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Listen and Learn...

posted 1/10/2010 4:17:20 PM |
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tagged: funny, story, asshole

It is funny how if you listen you will learn. Or, if you watch you will also be given clues to why people act the way they do. Should we care? Only if it affects our immediate interaction with these people. I like to call them intruders. The people that come into our life for whatever reason and we have the choice to receive them as they are or gently guide them to interact with us in a manner that is more appropriate or more to our liking. It is a skill that is only gained by experience. To be able to do so without their knowledge is the key to success. I never make a judgement call about why these intruders act the way they do for it could take years, but I am capable of recognizing the ones who are problematic and I have learned to quickly sway them so their experience with me will easily curve the response they would give if handled the way they expect from their pass experiences as an intruder....ouch....say that really fast a few times.
Huey Lewis and the News have been staying at the hotel where I work for the past week and will be there for another week. So far I have had 4 run ins with Mr. Lewis, aka "intruder" and each one has reveled that he is an intruder. One that tries to be important while making everyone else seem less so, but truly just an asshole. I hate it for him, but I don't do asshole.
My first experience with him was a night I was serving but had over heard the way he was talking to everyone at the bar. He was unapproachable, condescending, and very impolite. My next experience was at breakfast the next morning and he came in around 9:30 am asking for decaf. No please, no thank you, only asking if I had really served him decaf, which I politely answered "yes sir, that is what you asked for." I noticed he and his crew were getting up from the table and asked if he would like a to go cup. He said "am I being a pain in the ass?" I responded "I don't care what kind of ass you're being, you are still getting a to go cup." HA! That cracked me the fuck up.
The next night I was bartending and he stuck his head in the door and hollard "have ya got that Compari in yet?" I said "no." and he immediately ran to the elevator not giving me a chance to say that we did get the Dewars in that he wanted. Why did we not get in the Compari, Why were we out of Dewars? I only know my food and beverage manager is lame, but I can't control that. I told Attila (yes, that is his real name ) about the interaction and reminded him to get the Compari. If it had been me that knew about it to begin with I would have already gotten it so there would be no asking again. Get er done, that's my motto. Fix it before it breaks.
My next encounter came later that evening at the bar. He sat down and I told him I did have the Dewars he asked for, mind you this was after I greeted him in a professional manner and he rudely glared at me with no response. I repeated my greeting and told him about the Dewars and he finally responded saying "then get me one." I did and politely said "This one is on me because we don't have the Compari you asked for." He said, after he stated I pronounced Compari wrong "you are so sweet" I said "thank you, I know I am, if I can't be anything else at least I can be sweet." Then he started to be nice to me and polite when asking for the menu and ordering.
Saturday night I was serving and he and the band members and managers came to the bar. He asked for me and said" hey wheres Murphy?" He and all the guys complimented me on getting the Compari in and said how nice I was and how much they appreciated me. All my co-workers asked me what I had done to get such response from the "intruder" and his gang. I told them I gently to swayed them to be nice.
Bottom line is, you get what you give, so just make sure you aren't the intruding giver that has to be swayed to interact in a kinder manner by being showed you are an ass. Or, I guess I could have just shortened this blog by saying Huey is an asshole and I made him be nice.

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Jan 10 @ 4:32PM  
That's called 'killing someone with kindness'...and you must be very good at it. Good blog...greenie for you...

Jan 10 @ 4:34PM  
I think famous people tend to forget their manners because they are so used to people catering to their every whim. (Keep the talent happy) I have found with most people, you give nice you get nice and if you don't, that is on them.

Jan 10 @ 4:39PM  
Lots of the older 50' to 70's rock and rollers, and country, who were the big shit back then still try to act like they're stars instead of old has beens..
I found that out when I was interviewing some of them who were playing the small 2 drink minimum casino bars in Reno..

Jan 10 @ 4:43PM  
I love doing that. Good for you Murph. It's our personalities for sure. I can make anyone like me.

Jan 10 @ 4:44PM  
What I found more funny than his asshole nature was that the first night he came in the restaurant, nobody new who he was. I guessed, but we had to go to the front desk to get verification. What does he look like? HA! LOL! Just an older version of himself! Go figure. I also thought it was hysterical that his manger was talking to one of the newer band members (who apprentley thinks he is sexy just cause he wears a danglin earring) that Huey was never a good singer. he was a harmonica player that accidently got thrown into singing and made it big on MTV. I also heard the manager say he told Huey that these recordings they are doing at Ardnt here in Memphis are the best he has ever sounded. Apparently Huey got upset and the manager tld him to take the compliment and get over it. I love over hearing things. You can learn so much why a person acts the way I do. Still haven't figured out why the manager and his wife think they are all that, but then I really don't care. I am just glad I don't have to take care of them on a regular basis.

Jan 10 @ 4:48PM  
I really don't care if they like me. I just wasn't going to let them treat me shitty. I have seen that most the has beens have been playing the casinos. Glad it didn't happen to Elvis, and really can't believe it didn't happen to Michael Jackson.
I have worked with many famous actors in the film ndustry. Some were extremely nice and grateful for your assistance, others just kept to themselves, and few were real jerks. It takes all kinds. You just can't take it personally, but you can make it easier on yourself by handling it in a kind and gentle manner.

Jan 10 @ 4:50PM  
good for you, Murph!! it's easier to c atch flies with honey rather than vinegar, huh? But my illusions of Huey are now broken!

Jan 10 @ 4:52PM  
It's amazing how a "has been" treats people..... Kudos to you for your tolerance!!


