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The (insert item here) goes or I goes.....

posted 1/9/2010 2:55:37 PM |
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Supposing you had some (somewhat) insignificant item in your home. Your other half decides to take issue with it and delivers the ultimatum "It goes or I do."

What you say or how would you react?

I ask because I came across this little tidbit. A wife declared that her spouse either got rid of an 6 foot tall Orc statue or she was leaving. Now while I am no secret lover of all things medieval, I don't believe that this would constitute as any sort of a rude or offensive item (unless he kept in the bedroom LOOMING over the bed or something).

And also I can verify that with the Warcraft craze, this item would be a very valuable item in dollar terms ( I am guessing if he sold it, it would definitely be sell-able for a thousand, and if ebayed, likely get up to 3 OR MORE.)


The article

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Jan 9 @ 3:06PM  
Your mate comes first, but quid pro quid.

Jan 9 @ 3:17PM  
Cute WOW Pound for Pound. It took me a minute to get that one.

I told DKW the Orc had to go, but on second thought with all the Medival stuff we've been gathering. It would make a different addition to our collection. Everyone has a suit of armor, nobody has an ORC.

Just NOT in the bedroom

Jan 9 @ 3:19PM  
Depends on what the person means to me and how attached I am to the item. I would probably put it somewhere that is not the first thing the other person sees when they walk through the door.

On the other hand that was one ugly statue and I can understand her not wanting it hanging around all the time. Maybe in a spare room or something.

I can see online games breaking up a relationship. Saw it happen to a couple of friends who spent so much time gaming that they ignored the their partner. One friend of mine locked her husband's computer in a closet because he spent all this time playing online games.

Jan 9 @ 3:29PM  
quid pro quid

Well done.. Will have to remember that one.

Of course blueeyes knows I always go for the different stuff in a collection. "Yep, I keep an Orc at home, wanna see im? "

I agree RJ, he is one FUGLY mother. But Orcs are supposed to be However as I said, it's also worth a great deal of money. And I could name a lot of historical pieces that have been lauded as pure art that I could personally call hideous.

Video games and relationships are a whole different Orc. Let's stick to THIS Orc, k? Appreciate it.

Jan 9 @ 3:44PM  
Orc, I didn't know what one was until I looked it up. No offense, but unless it is a teenager, having one looks rank to me. I would insist that it be relegated to a back room.

I have a 20 pound aerial bomb, practice bomb I got in the air force, that my wife at the time demanded be exiled to the garage. It is still there. It had fallen off of an F4 during a training flight shortly after takeoff from Nellis AFB in Las Vegas and landed nose first in the median of I15, shutting down traffic for about an hour.

Jan 9 @ 3:47PM  
There's a picture of the Orc in question in the news article posted....

Jan 9 @ 3:51PM  
The guy in the picture (article) kinda LOOKS like the Orc!

Jan 9 @ 3:54PM  
Perhaps it was a family heirloom, then....

Well...I would rather have an Orc in the house than a troll...
Lemme tell ya JUST how ugly trolls are.....

Nevermind, all of you know already....


Jan 9 @ 4:01PM  
that my wife at the time demanded be exiled to the garage

I wonder if the wife was referring to the relic....*S*

Jan 9 @ 5:12PM  
Geez as much as I hate to say it but I don't do well with ultimatums so umm Sorry the item would be staying if it was something I valued

Jan 9 @ 5:31PM  
I can agree with that. Reasonable discussion and/or agreements are one thing. I don't do ultimatums well myself.

Jan 9 @ 5:38PM  
The guy in the picture (article) kinda LOOKS like the Orc!


Jan 9 @ 5:45PM  
Do I really need to answer that? I've seen the Dungeon, right?

For those who haven' husband has a collection of various, lets say, less than desirable, items in our home. Some he had before we met, others he has collected over the past three years.

I would never..EVER, make him give up these things. And he would never have them anywhere other than the Dungeon. They "fit" down there...that's his space and he can put anything he wants down there.

Ok...lets sat he had some butt-ugly piece of furniture that he was really attached to, that he wanted to keep in the living room. And the rest of the furniture was "nice". So what? I'd probably do what I do with all my furniture...thow a blanket over it.

Jan 9 @ 5:49PM  
I'm with Lisa, I don't do well with ultimatums either. A mature discussion, and work out an agreement that both can live with, that I can do.


Jan 9 @ 5:53PM  
you've seen the Dungeon, right?

Yes, I have. And proud to say so. ( don't tell canu that I said that Orc would have looked AWESOME in there, too. Right next to the giraffe.)

And never throw out the little friend I introduced you guys to awhile back. Rachel would be devastated. And she don't eat much, damn.

Good to "see" you around again.

Jan 9 @ 7:36PM  
I'm sorry but .. no.. if my spouse, significant other, lover wanted to keep something in the house that was just annoying and not offensive in a real way.. he or she has my blessing.. after all .. they put up with my shit .. why should I not return the favor?

Jan 9 @ 7:42PM  
Well I'd be warming up her car while she packed.

Jan 9 @ 7:51PM  
Geez as much as I hate to say it but I don't do well with ultimatums so umm Sorry the item would be staying if it was something I valued

There is also a difference between something you already had before you got together and something you brought home after you got together.

Jan 9 @ 9:02PM  
Like Lisa and Sugar, I don't do well with ultimatums so if I really liked the would stay because I wouldn't make demands on him to give up his shit...ummm...treasures.

WoW also makes a good point about whether the item was obtained before or during the relationship. However, my opinion remains the same. The old saying is coming to mind..."Someone else's trash is someone else's treasure".

Ok...lets sat he had some butt-ugly piece of furniture that he was really attached to, that he wanted to keep in the living room. And the rest of the furniture was "nice". So what? I'd probably do what I do with all my furniture...throw a blanket over it.

Been there...done that...doing that right now.

Good blog DKW...leaving a greenie at the door.

Jan 9 @ 9:20PM  
It probably would have to be my cats.

Jan 10 @ 12:35AM  
I agree skwirl. She puts up with my shit, too.

If it came down to an ultimatum, I would likely take the dr's advice.

I agree about that too, WoW. And I DID point out that I was not referring to anything of a truly offensive nature.For example...I had a small figurine someone blessed on along my travels. It was a naked woman on all fours with a wide open ass. Someone before me had been a smartass and stuck a quarter in there. ( you had to be there for that presentation) I was single then, but later when getting into a relationship, I naturally had to part the ways with it, no problem. I teased blueeyes recently when we attended a Renfaire, that she found this life sized figure of a butler. She was carrying on about wanting to take "Giles" home with us.A few booths down, I found one myself, also life sized and said if she was taking "Giles" home, I was taking "Wench" home with me, it was only fair. Note that "Wench" was a life sized figure of a Pirate Wench with her boobs hanging out. But I was just teasing her, I would not bring something like that home knowing it would be offensive to some.

Kitkat...sounds like most women share the same opinions about these ultimatums....Men...better be takin notes...

Straddle....cats make wonderful pets......

Dec 31 @ 4:52PM  
Is this just a single item?
Or the figurative straw that broke the camels back....
One sizable chunk of a hoarders hoard.... or single cherished item.

Maybe he needs to find a way to change her opinion about the item,
and associate it with something more pleasant than arguments!
Like pushing her up against "IT", and dropping to his knees,
while expanding her universe to include multiple orgasms, knee liquefying, sex...
associated with him and this "Orc"

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The (insert item here) goes or I goes.....