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posted 1/10/2010 1:52:17 PM |
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tagged: sports, insanity

What the hell is going on here? I mean, I get it, Wes Welker is missing. Fine. There defense is aging, that's alright. It's a new decade and new teams are coming up. The sport evolves. All well and good. But seriously, what is going on?

24 unanswered points. 2 pics on Mr. Clutch, Tom Brady. No defensive stops.

I want this to all be some sort of master plan. Some bizarre scheme to lure the Ravens into a grand Machiavellian (or Bellichekian) plot.

But seriously... 24-0.

No, it's got to be a trick. The Pats do not lose two games in a row. They're the best post-season game in the history of football. I just don't get it.

I'm I going to wake up and find this is all a dream. That's got to be what it is. I'm going to wake up and find Patrick Duffy using my shower. Or maybe I'll be sleeping next to Suzanne Pleshette. Something's got to be going on. I just can't believe it.

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Jan 10 @ 2:01PM  
*shudder* Waking up next to Suzanne would be freaky! Waking up at all in a graveyard would be kinda freaky.

The game isn't going very well is it? It kinda looks like they just don't care.

Jan 10 @ 2:02PM  
They're the best post-season game in the history of football. I just don't get it.

I am a 49er fan so I understand the changing of guard from they "are" to they "were".

The Ravens look magnificent for a post season run, very focused and peaking at the right time. Though premature, congratulations to ALL of their fans.

Jan 10 @ 2:34PM  
Skwirl, I kinda assumed that I wouldn't be in a graveyard so much as suddenly be living as a psychiatrist in Chicago. I'm thinking about moving there anyway, so the shock of Ms. Pleshette's corpse would be mediated by the continuity error saving me the hassle of moving. They started playing. The D' (What? It's almost like a fence. I know, I should have said D#) showed up. Hopefully in the second half, the offense will arrive.

WoW, the 49ers in the 80s/early 90s got me watching football to begin with. I have a soft spot for them and hate the Cowboys still. The Pats are going to remain a perennial playoff team for a bit. It's a relatively weak division. While the Steelers had an off year, the AFC remains Pats/Steelers/Indy/Bolts as good bets for any year. There's not any real parity (in the AFC) and the teams (outside of the North) have too far to go to catch up in the next year or so.

Jan 10 @ 3:19PM  
27-14....Pats gaining some we need a stop!

Jan 10 @ 3:25PM  
I'm just hoping this all a part of the Pats seeming need to have every single major game come down to a nail-bitting late drive.

Jan 10 @ 3:53PM  
Gostkowski misses the over

Jan 10 @ 3:56PM  
There's not any real parity (in the AFC). Have you watched football since the 80's/90's?

Jan 10 @ 5:13PM  
That's without a doubt the worst game I've ever seen Brady play in..
I'm with you ..WTF??????

Jan 10 @ 5:15PM  
Arizona, however is kicking the Cheesie's ass

Jan 10 @ 6:14PM  
There's not any real parity (in the AFC). Have you watched football since the 80's/90's?

I'm confused. Are you saying that there has been relative parity if you take three decades into account? Or are you saying that compared to the 80s/90s there is now relative parity?

Either way, I didn't watch much football, excluding going to the occasional Vols game, in the 80's. Keep in mind, I'm a young'un (that is misspelled but it's a made up word anyway). I wouldn't have taken much in. I do remember the early-mid 90s dominance of the Bills. In the other division the 49ers/Cowboys were dominant.

My comment about the lack of parity now was that over this last decade the divisions have been held on lock by (the Raiders until they fell off) the Chargers, Indy, the Pats, and the Terrible Towels. The only reason for playing the rest of the season has been for seeding and who the wild card teams would be (between the Jags, Titans, Broncos and I may be blanking on some team(s)). Either way, the Bolts go home the Pats find their way to have an epic game against Indy and the Pittsburgh got a good game in. The NFC has until recently not mattered in the Super Bowl (excluding the Pats/Giants Super Bowl (may we never mention that again).

Granted, the NFL has always been a league with one or two dominant franchises. Somethings wrong when you keep just keep recycling playoff predictions and have a fairly good accuracy.

Jan 10 @ 6:24PM  
@Leonidas... It's only over...It's still good...It's still good. Ah, Fuck it. Time to take out bust out the Peyton Manning voodoo dolls and start looking forward to next year.

@Rev...Seriously. I've half a mind to say that wasn't Brady but some sort of body double. I'm sure I've seen him fuck up royally but in the playoffs???
I'm routin' for the Cheeseheads. I hate the Cards and want to see Favre vs. Green Bay. 30-10 now so this day was in all probability a loss all around for me.

Jan 10 @ 6:40PM  
I am not even going to pretend I understood any of this.

Jan 10 @ 6:47PM  
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^

Too funny DS! I understand football and at this time of year, it gets confusing for me even!!

You kill me!

Jan 10 @ 7:12PM  
^ just smile and nod, smile and nod. ^

The Packers have made a game of things.

Jan 10 @ 8:09PM  
I'm awaiting the next game in Nawlins.. should be interesting to see if the Saints can break their stupid streak and finally make it all the way.

Jan 10 @ 8:15PM  
Yeah, at this point, their the only team I like left in the playoffs. Ravens aren't bad, I only hate them today.

Jan 10 @ 8:25PM  

After he was dead, a Cajun discovered himself in Hell. He looked around awhile, then went right to work shoveling brimstone. The devil came up to him and said, "How you like it here, my friend? It's hard work and it's hot, yeah?"

The Cajun just smiled and answered, "It not so bad. The work is steady. I got no problem with steady work. And it ain't so hot. You think this is hot? Man, I'm from south Lousiana --- It hot there, my fren! This ain't nothing." He just laughed and went back to work singing and having a high old time.

Satan, being a former Texan, did not like Cajuns. He said to himself, "I'll get him. So he don't mind the hot, huh?" Satan waved a hand and the whole place was suddenly ice and snow, solid. And he said, "That'll fix dat fool!"

When he went back to check on the Cajun, he found him jumping up and yelling and laughing and clapping and dancing. So Satan said, "Man, what's wrong with you?!"

The Cajun smiled big and replied, "The Saints done won the Super Bowl!

Jan 10 @ 9:00PM  
That was a good one. Haven't heard it before.

Jan 10 @ 10:57PM  
I was a little shocked to see New England lose today. I was rooting for them, but it looks like Baltimore was just too fired up and on a roll to be stopped by any team the last few weeks.

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