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What Are Your Favorite "Weird" Food Combination(s)?

posted 1/8/2010 8:45:57 PM |
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tagged: food, weird, fun

Sunshine inspired me with her Perfect AMD Breakfast blog. She's also made me hungry with all the delicious food comments and yummy food combinations.

This got me to thinking about weird food combinations. We all have them. Unusual food choices that when put together give you the mmmmm factor...and your friends the ewwwww factor. With that thought in mind I thought it would be fun to pose this question in Pervia.

What is your favorite "weird" food combination(s)?

My weird food combinations would be milk with pizza. No, I don't dip the pizza in the milk...I simply drink my milk while eating pizza. My other one would be milk and potatoe chips...yeah, I know...what can I say...I love milk! And no, I don't like milk and Pepsi...that was Laverne from Laverne & Shirley.

Your turn...

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Jan 8 @ 8:54PM  
I put dill pickle and tomato on my grilled cheese sandwiches before I put them in the pan and fry them up in homemade butter. Have made them that way since I was a kid and still love them.

Jan 8 @ 8:55PM  
dill pickle and tomato on my grilled cheese

I do that as well. Maybe we aren't as weird as we thought.

Jan 8 @ 9:03PM  
milk and Pepsi...that was Laverne from Laverne & Shirley.
I tried that combo before when I was younger because of that old tv show. It tasted so aweful!

I really can't think of any weird food combos that I go for...

Jan 8 @ 9:23PM  
My son drinks Dr. Pepper and milk. It actually smells good, but I can't bring myself to try it.

I eat jalapeno jelly on my pinto beans.

Jan 8 @ 9:29PM  
The weirdest I eat all the time and everyone I know says its yucky till after they try it is Spam. I fry it up with onions, soy sauce and sesame oil then serve over rice. One of those odd things mom made I still have to eat sometimes

Jan 8 @ 9:37PM  
I can't think of any weird food combinations I have tried to eat- unless you consider food sex... which, I don't think is within the scope of your blog........... is it??


Jan 8 @ 9:39PM  
My best friend puts pieces of pineapple in her cottage cheese. First time I saw it, I told her it looked disgusting. She convinced me to try it, and I discovered it wasn't bad. So, I sometimes have that.

Jan 8 @ 9:43PM  
I like to eat applesauce on my toast once in a while..... yummm!

Jan 8 @ 9:51PM  
I like vanilla ice cream with a shot of very good single malt whiskey (Scottish—Laphroaig) poured over it with a dash of crushed fresh black pepper... sounds weird, but it's a great combination!

Jan 8 @ 10:03PM  
Ok y'all decide which is weirder.. Tuna fish and grape jelly or chocolate pudding and fritos. Either way.. YUM!

Jan 8 @ 10:06PM  
I forgot one...eating bacon with orange juice. Yummmmmyyyy!

Jan 8 @ 10:15PM  
The weirdest I eat all the time and everyone I know says its yucky till after they try it is Spam.

I always made it on the grill marinated in maple syrup and pineapple juice or fixed it in fried rice. My sons still ask me to fix it when they are home on leave.

Jan 8 @ 10:35PM  
The ewww people kill me . Mashed potatoes & catsup = ewww .... Why ? A fucking french fry comes from & is part of a fucking potato.
Mayonnaise on french fries = ewww ... Why ? Mayonnaise is in potato salad so if I like mayo instead of catsup on a french fry so fucking what !!!
Anyway I also like syrup on scrambled eggs & a milk/ tea drinker as well which to me is a similarity as coffee & milk, coke & ice cream so if caffeine goes well with milk what's the problem with milk & tea ?

Jan 8 @ 10:39PM  
Peaches are good in cottage cheeze too.

Jan 8 @ 10:41PM  
RJ & Desert Smile: A grilled cheese with dill pickles and tomatoes sounds yummy.

cottoncandydragon: Dr. Pepper and milk? I can't bring myself to try that either. Jalapeno jelly on pinto beans won't work for me cause I don't like this kind of jelly...but it sounds interesting.

