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posted 1/9/2010 11:26:29 AM |
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Just who the fuck is this Borty Bastard.

Always writing blogs about panties. You'd think a sixty three year old man would have something better to do. I'll bet he's one of dem pinko commie socialist atheist hippy types that lives on a disability pension in public housing. Why I'll bet he ain't even got a panty collection.

Why if I hads my way, I'd go over to his house a slapps him silly. I thinks he should be banned from AMD cuz he's stealn valuable blogging time.

I says block the bastard and throw him outs in the street where he's belongs. He ain't nuthn but one of dem trolls and further more I think he just pooped his panties

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Jan 9 @ 11:30AM  
What's up Borty? You been smokin' wacky weed???

Jan 9 @ 11:36AM  
I don't know what he has been smoking, but it must be some of the good stuff. Pass it over man.

Jan 9 @ 11:41AM  
I think he just pooped his panties

To make an adjustment, when buying panties in the future, make sure they are already brown.

Jan 9 @ 11:41AM  
I dunno ...I thinks its one of dem goddam strokes again...I keeps smelln burnt toast...

Jan 9 @ 11:53AM  
A clap of thunder erupts from the heavens as the roar of an army of a thousand and more hulking twisted figures boom forth from the shadows. Two blazing red eyes glow forth from the deepest shadows as a dark and wicked voice whispers forth, full of amused yet forceful intent

"Leave Him alone, he belongs to TKI..."

Wicked laughter fades away as the eyes slowly wink out from sight

Jan 9 @ 12:12PM  
I dunno... I'm 66 and I like panties alot! I would like 'em even more, if they were within my reach of a lady or few, while wearing them!


Jan 9 @ 12:26PM  
Get BACK in your closet Borty! I've warned you before.. next time I lock the slapping lady in with you.

Jan 9 @ 12:44PM  
But I gots ta type more bash borty blogs or I ain't gots my quota Ms. Skwirl...

I've grown rather fond of The Slapping Lady over the years but not so fond as to be in the closet with her 24/7...just gives me a few minutes Ms.Skwirl ..and I get back into da closet....

Jan 9 @ 12:57PM  
*sigh* Alright Mr. Borty, just this once. But next time.. next time for sure. Only cuz I loves ya.

Jan 9 @ 1:02PM  
i think he owns some company sells all kinda of carefull yano how those inventors are....

Jan 9 @ 1:12PM  
ynot you think he has scented and unscented?

Skwirl does she make house callse? ;)

Jan 9 @ 2:19PM  
Borty, Borty, Borty! you been sniffin' glue, paint, what? And if you don't behave at Skwirls....when you come here, you will get a daily whuppin'!!

Jan 9 @ 2:24PM  
I am always glad to see you, so I don't know what you are theinkin, but Hey! Hope you stay around for a long time!

Jan 9 @ 2:36PM  
Actually that last whoppn you gave me Countrygirl...I'm somewhat embarrassed to say ...errrrr....gave me a little chubby....

Jan 9 @ 2:40PM  
Is that why you ran back into the closet so fast?? Wanted to play with it all by yourself??? If so, then ya get another one!!

Jan 9 @ 4:24PM  
bort, where have you been? No doubt you're spending too much time in the lab. Take the panties off your head and stick around....could use your humorous perspective.

Jan 9 @ 5:14PM  
Gametime borty...time to take a break.....I'm going for the upset and Cincy.

Jan 9 @ 5:39PM  
Wanna fuck?

Jan 9 @ 5:51PM  
*raises hand to volunteer to slap Bort around in the closet*

Jan 9 @ 6:18PM  
Skwirl...looks like Borty's been sniffing his panty materials again.

Jan 9 @ 7:31PM  
Dear Professor Borty,

I have decided to rent my closet out to a wandering minstrel since you refuse to stay put. In lieu of the closet I would like to offer you the cupboard under the stairs which has quite a bit more space and nooks for your inventions. This will, of course, increase your rent slightly. I apologize for any inconvenience that you may have been caused by this decision.


The Skwirl.

Jan 9 @ 7:40PM  
That would be great Ms. Skwirl.

Now I can have a good look at peoples panties when they go up and down the stairs.

Jan 9 @ 9:10PM  
Long as no strays end up in my closet...its already full of medicine

Jan 9 @ 9:24PM  
Borty, you crack me up!

Jan 9 @ 10:53PM  
Borty's been smokin' some of that good B.C. Bud again...

Jan 9 @ 11:33PM  
Borty ...63 ?
he doesn't look a day over 53,
sounds like he forgot to wear his tinfoil panties , but i definately won't support any Ban on the poor guy.
kudo's for tha laffs.

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