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Going Green - Eco Bags

posted 1/10/2010 11:38:22 AM |
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One of the problems with embracing going green is a person's green going. I specifically am referring to increased expenses.

How many of you are buying and using the reuseable shop bags? These things sell for anywhere from $ .99 to $2.99.

If you used one, would you feel uncomfortable taking one from Wal*Mart into Target?

Secondarily, if you want to cut down on the volume of plastic used in shopping bags, couldn't you just bring the ones you got before with you?

I don't use them and use the plastic ones from the store as storage and waste basket trash bags.

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Jan 10 @ 11:56AM  
Well.....I don't buy the reusable ones. I have reused them before. I opt for plactic because I line my trash cans in the bathrooms & kids rooms with them.

Some stores like Aldi & Sav-a-lot don't give you bags. You bring your own or pay for them. Or you can find a box.

Jan 10 @ 11:57AM  

(my fingers are cold!)

Jan 10 @ 12:21PM  
Was kinda waiting for someone to bring up this topic for one reason alone: pretentiousness.

Yesterday, my sister and I were in one of our local natural foods/co-op store, looking for some Dr. Bronners organic soap for me and my mom, and a neti pot for myself(I'll explain what that is later). You want to complain about how expensive things were with reusable bags? Nothing that's 8oz should cost $11 unless it was worth my money (and it was) but god, the price!

Also, don't think the employees took kindly to my and my sister's being there; she was interested in a smoothie- she told me later that the guy at the counter stared at her and walked away. Another instance of stand-offishness was how the check-out girl didn't *hand me* my receipt, but dropped it and so I picked it up, along with getting my own bag from the dispenser.

I really do not understand that kind of behavior- what, I don't know..we werent loud and obnoxious, we were polite and cordial..I just think since they saw us looking less like the type of people they're used to seeing and acted accordingly. They have to know that poor folk like me and my family know about "going green" recycling, reusing and using organic products. Sorry, I didn't come in wearing my beany, keffiyeh, tight jeans and Buddy Holly glasses like all those clones about UF campus. Fuck those pretentious hippies and their highfalutin organic crap.

Sorry for the rant, Bruce. Paying for something expensive and exclusive doesn't make you a better person, it just makes you a dick. I just buy that soap because it makes my skin feel great- not as a status symbol.

Jan 10 @ 12:30PM  
I use the plastic bags for recycle liners in wastebaskets and recycle the rest..

Jan 10 @ 12:31PM  
I bought the walmart bags..2 of them. Now all I have to do is remember to put them back in my car AND hang the damn things around my neck so I don't forget to take them in with me...

But I don't throw away the plastic ones...I bag them up and take them to the thrift shop for them to use.

As for taking my Walmart bags into another store? You betcha!! Doesn't bother me one iota. doctor had me get a Nettie Pot...oh it!!! YOU tell 'em what it And fuck the clerk jerk....people like that ain't worth fussin' about..ya hear me?

Jan 10 @ 12:35PM  
If I used the green bags, I would have to put a hook on the door leading into my garage to hang them on so I would remember to grab them when going shopping.

Jan 10 @ 12:40PM  
I personally will reuse a plastic bag till it's in shreds but will opt for a paper bag if available at the store (many do not even offer them).

I have reusable totes and I keep a couple in my car and use them when shopping for small quantities. They have various names on them and I could care less which store I use them in.

I also have, in my car, a collaspable rolling nylon shopping cart that folds up to about 12 x 8 and is perfect for carrying items to the car and from the car to the house.

On a side note to Luna, I know what a Neti Pot is; my company was part of an advertising campaign for the Mfg. NeilMed...and what a horrible experience that was dealing with Dr. Mehta but that is a whole other story.

Jan 10 @ 12:41PM doctor had me get a Nettie Pot...oh it!!! YOU tell 'em what it And fuck the clerk jerk....people like that ain't worth fussin' about..ya hear me?

Yeah, they're great- woke up feeling awesome this morning because of it. Might use it again today. Bah- obviously the bitch hates her job, but that's not my problem. I'll return again after my soap runs out because its better than ordering online- don't care about the stupid check-out people as long as I dont have to pay S&H for an online order.

Explanation of a Neti Pot

Jan 10 @ 12:53PM  
I keep a reusable bag full of reusable bags in my car and almost always use them. They are from a variety of places...Target, Old Navy, Walt Disney World, Trader Joe's, Joann Fabrics (these are great...they are larger and have a plastic bottom)...I don't care what store I am in...I use the bags from any store. I have a WDW one that compacts into a little sleeve that I keep in my purse all the time. My problem (especially at the holidays) is remembering to take them back out to the car again. Once you get into the habit of using them, remembering to take them into the store is no big deal. Very small purchases I skip the bag and just put into my purse...or carry out.

Jan 10 @ 12:54PM  
Thanks for the Neti pot link. Very interesting. I may be hijacking my own blog, but my mom would get a pot of water boiling with some magic goo in it with a lid when we were congested. She would have us practice taking deep breaths, then have us take a deep breath over the pot when she lifted the lid. It worked!!! She would also use a large eye dropper filled with warm salt water. That worked too!!!!

Jan 10 @ 1:39PM  
but my mom would get a pot of water boiling with some magic goo in it with a lid when we were congested

Hey Softie ain't he talking about Vicks Vapor Rub? I swear by that stuff

Jan 10 @ 2:04PM  
I own a lot of reusable bags. I even have a cool mondo one from the Home Depot.. and heck no I don't care what store I use what bag at.. neither do the stores. Most stores also use them as a coupon type thing where you get five cents per bag used off of your total order. It's not much but hey.. right now a nickle is a nickle.

That big old Home Depot bag gets used in the meat section.. it's heavy enough to carry a two week supply of meats and other cold stuff without breaking. I love it. Plus I can put a cold pack in it and it keeps stuff cold.

Jan 10 @ 2:53PM  
I try to take my own bags too. The checkers at walmart here like to use as many bags as can buy 5 items and have 5 bags...

i use most of my own bags, and maybe a couple of theirs, the best of both worlds, cloth bags for most things, and plastic bags for my trash...

Jan 10 @ 3:14PM  
Yep Bruce, but the dropper graduated to the spray bottle- same difference. Did your mom use little blocks of camphor in the water?

Jan 10 @ 3:15PM  
For the eco bags I buy heavy fabric off the clearance table for $1.00 a yard and make my own bags. They do not have the store's logo on them, I can throw them in the washer when they get dirty and it holds more than those tiny bags they sell at the store.

Jan 10 @ 3:22PM  
I use reusable bags and keep them in my car, or just have one/two items and don't use a bag at all. I try to avoid plastic bags because I don't go through them fast enough, and they would end up being clutter if I didn't.

Jan 10 @ 6:02PM  
I need to go green cuz I know we're destroying the environment.
I read about global warming,pollution, depletion of natural resources, etc. every month in National Geographic, and it's utterly depressing.

Maybe it's because I'm a lazy bachelor, but I need to be more eco-conscious in my actions.I gotta be more proactive on my end and really need to start recycling, re-using trash bags, etc.

Otherwise if I bitch and moan about what we're doing to the planet, then I'm just a hypocrite.

I think I just found my New year's Resolution

Jan 10 @ 8:09PM  
I use plastic bags. They get recycled all over my house anyway. Also saves the expense of buying doggie poo bags

Jan 10 @ 8:28PM  
Leo, go to the Home Depot and get you a couple of there $1.99 big orange bags.. it will hold everything a bachelor will need cept a half rack.

Jan 10 @ 10:58PM  
I just go with the norm with the plastic bags

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Going Green - Eco Bags