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Would you give your sweetie a pedicure?

posted 1/11/2010 11:34:01 PM |
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tagged: straddle, feet, love, women

Guys, would you give your sweetie a pedicure if she loved those sort of things, and would you be more than willing to regardless if you had a foot fetish or not? For you married guys out there, have you ever tried this yet, or does she have pedicures done professionally? I know some women are embarrassed by their feet and opt to have them done professionally.

Ladies, would you let your guy give you a pedicure, or would this bother you, and if so, why?

As for me, I would love to give my sweetie one. I would so spoil her with those and foot massages.

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Jan 11 @ 11:46PM  
I'd give my man a pedicure... without the polish of course! LOL But I've had enough of them to know how good they feel.... and if my man didn't mind his feet being touched (which alot of people do) I would give him a pedicure.... but my motto is... straight out of the shower, not straight out of the shoe.... that's gross.. IMO!!

And I definitely wouldn't turn down a pedicure..... and if he wanted to paint my toenails, pink of course..., he can knock himself right out and it would be greatly appreciated!!!

Jan 11 @ 11:46PM  
C'mon, guys, I know you all have to have some opinions on this topic.

Jan 11 @ 11:52PM  
I'd give my man a pedicure... without the polish of course!
Pink, that wasn't part of the question.

But we can make it a part of the blog now. lol

Ladies, would you be willing to give one to your man? Guys, would you want one?

Jan 11 @ 11:56PM  
oh shit! sorry... I did misread that..... but yep! I opened it up for you straddle!!! so if this blog skyrockets.... I get some of the credit for it!!

This should be opened up... why just for the men to answer... but women too... and like i said, you would be surprised what men want to do to women's feet, probably works the same for a woman's desire to do to a man's feet....

Okay.. I'm done now! LOL

Jan 12 @ 12:18AM  
I'll take one.....that's for sure!! I love having my feet touched & rubbed.

I don't mind rubbing a mans feet if he's got nice feet.

Jan 12 @ 1:03AM  
Sure, just let me get out my industrial strength

toe cheese scraper!

Jan 12 @ 1:07AM  
Sure, just let me get out my industrial strength

toe cheese scraper!
*Shakes head in disbelief* Joe Joe Joe...


Jan 12 @ 1:59AM  
To answer your question, sure if she wanted a pedicure, I'd do my best. Wouldn't be nearly as good as a professional one, but...

Anyway, I'm reminded of the scene from Pulp Fiction

Jan 12 @ 2:13AM  
How many have had a real pedicure? If you're not ever had one, they are unbelievable!! Not only do they pay attention to the feet, but a thorough pedicurist applies this creme and massages you all the way up to your knees!! And treats the feet so good! My recomendation is to go to a local beauty school if you have one in your area.... same results, cheaper price! But pedicures are wonderful.... than all you have to do is get your rubbery legs back together and try to walk out the door.... you're soooooooooooo relaxed!!!

Jan 12 @ 2:18AM  
My recomendation is to go to a local beauty school if you have one in your area
Now how hard can it really be to give a pedicure? lol I have given a number of foot massages over the years, and all the women loved it. I'm sure I could handle giving my first pedicure.

Jan 12 @ 2:24AM  
AW, That clip was pretty funny.

Yeah, I would have to agree with John Travolta's character in regards to foot massages being a sexual delight.

Jan 12 @ 6:55AM  
I would love to get one, never have. I have included it, given by a professional (young Asian lady) as part of a Valentines Day and birthday gift. It was a much appreciated gift.

It seems to me that it is one of those things that has to be done right and would be a whiff for most people to attempt. But I digress. No I never thought of doing it as it would probably be a failed bit if I tried.

Jan 12 @ 7:38PM  
Sorry, but no. I wouldn't give my man a pedicure. I'd help him pay for one.

And no, I wouldn't let him give me a pedicure. My feet are ticklish.

Jan 12 @ 8:49PM  
Long long time ago when I was naive to the machinations of men, a guy actually did the whole spiel on V-day: flowers, dinner and an incredible foot massage that turned us both on like you wouldn't believe. Foot and calf, while looking intently into my eyes, my foot ever so close to his crotch, my legs being kneaded my his big, warm masculine hands....


Oh, yeah- I'd like it if a guy did that, or a professional- either one, and I'd do it for him as an act of love.

Jan 15 @ 7:29PM  
I've never really thought about this before but I know I would have to be really comfortable with a guy if he was going to give me a pedicure. Maybe we could start out with a foot massage first or better yet...a back and shoulder massage.

Dec 15 @ 12:10AM  
Absolutely!!! And I prefer women who are embarrassed by their feet, it's more fun. When I'm performing oral sex on a woman that's one of the fun things I like doing to enhance her experience. Between each round I'll work on giving her a full salon quality pedicure. Gives my mouth a break and allows her little bundle of nerves a chance to settle down before I eat her out again. Eventually in her mind, pedicures become synonymous with eating her out and she begins using the word "Pedicure" as code in conversation, text messages and private jokes. A girl once told me she had three spontaneous orgasms at the salon while she was thinking about the most amazing pedicure she's ever received.

Jan 4 @ 10:59PM  
I have.... the pedicure w/o polish. toe and foot massage... then calf... then thigh... licking too!

Also, a long relaxing hot shower and shampoo for birthday's and just silly decadence.

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Would you give your sweetie a pedicure?