Jan 10 @ 4:54PM  
I have worked with Huey Lewis many times, from the peak of his career in the early eighties until his decline in popularity. His interpersonal actions got worse through the decline. By the late nineties, he had become a hated drunk. He drank up most of the beer bought for the show crew after the show, often drinking it before the show.

Jan 10 @ 4:58PM  
I think famous people tend to forget their manners because they are so used to people catering to their every whim.

I have to respectfully disagree based upon my twenty years plus professional experience. I did not see that with most musical artists that I worked with including many "has beens". I did see it with a few including Huey.

Jan 10 @ 4:59PM  
I am sorry Girlcountry...he still has a nice ass.. .I had to do a walk around to see if at least that was something to look at. Yeah, Bruce alot of rockers are like that. He apparently hasn't changed. Pink, I am not looking for kudos for my tolerance, just telling thwe facts, but also reminding myself that it took along time to learn that tolerence is the best way to live.

Jan 10 @ 6:16PM  
ahhhh....damnt, another bubble burst!. I always enjoyed huey and would have said he was one of my i find out hes a dick....boohoo

Jan 10 @ 6:21PM  
I am sorry honey. It is what it is. sad but true, he acted like a complete dick. Doesn't he know that we will tell people? I mean really, acting like a child as old as he is. I was embarassed for him.

Jan 10 @ 6:25PM  
well murp, im glad you educated me....damn...

and i would really enjoy hearing about other celeb's that you have ran into

Jan 10 @ 6:32PM  
just running through and dropping a kudo.

Jan 10 @ 6:35PM  
Not really trying to educate anyone, just a funny quip about things that happen and needing to have a relaxed day and talk to my AMD buds about the situation. Funny...the first night he came in and I observed his behavior. I thought of you Whisperin. I had a moment where I was writing in my head how I would blog here about the event. I waited because I knew that he was going to be here 2 weeks and I wanted to see if anythingelse would transpire before I bored everyone with my blog! HA! Sorry, but I just wanted something to write about and really no one wants to hear about the drama of me throwing my roomate out or that my Mom was in the emergency do they??? Get too personal here and people throw it back in your least the unkind ones do.

Thanks writer guy!

Jan 10 @ 7:13PM  
I've worked with a few famous folks. Some of them had substance abuse problems..which made their personalities eradic.

But most of them were just regular folk doing their job as best they could.

Very enjoyable blog Bunny...and a good lesson in it to boot....

Jan 10 @ 7:26PM  
Everyone has moments that make them show their bad side. Like I said, it embarassed me for him to act the way he did. His manager was the same way. His managers wife was trying to be cute and condescending towards me and my friendliness; she did it well...and I laughed at her ignorance straight in her face...she had no clue what I was laughing about. She asked and I said I just thought about something funny....
Thanks Borty, I enjoy your humor too!

Jan 10 @ 7:34PM  
Geez, maybe he should pursue another line of work, being a

mean, bitter drunk is in low demand these days!

Jan 10 @ 7:35PM  
This works for most obnoxious people, there are those, however, who are nasty no matter how kind one tries to be.

Jan 10 @ 7:45PM  
Very true Skwil...Very True! V works!

Jan 10 @ 8:03PM  
Everyone has moments that make them show their bad side

I don't have a bad side.

David Faustino (Bud Bundy from Married With Children" stayed at the hotel I work at. He was quiet..stayed to himself for the most part. And at the same time, the actress who plays Kiefer Sutherlands daughter on 24 was staying there too. She was a sweetheart, always smiling, talking, and her parents were fun people. They were doing some event for the Fox Network.


Jan 10 @ 8:07PM  
Yay for Bunny's V working.

Gawd that sounds dirty!

Jan 10 @ 8:46PM  
I am waiting for the intruder.....

Jan 10 @ 10:12PM  
<<< climbs a rung higher on the stepladder and tries to

catch a glimpse of Bunny's V !

Jan 10 @ 10:20PM  

Jan 10 @ 10:37PM  
well not the intruder I was there is a god damn mpther fuckin mouse in the house and it ain't no itty bitty squeeky toy lookin mousey either! I had Talulah's food upstairs in the sittin room while I am watching tv and playing on my lap top...I saw the intruder slip into talulah's bowl and take a bit og food...looks like it has been eating here for days...kinda fat....I yelled at it...HEY! and it ran...where the hell is it going? Talulah is lookin at me as if she wants to be in charge, but isn't sure what to do??? MOM???? WTF??? a she lifts her little paw and cocks her head lookin at me...kinda confused....she likes to eat next to me, otherwise the mouse would be downstairs in the kitchen where it belongs.....

Jan 11 @ 12:47AM  
Very nice blog with a great moral. Thanks for sharing. V has always worked.

*Leaving you 1/2 a kudo cuz I got really hungry and ate the other half...or maybe your mouse did.*

Jan 11 @ 1:04AM  
This blog was really good. I enjoyed it.

I have worked with Huey Lewis many times, from the peak of his career in the early eighties until his decline in popularity. His interpersonal actions got worse through the decline. By the late nineties, he had become a hated drunk. He drank up most of the beer bought for the show crew after the show, often drinking it before the show.
I would have never thought that he would have been this way. I have always liked his music from the mid 80's.

Jan 11 @ 1:10AM  
Thanks Kit...Thanks Straddle...who would ever guess that you lied 80's music????I would use the whistle emotion right now, but I refuse to....for reasons I rather not disclose.....

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