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Something Smells Fishy

posted 12/28/2006 1:59:46 AM |
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tagged: kinky, panties, straddle, fetish

Okay, I can't believe that I'm going to write about this, but here we go. lol My cousin has told me some stories about his gf, and some of it isn't all that flattering. I recall one of those things recently when he told me that there was one day that she hadn't bathe in like two days and still had the same silk panties on while wearing her sweats for those two days to where he could smell her across the room. To him that was such a turn off. The more I thought about that it was a little of a turn on for me. lol So that got me thinking about how many guys would actually have a woman straddle their face with a pair of panties she's been wearing for two straight days?

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Dec 28 @ 2:05AM  
Straddle, you are SO twisted! Ah, I still luv ya!

Dec 28 @ 2:09AM  
Got to love a guy that is so up front about this thoughts and desires!

Dec 28 @ 2:16AM  
It's flattering when women are commenting in a favorable way somewhat on here with this, and I didn't expect that. I'm surprised that I haven't heard from any guys though on this. lol I welcome all comments from both men and women though. COME ON GUYS, SPEAK UP!

Dec 28 @ 2:43AM  
I think I would like a musky smell but not other smells though. But hey this is not really so unusual; there are people selling used panties on the internet ... lol.

Dec 28 @ 4:26AM  
Not me! I prefer that fresh, clean smell. If it smells funky, I'm wondering about yeast infections, etc.
Kudos to you, man. Fish-smelling chics like oral too. They gotta clean that thing somehow. lol

Dec 28 @ 4:35AM  
Now wait a sec there! where did I mention oral sex at all in this blog? I said that it kinda turned me on with the thought of her smelling a little like that while straddling my face with her panties on.

Dec 28 @ 5:04AM  
My bad! That's just always the starting point for me. Gotta lick it before ya stick it. lol

Dec 28 @ 5:14AM  
lol...No worries. I don't think I would give her oral with the threat of a yeast infection.

Dec 28 @ 6:08AM  
been there, done that, have the T-shirt, I mean panties to prove it.

Dec 28 @ 7:19AM  
To each his own I guess. But personally I wouldnt let a guy anywhere near me if I hadnt showered within the last few hours. I like to stay fresh and clean for my guys.

Dec 28 @ 7:38AM  
Um, guys...yeast and fish DO NOT smell alike. Really. Ask a GYN or another woman. Trust me on this one. You can tell. Really. You can.

Dec 28 @ 7:44AM  
*announcers voice...
"hearyeee hearyeee...taking up collection to pay for a shrink for our pal Straddle........yes folks...we love his blogs but it's become apparnet that SOME help might be needed...sooo dig in your pockets deep (woman i said your POCKETS!!!) and give till it hurts..... and thanks n have a great new year"
We now return to our normal (we have normal here?)programing of sexual perversion"*

Dec 28 @ 9:50AM  
Certain odors can be a turnon. It's well known that pheromones (google that) are very important for sexual arousal in animals and probably play some role in people.
I don't believe that not bathing for two days will lead to yeast infections any more than it leads to HIV, genital herpes, hepatitis-C or other diseases that fortunately are curable. Not bathing for two days can lead to stinky BO but that will not kill you.

Dec 28 @ 11:42AM  
A fishy smell is the possible sign of a bacterial infection, a yeast infection is going to have just that a yeasty odor. I personally prefer to keep myself clean at all times. BTW ynot where are we sending the collection? Love Ya straddle!!!

Dec 28 @ 11:44AM  
2 days? As wet as she can stay in two days of dampness, I would have to say, WASH IT UP!!! please........

Dec 28 @ 11:50AM  
We now return to our normal (we have normal here?)programing of sexual perversion

Exactly - sexual perversion - he's twisted but um...who here isn't just a little twisted??? I am - and working on getting even more so!

Dec 28 @ 2:13PM  

Dec 28 @ 3:22PM  
Damn, I needed a good laugh today!! Thanks to Straddle and his buddies......gotta love it

Dec 28 @ 4:07PM  
Damn Straddle just when I keep thinking there is no possible way you can come up with something else. You truly amaze me (or did I already tell you that, LOL) Well I will say it again, you truly amaze me. You must go to bed with the wheels turnin' all the time. That is gross, nothing like being fresh, and YNOT I want to know where to send that money too. Take it easy Straddle, no worries


Dec 28 @ 4:14PM  
cleanliness is next to godliness. It would depend on what she was doing for those 2 days for me to decide, but generally, it would be a turn off for me.

Dec 29 @ 1:12AM  
your nose smells fishy

Dec 30 @ 10:57AM  
Damn Straddle just when I keep thinking there is no possible way you can come up with something else.

My thoughts exactly Zena when I clicked on this blog. We luv ya Straddle but Ynot's getting whatever change I can scrounge up! LOL!

Dec 30 @ 8:38PM  
Maybe THIS is why some women have to throw their tits in a guys face.....who knew.....Straddle.....has it been a while for you or what? Maybe we just need to take up a collection to get you laid by that chick.....

Dec 30 @ 8:54PM  
It's not that I need to get laid, that's not the problem. I do get horny a lot, but I'm very careful about going out there and having sex with just anyone. It seems the best sex comes from me pleasuring myself, and yes, that's safe sex in a way. lol The last night I had the real thing was in April 2006. I can live with or without it a lot longer and it doesn't bother me. I also feel that people give a little of themselves to people they sleep with, and I don't believe in one night stands. I have to know that woman for a while before I sleep with her. That's just how I am.

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Something Smells Fishy