Straddle: I'm not buying it...everyone has at least one weird food combination. Think harder!

ksk72: Spam! I haven't thought of spam in a long time. I used to eat it sometimes when I was a kid. Your recipe sounds very interesting.

Som: and're always trying to talk about sex. I once had a guy ask me if he could eat his meal off my stomach. I thought that was a bit too strange for me. this blog we're talking food...not sex. Try again...

Sugar: Pineapples with cottage cheese sounds yummy. I like pears with my cottage cheese.

Pink: Applesauce on toast? Doesn't the toast get all soggy?

Dione: You had me convinced until you added the black pepper. I guess I shouldn't knock it until I try it but...

Skwirl: I can't wrap my head around the tuna fish and grape jelly. The Fritos with chocolate pudding sounds weird and interesting at the same time.

Jan 8 @ 10:43PM  
I couldn't at first either KitKat.. but I lived with a Hawaiian who was always eating weird stuff and I finally tried it.. no mayo just tuna and jelly.. it's good.

Jan 8 @ 10:50PM  
""Ahhhhhh hot fergolies in tomato sause..............hmmmm Great,,,try them.

Jan 8 @ 10:57PM  
What are fergolies??

The first time I had pineapple chunks on pizza sounded terrible..
Now a thin crust supreme with pineapple is standard for me..

Jan 8 @ 10:59PM  
My ex used to think this was weird, but I like to make my eggs with hot sauce. I also like to make my steakums with hot sauce, A-1, worchestershire sauce and soy sauce. Add in some pepper, garlic and a little of old bay. Yummy. .

Jan 8 @ 11:16PM  
Pizza with pineapple and ranch dressing

Grilled PB&J

Grilled cheese made with cinnamon/raisin bread and sharp cheddar cheese

baked apples with melted cheddar cheese (I like cheddar!)

My dad always tried to get me to try peanut-butter and tomato sandwiches...but I hate tomatoes.


Jan 8 @ 11:19PM  
Anyone remember the short-lived 3D doritos? Well, I saw this somewhere about how a person made a hole in the chip and put a gummi bear in there. Somehow it worked- the crunchiness of the chip and chewy gummi.

Hm, also eating peanut butter sandwiches and drinking chocolate(soy) milk gives you an instant Reeses pb cup.

I used to put mayo and catsup in my ramen(bleck).

Occasionally, I'll take whole milk and add drink mix like kool-aid and the citric acid makes the milk curdle giving it a nice, clotted consistency. You add sugar and freeze for about an hour..I just can't explain how delicious it is.

Lastly, but not all too odd- chips inside your sandwich.

Jan 8 @ 11:27PM  
Fried egg sandwiches with mustard, dill pickles and onion salt ( I like the flavor of onions but don't like the real thing)

Peanut butter and brown sugar sandwiches.

Peanut butter on buttered bread with maple syrup poured over it.

Try Pear halves and cottage cheese set in lime jello...MmmmMmmmm

Hotdogs, mashed potatoes 'n saurekraut...all mixed together.

Jan 8 @ 11:33PM  

Jan 8 @ 11:53PM  
Left over from the junk food blog: Wendy's french fries dipped in their chocolate Frostys. Its a salty/sweet combination that although looks gross, tastes very good.

Jan 9 @ 12:04AM  
Strangest combination I can think of is spicy dill pickles on my quesadillas.

Jan 9 @ 12:10AM  
Oh, pineapples on the cottage cheese (I like mine with cracked pepper & tomatoes) reminded me... a friend got me hooked on fresh pineapple with salt and crushed red pepper...YUM!

Jan 9 @ 2:02AM  
My Rottweiler "Pidge" slipped her tongue through the mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving and I saw her do it....flipped the pots over in the dish and served it I guess pup saliva and potatoes...HA! LOL! Cracked me the fuck up...but yum, yum, fuckin yum...I mean really...she kissed me all the time, so what's the diff???? ...other than that...really, no food feetishes.

