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What name brand(s) of tennis shoes or sneakers do you usually wear?

posted 1/9/2010 9:04:45 PM |
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What name brand(s) of tennis shoes or sneakers do you usually buy and wear? What color do you normally look for when you buy, and what's the average price that you usually pay out for them? Are you hard on shoes, and how long do shoes normally last you?

*Bonus questions*

Where do you normally shop for your shoes, and what size shoes do you wear?

For me I have usually worn such name brands as Pony, Reebox, L.A.. Gear, Nike, and New Balance. Over the past few years it's been Nike and new Balance. I always get white in color, and I don't like to pay over $65 for them. I usually shop for mine at J.C. Penney, and I wear a size 10. I don't go through shoes all that much, and they last me for some time before I have to go out and buy a few more at once.

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Jan 9 @ 9:11PM  
I've always leaned toward L.A. Gear. Like the style and they're comfy. Last me a long time too.

And I don't pay more than $50 if I can get away with it. And I like going to either FootLocker or Payless.

Jan 9 @ 9:14PM  
AirGlide.. you get em at Payless and I usually pay no more than 9.99 per pair.. why? cuz I have a love hate relationship with shoes. I do have some spendy ones but they are special occasion only.

Jan 9 @ 9:14PM  
I've always leaned toward L.A. Gear.
They still make those name brand shoes?

I think they quit making those Pony ones that i got back in 1984.

Jan 9 @ 9:15PM  
Right now I have a pair of New Balance.... they are white and pink... imagine that shit!! lol

I used to have a pair of LA Gear's... white black and hot pink.... high tops... I thought I was the shit!!! ha!! God love the 80's!!


Jan 9 @ 9:21PM  
They still make those name brand shoes?

No...but I always lean toward them. There this brand, can't remember the name, but they look a lot like the L.A. Gear...and just as comfy...and cost about $40

Jan 9 @ 9:24PM  
I swear I have seen LA Gear stuff lately.... maybe not sneakers but the name brand... But I agree with Dawn also, those things did last a very long time.

Jan 9 @ 9:26PM  
I go to sporting goods outlets and get them. As long as they are, by and large, solid black or white and comfortable, I don't care. I get them for about ten to fifteen bucks a pair and stock up because my shoe size never changes. I am not real particular about the brand. My favorite to wear is Turntec, but they don't last worth a damn.

Jan 9 @ 9:27PM  
I take that back...yes they do still make them.

L.A. Gear

Jan 9 @ 9:48PM  
Wow...I havent owned a name brand pair of sneakers since I was in junior high, and its been that long since I went shopping for any. Shoes never seemed a priority since I always bummed my mother's shoes, or some were given to me.

Sad, I know; but I think it has something to do with the fact that nice shoes are spendy for a big foot like mines.

Jan 9 @ 9:57PM  
As long as they're white, comfortable and reasonably priced...I don't really care about the brand name.

Jan 9 @ 9:59PM  
guess i wear Skwirls shoes lol last ones i liked were on sale 9.99 soooo i bought 3 i'm down to last where??? was hopin to find a lead in here....

Jan 9 @ 10:01PM  
as long as they fit, don't make me bleed, and are reasonably priced I honestly don't care what the brand name is, and as long as they aren't terribly ugly I dont' care what they look like much.

Jan 9 @ 10:05PM  
Don't really wear them moccasins are more comfortable or I just wear my boots.

Jan 9 @ 10:13PM  
I used to get MacGregor with deck soles at KMart for 15 bucks on sale..
For the biggest share of my life, nothing but Sperry Topsiders boat shoes and I get them wherever they're on sale..$80 shoes for $30 works for me..
They wear forever..

Jan 9 @ 11:14PM  
My shoe size varies by brand, usually a size 11. The shoes I get at the sporting goods outlets are always name brands, Nike more often than not.

Jan 9 @ 11:16PM  
Tennis shoes??? Haven't worn them since I had to in school. I have a real high arch so they aren't comfortable for me. Course, CL left a couple pair here for when she comes up next. Cowboy boots year round.

Jan 10 @ 12:36AM  
My favorite brand is "On Sale."

Jan 10 @ 1:33AM  
I own 3prs of tennies. Old-style black hi-top Converse($30ish),DC,white($65ish) & New Balance($120ish). I live in my Doc Martin boots($25) Size 5,or boys 4.

