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Wal-Mart wants to Go Green...Big F****** Deal

posted 1/12/2010 2:59:44 PM |
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tagged: rant

So, today's news in California is that Wal-Mart, in an effort to "go green" has begun charging customers for the plastic bags.

At this point, encouragement gives way to cash incentives. Wal-Mart charges for bags at the rate of 15 cents; oversized bags retail for 50 cents. The jury is still out whether Wal-Mart charging for bags will be a project that also finds its way into the remaining 52 stores. Does this put Wal-Mart on the cutting edge of California's environmental consciousness?

I have no issues with Wal-Mart going Green, what I do have issue with is charging the consumer $.15 for a product that costs them $.0006 each. They have simply found a new source of income in a slagging economy.

Want to get rid of Plastic Bags? Stop making them. We did quite well without them before and can again.


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Wal-Mart wants to Go Green...Big F****** Deal
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Jan 12 @ 3:04PM  
They really could be helping the community instead of trashing goods.....

Jan 12 @ 3:05PM  
If thats the case, what will I line my wastebasket with? Oh...this is California, nevermind.

Jan 12 @ 3:11PM  
Want to get rid of Plastic Bags? Stop making them. We did quite well without them before and can again.

Yeah, but, then they don't get the $$$$ from charging for the plastic. Money is the bottom line with them and any business out there.

Jan 12 @ 3:14PM  
Luna, You are too young to remember when we didn't have trash can liners. We composted (or gave it to the community garden) our garbage and burned the paper/cardboard in the back yard incinerator. Tin cans were used to hold nuts/bolts and to bury treasure in the back yard.

Jan 12 @ 3:23PM  
I saw that! It is all about their bottom line. In areas where people have a choice, like where I live in a metro five million people, it will backfire, big time. Rural folks have little recourse.

Jan 12 @ 3:31PM  
So don't get a bag or let them bag it. I only get a limited number of items anyway.

Jan 12 @ 3:38PM  
Since I have never used the plastic bags and have always carried my own bags with me I guess they will never be getting anything out of me. When things come to the house in plastic packages I run them through the shredder and make packing material for items I sell online. I started using cloth bags back in the late 60s and never saw any reason to use the ones that stores provide.

Jan 12 @ 4:19PM  
I'm a big green freak but I stopped using the bags long ago. Keep plastic boxes in the back of my truck and ask the cashier to put the groceries back in the basket. Sometimes run into hassle when I'm walking out the door, manger or door person wants to see my receipt and I always show. Tell 'em I don't want to add any trash bags to the growing pile already out there. Only time it was an issues was this old fart started going line item by line item, I grabbed the receipt and told to phack off and call the PoPo. Next time I saw 'em I didn't get any push back.

Jan 12 @ 4:24PM  
A store my parents get their groceries uses boxes/bags that are donated and shoppers "bag their own" after paying for their purchases. As a result, it's a little less expensive.

Jan 12 @ 4:50PM  
A store my parents get their groceries uses boxes/bags that are donated and shoppers "bag their own" after paying for their purchases. As a result, it's a little less expensive.

Would that be Aldis? They still do that here. I shopped there until they raised all their prices a few years back.

Jan 12 @ 6:20PM  
Sav-A-Lot puts everything loose in the cart..
They have boxes that their goods came in that you can take and pack your own..
Prices there are about the most thrifty I know of..

Jan 12 @ 6:23PM  
Sav-A-Lot. That's the name of the store. Thanks Rev.

Jan 12 @ 6:27PM  
A few of the reusable bags I have are made from 100% recycled POST-consumer plastic (Trader least I am pretty sure they are...they are out in the car and I am not going out in the cold to verify my statement). Others are made of various recycled materials.

I love it...charge $.15 for a bag but only get a $.05 credit (from Target) for using your own bag. LOL

Jan 12 @ 6:40PM  
I think they're wrong for doing this crap!

Jan 13 @ 5:35AM  

Jan 13 @ 6:56AM  
here is Australia they did the big push to get rid of plastic bags altogether. most supermarkets these days sell re-usable calico bags they sell for around $2 each and come in regular or silver lined for frozen goods.
you buy one or two and when you go back to the shops you just take your own bags,they were a lil slow at first but now its just an everyday thing
they still supply plastic bags if you forget to bring your own but not many ppl use them these days so I guess they achieved some kind of result in cutting down on their use.
once you get into the habit you do it without even thinking about it.

Jan 13 @ 8:11AM  
fifteen cents for one of those cheap ass bags that are lucky to get your items inside!!! Please!!!

Jan 13 @ 8:13AM  
Bring your own bags from other stores.

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Wal-Mart wants to Go Green...Big F****** Deal