Jan 9 @ 2:47AM  
RJ: Okay...the Spam in maple syrup sounds interesting, but I'm not sure about the pineapple juice.

flavorbuster: You make some interesting points but people are all individuals and full of surprises. Half of my Preschool class "claims" to hate tomatoes...but they like ketchup so no, it doesn't make sense to some...and perfect sense to others. I too love syrup on my eggs, milk in my tea and coke with my ice cream...vanilla ice cream to be exact. It makes a very tasty coke float...yummy.

Skwirl: I've never tried peaches with cottage cheese. I'm thinking it would taste really good. As far as living with someone who eats weird food combinations...that would be my son. He's fearless when it comes to experimenting with food.

needsomenow789: What is a fergolie?

RevDoc: I too like pineapple chunks on my pizza.

Bryntone517: I know a few people who like hot sauce with their eggs. And I love my steaks with A-1 Steak Sauce...mmm...mmm...good.

sundance64: I've never tried a grilled PB&J. It sounds very interesting. And I love tomatoes...but I think I would have trouble with a tomato and peanut butter sandwich as well.

Luna: Okay...I have a couple of friends who like chips inside their sandwiches...but I'm not sure if I could try your other food combinations. I know my son would try some of these because he loves different food Wendy's french fries dipped in a chocolate Frosty...and gummi bears.

L4E: I love quesadillas with chicken and cheese...which sounds so boring compared to your spicy dill pickles. I'll have to try this. Pineapples with cottage cheese...hmmm...I'm beginning to think every fruit tastes good with cottage cheese.

Jan 9 @ 2:53AM  
bunny: OMG! Pup saliva and potatoes...LMAO! Now this is one very weird food combination.

Jan 9 @ 8:11AM  
I come up with random creations. I could drench anything in honey mustard, same with garlic salt.

Jan 9 @ 9:20AM  
Can't say I have any “weird” food habits, but my husband likes bologna, ketchup, and peanut butter sandwiches.

Jan 9 @ 10:27AM  
My best friend puts pieces of pineapple in her cottage cheese.

My mother served that to us as kids and would also substitute pears for the pineapple. It was okay but we didn't have it on our own when we got older.

My weird one is not a combination. I will eat a bowl of parmesan cheese by itsself on occasion.

Jan 9 @ 11:57AM  
My weird one is not a combination. I will eat a bowl of parmesan cheese by itsself on occasion.

Bruce, you freak! Just kidding- when the mood hits me, I'll occasionally nuke a bowl full of cheddar cheese and snack on the gooeyness *droool*

Jan 9 @ 2:42PM  
My weird one is not a combination. I will eat a bowl of parmesan cheese by itsself on occasion.

Jan 9 @ 3:10PM  
I love cheese.

Jan 10 @ 7:28PM  
Sunshine: I don't know if I could drench ANYTHING in honey mustard but it is really yummy on some food items.

dmbchick: OMG...your hubby eats bologna, ketchup and peanut butter on the SAME sandwich?! Now that's something that I KNOW I will never try.

WoW: I've never tried eating just a bowl of cheese. I do love cheese though so maybe I've been missing out.

I'll occasionally nuke a bowl full of cheddar cheese and snack on the gooeyness *droool*

I'm sorry, but your description got to me more than the actual food item. You have quite a way with words.

Thanks so much for all your fun food comments Pervia. Some were strange, others were stranger, but they were all very interesting to read about. I know I had lots of fun hearing about all of them and hey...I might just have to try a few of these combinations myself.

Jan 11 @ 1:40PM  
I put peanut butter on my pancakes. It's da bomb.

Jan 11 @ 3:36PM  
dmbchick: OMG...your hubby eats bologna, ketchup and peanut butter on the SAME sandwich?! Now that's something that I KNOW I will never try.

Yes, he loves it....says the sweet and the salt taste good together. I tried it and it was disgusting!

Jan 15 @ 10:28PM  
Okay, here goes. Sometimes I like a pepper jack cheese sandwich, fried in bacon grease. Add a couple of dill pickle spears dipped in chocolate syrup and viola! Lunch!

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What Are Your Favorite "Weird" Food Combination(s)?