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posted 1/10/2010 4:53:55 AM |
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Her alarm rang loudly and she lifted her head from the pillow, almost forgetting she'd crawled into bed just three hours before, that last night the ocean fog had rolled in so thick and fast she'd believed for a crazy moment it would swallow her completely. Maybe that was a good thing. She'd felt safe there, on the beach with the wet air swirling around her, the waves sliding into shore to wash over her sandaled feet. The parking lot at McCooks had been bullshit that night...the silliest kind of bullshit. Alone on the beach at two in the morning worked better for her even if it was just for now. She'd been pissed off enough to have started something with the snotty, dark-haired bitch, but Sandee thought it might work out better all around if she started something up with the bitch's boyfriend, nothing permanent, just an evil little seduction to put the bitch in her place.

Not that it mattered, but what the hell time was it anyway? Something like 7:00 she guessed. College was over; she wouldn’t be going back to the shithole, not ever and that suited Sandee just fine. Her last fucking year and she’d caught some shit for excessive something or other. The professor, Frank Boughs, had her in his office, playing hardball, but Sandee was cool. Later, she kicked herself in the ass for not handling the situation with her usual flair. She could have gotten away with murder because the asshole made the mistake of shutting his door. She could have flashed him and gotten away with it. What the fuck could he have done about that…call in his dipshit secretary, tell her, “This…this young woman has shown me…has exposed herself to me?” Yeah, right. Sandee would have launched into her scared-little-girl act, fake tears and everything. “Oh my God,” she’d cry. “I did not, he…he…tried to touch me!” Finito, baby.

Christ the sheets are hot for whatever in the morning, thought Sandee. She pulled her crotch pillow out and tossed it on the floor. Still on her back, she pulled her pants half up, then slipped a hand down her panties and smiled to herself. “What was her boyfriend’s name?” she said aloud. In the next moment she lifted her butt and yanked her pants the rest of the way.

What’s-his-name usually shot pool on Saturday nights. She’d seen him at the Billiard Lounge plenty, a real bore but easy to look at. Tomorrow was Saturday. Chances are the bitch wouldn’t be there. Chances are she’d be at the Point, trying to get over with her pretty, pretty bullshit. That works, too, thought Sandee, now moving out of her bedroom, heading for the kitchen. Coffee and a quick shower was all she needed. She’d be out of the house in twenty minutes, down Pennsylvania Avenue and waiting for Linda in front of Mitchell’s market. Main Street tests her patience lately. She knows it too well, the little loser bank on the corner of Pennsylvania and Main, Duce’s Flower shop, the Laundromat, everything from the Morton House to the Latchstring and in between. Factor in the people and it’s something out of a Stephan King novel. But, Sandee doesn’t mind; she’s got better things to worry about these days. She’s perfectly petite, a long ponytail trailing a flawless ass. A fat middle-aged guy walks by, sees her young tits and thinks about throwing himself from the Groton Bridge.

Linda shows wearing hot pants. She’s overdoing it again, thinks Sandee, tryin’ too hard.
“Peace,” says Linda, flashing the dorky hand signal.
“Peace? Yeah, ok,” says, Sandy, craning her neck and looking down Main Street.
“I saw this cute summer guy in the General Store yesterday,” says Linda.
“Yeah, how big was it?”
“Probably huge,” giggles, Linda.
“Where’d you disappear to last night, I almost got into it with Cathy Farentino?”
“Big tits?”
“Yeah, I could’ve scratched them off. What’s her boyfriends’ name, anyway?”
“The cute one?”
“Yeah, Linda, the cute one, what’s his name?”
“Hmmm, it’s Tom something, Altman I think.
Linda wants to do the Ocean Beach scene; it’s obvious because she’s checking her watch, thinking about bus routes. That’ll get things started, thinks Sandee. Last time at Ocean Beach, they’d gone to the arcade, spent a couple bucks in the photo booth then wound up leaning over the miniature golf fence watching tourist play. The afternoon might have been dull but it turned out better because Sandee hadn’t forgotten to wear her two-piece. She’d waded out to her waist and let the currents flow between her legs…nice. Later, she lay on the beach for some sun then went to the boardwalk to wash the sand off her feet. She needed to pee, so she went to a stall, wriggling her bikini bottom over her bush, matted and tightly curled from a soak in the salty water, horny from all of it. It’s a public place and she knows better than to touch herself, but she wants to. Ok, so it’s going to be Ocean Beach, again. Sandee doesn’t mind because tomorrow night at the Billiard Lounge is going to be interesting…very interesting.

The following night, Sandee fixes herself up nice, then shows at the Billiard Lounge around ten. Yup, he’s there just like he’s supposed to be and to make it better, one of the Bitch’s vicious girlfriends is around for a witness.
“Is that your G.T.O. parked outside?” she asks, knowing full well its Jack Wood’s Goat.
“Are you asking me?” answers, Tom, standing up from his shot, looking surprised.
“Oh my God…it’s not your car…I completely thought you were someone else.”
“Yeah, well, I’ll be getting a G.T.O. pretty soon,” says Tom, with bravado, “Just as soon as I start college.”
“You don’t say,” says, Sandee, hooking a sexy finger in a corner of her mouth.
Twenty minutes later they left together in front of the Bitch’s girlfriend.
“I’ve pretty much had it with this town,” said Sandee, smiling at Tom, while standing in the glow of a street light, “It bores my ass, but at least I’m not getting into the same kind of trouble as my girlfriend, Linda.”
“Oh, yeah,” said Tom. “What kind of trouble does she get into?”
“Oh, you know,” said Sandy. “Guy trouble.”
“What kind of guy trouble?” asked Tom.
“I shouldn’t really say, but what the hell,” said Sandee, moving closer to Tom and lifting her head to whisper in his ear. “Shhhhh…..she gives a lot of blowjobs.”
The scent of Sandee’s perfume reached Tom just then, and his head lightened, feeling one of her nipples touch his arm.
“Linda says she loves the way it feels, especially if the guy cums in her mouth. She just keeps sucking.”
“She lets guys do that in her mouth?” asked, Tom, now feeling a little flush.
Sandee’s eyes dropped, seeing she’d talked him hard. “Yeah, she loves it. I don’t love it like she does, but it doesn’t bother me, either. You, know, if I’m giving someone a blowjob and his balls get all tight and he starts squirting in my mouth I swallow it.”

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Jan 10 @ 6:47AM  
I've read this before. Did you post this previously?

Jan 10 @ 8:27AM  
Can't leve us hanging. Post the rest in the comments!!!

Jan 10 @ 9:53AM  
Aw c' there more???

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