Jan 10 @ 2:24AM  
black New Balance cuz they come in WIDE widths and I
wear them to work. They last about a year cuz I work on

a loading dock and they take a beating.

Jan 10 @ 2:47AM  
My favorite brand is "On Sale.
.... Good answer.

Jan 10 @ 3:54AM  
Dr. Scholls walking shoes. They're the only ones that have an air cushioned heel and the arch support fits me just right. I started using them to walk in in '04 and I've not had anymore pain in my legs or feet, especially with the power walks I do.

They're always white, sometimes with a little blue or pink trim. I wear size 7.5 or 8 but for these I get them in 8.5 because I usually wear thicker socks with them. The cost hasn't changed since I started buying them in '04...they're still $25.00.

They never wear out...they just begin to look worn and tacky and I replace them when I can no longer feel the arch support or heel cusion doing its job...probably twice a year.

Jan 10 @ 5:57AM  
Currently I have el-cheapo's from Wally World....but I am gonna get another pair of Dr. Scholls...the cheapo's just dont last...and the toe end lets water in...even Dew

Jan 10 @ 8:40AM  
Flip flops??

Jan 10 @ 8:42AM  
The last pair I bought (a couple of months ago) were Nike, 7.5, and on sale for $92.00. Shoes and I have a hate/hate relationship. I have narrow heels and a high arch and finding shoes that fit comfortably generally takes all day. Seldom can I find something without paying more than I want. However, buying better shoes has it;s advantages...they last and I don't have to shoe shop very often. I am not one of those women that has a plethora of shoes...I would much rather go bare foot if I could.

Jan 10 @ 9:07AM  
Dang L4E go to Pay less & have someone massage your feet every night... A sexy lady walking around barefoot is quite an arousing experience.

Jan 10 @ 10:05AM  
I wear Sketchers - size 8.

Jan 10 @ 12:36PM  
I like Jordan which is made by Nike, I also like to have a pair if Timberland for work and and pair for going out during the winter months. I don't wear any other brands besides the one's mention, there expensive but i like them.

Jan 10 @ 11:11PM  
I like girly shoes....matter of fact the last pair of sneakers that I bought was over 3 years ago, and they look practically new.....(New Balance)

Jan 10 @ 11:38PM  
I have some nikes for exercising, but I don't wear tennis shoes for any other reason. Not even in the summer. I wear Lucchese cowboy boots, heels with dresses, or strappy snadals in the summer and Merrels to work in. I have Timberland work boots for yard work and any construction project I find myself doing. My favorite designer shoes are Via Siga. They always have something unusual to offer. I like Jessica Simpson ballet slippers too.

Jan 11 @ 2:06AM  
Only ones I wear are Nile Air or New Balance. Mostly NB.
White or white with accent color, only. Size 7.
Price? Depends on where I can find them on sale anymore. I used to just pay whatever, but now they have to be a good sale price. Kohl's is usually pretty good.

Feb 3 @ 6:46AM  
What name brand(s) of tennis shoes or sneakers do you usually buy and wear?
I allways wear combat boots. Magnum is my favorite

What color do you normally look for when you buy, and what's the average price that you usually pay out for them?
Black, of course. and anywhere from $35.00 for the basic jungle boots, To around $75.00 for the Magnums with the side-zip

Are you hard on shoes, and how long do shoes normally last you?
I can be hard on my boots, but I got almost two years out of my last pair, Duct tape gave me an extra 2 months.

Where do you normally shop for your shoes, and what size shoes do you wear?
Military surplus stores and I wear a size 10.

Dec 9 @ 9:26PM  
size 9 1/2 light weight but wont pay over $ 45 for a pair of tennis shoes now steel toe work books will spend up to $ 250 to keep feet happy

Dec 12 @ 12:54PM  
Of every bright color I can find... small feet/ heel....
And I at this point in time, have about 12-15 pairs...
try not to wear the same pair every day...
I walk/ run up and down stairs... push equipment, beds... and they have more than doubled the distances since I wore a pedometer to work... and then it was 10-16 miles a day...
They make me wear black now... but had outfits to match every color and matching underwear too...


Jan 5 @ 3:48AM  

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What name brand(s) of tennis shoes or sneakers do you usually wear?