jan 12 @ 10:46PM  
I started blocking people yesterday. Life is too short to let things online get anyone as upset as I have seen people here. I love it here but to tell the truth I have been wondering if it was worth the effort of logging on for the last week or two.

Jan 12 @ 10:47PM  
That's all fine and dandy, but do you think perhaps you could let Purple and I out of the closet...just for a few minutes. Purple has passed out I gave him mouth to he's got's a hard I ain't gonna do that again.

Jan 12 @ 10:50PM  
Purple has passed out I gave him mouth to he's got's a hard I ain't gonna do that again

Oh Borty!

Jan 12 @ 10:52PM  
OMG Borty! Thank you for my first real giggle today! Ok you's two can come out.. and no more eating beans in there.. I'm afraid that the two of you are gonna blow the roof off.

Jan 12 @ 11:04PM  
I didn't want something I posted here to be thought of as making fun of a serious blog by her, but she bid me post it anyway.

By the way...I modified that old saying somewhat a LONG LONG time ago...

And why behold the tampon that be within thy brother's ass, when unbeknownst to Thou thee hast a tampon deep within thine own ass? 2. Do INDEED reacheth between thine legs and grasp firmly, pulling out that which lieth there, then shalt thou proceed to assist thy brother with his stoppage forthwith.

Book of DKW
Chapter 6
Verse 14 1-21.


Jan 12 @ 11:06PM  
I bid him post cuz it's probably far more appropriate here than any other verse!

Jan 12 @ 11:30PM  
DKW, is that available in its entirety anywhere?

Jan 12 @ 11:47PM  
As in published? No.

Scattered across my PC, floppy discs, flash drives, hand written papers, notepad printed papers, etc etc etc.......yes.

I think I blogged some other verses on here, but the Mods deleted ALL my blogs once when I took a 6 month vacation from here...lost my original member privileges, too....will have to look and see if I saved that one. Was called "Thoughts from the mind of a Madman." but it didnt zing properly, so later it was changed to "The Book of DKW," just to piss off the "Moral Majority." Not the real ones, the soapbox crawling media attention seeking for their own sakes kind.

Jan 13 @ 12:08AM  
This was another piece of it I posted recently.

And on the 8th Day

Sorry for the blogjack Skwirl. And in response to this: Note I have stayed out of ALL the latest BS. Been trying to post silly shit and keep it light, rather than my usual DOOM upon all offenders. I hope others can do the same, as I miss the old wild and crazy lighthearted days muchly.

Jan 13 @ 1:10AM  
Ok I see things are getting back to normal again on here.

Jan 13 @ 8:11AM  
I have already used my block option.... i am going to take a stand, nobody is shitting on my blogs....drunk or sober....hic?

Jan 13 @ 8:42AM  
Aww I lubs you Skwirly girl.

Jan 13 @ 8:51AM  
I lubs you and I miss seeing your bushy tail around here More nutz for Skwirl

Jan 13 @ 8:58AM  
AMEN Skwirly girl
Greenie to ya'..

Jan 13 @ 9:24AM  
I love you.. I miss you.. and I wish you were here.

Admittedly in some cases it is, I loathe you.. I'm sick of you.. and I wish you weren't here.

Jan 13 @ 10:48AM  
This site is not the same as it was when I first joined...and probably never will be. For one thing, the format has changed. It used to be that only 5 or so blogs showed up on the home page...there was no competition to see who's blog was most popular or had the most views. WoW posted news stories, Canu posted stories and parodies, Dom educated us, we had fun. The jokes and surveys and discussions were relegated to the forums.

Also, the membership has changed. Not for better or worse, just different. People have left the site for various reasons, others have joined and brought with them their own brand of socializing.

Personally, for the most part I ignore the blogs. When I see one from you or others of the "old-timers" I'll look at it and maybe leave a comment. Or if I see one that sparks my interest. But mostly I leave them alone, especially after having left a comment on one in particular and being accused of flaming...fuck it.

I've said it before...this site thrives on drama. When a troll shows up, the whole blogging community goes into overdrive. Even the people who have "stompstomped" send their opinions...either covertly via other members or by coming back and giving their two cents.

I don't know hun...people are going to leave, most come back eventually. The ones who leave and don't come back tend to not make the announcement that they are leaving. They just fade away. If the people on this site are important enough to them they will keep in touch via other venues.


Jan 15 @ 6:15PM  
Sundance makes a number of valid points. Thanks for your input.

Jan 15 @ 7:54PM  
Basically what it all boils down to is a storm in a teacup... same old same old.. the more things change the more they stay the same.

Teach me to sing, people! I want to lift my voice unto the heavens... and have you lift yours along with me.

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Musings On Life... part 1 tbc maybe