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AMD Week in Review

posted 1/8/2010 5:04:04 PM |
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Here we are, the first official Week in Review for 2010. A new year, and a new decade. What will this new year bring? Hopefully, the beginning of the end of this recession. Anyway, I’m going to start off with a farewell to a member whose smiling face, love, and friendship will be missed here. Loveableone is leaving us. But, while I will miss her being here, she is leaving because she is doing well in her life and is happy. So, instead of pouting, I’m happy for her. And that is where I will begin:

Loveableone is saying “Happy New Year! And farewell…. Yes, she is leaving Pervia. But she’s leaving happy. While she will be missed, we know she is happy. Take care Loveableone and enjoy the happiness you have found.

DarkKnightWalking told us “You know you had a good New Years Eve if this morning” and lists a few things I remember feeling on New Years mornings plenty of times. This last year, I’m telling ya, I did NOT miss the “worshipping of the porcalien God”.

RevDocLov gave us “January 1st 2010” his first round of jokes for the year.

Hot4you120 said “damn good new year” and let us in on how much fun he had bringing in the new year. Looks like he’s on a good start.

1bunny629 asked “Do You????” A blog about answering those annoying blocked number calls. Don’t know about others, but, if the caller doesn’t want to show their phone number, than I don’t want to answer their call.

whisperingcomet wrote “I swear this is true” about a news story in her area of a murder by a couple into drugs who, after the murder, and on their way to get rid of the body, they have a rollover accident. Karma is a bitch folks , remember that.

Straddlemynose (ok, how many this week? blogged about “Anal Sex! Really? Up the ass?? Ouch!!! Don’t know about others, but on me, that’s an “exit only”.

sawduster wrote about “why take all the antibiotics” an interesting article on how in Norway doctors don’t prescribe as many antibiotics and how it shows that peoples immune systems seem to be more effective fighting off infections. Good and informative blog.

Ynot7769 asked “Tired Of Advertisements In Blogs? Try THIS!” Damn!!! Valentines Day has been canceled!!! What are we supposed to do now with all that stuff on Feb. 14th?

ThePurpleProphet shared with us why “December 31st was a great day” First is the birth of his second son who is now 15 years old, and second…..and in 1989 he began his life of sobriety. Two great reasons for joy Prophet!!!

continued in commets....

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Jan 8 @ 5:11PM  
Ksk72[/B] shared “A very Happy ending” about her practicing to deep throat and how it paid off!

Cottoncandydragon came up with a new way to do “New Year’s Resolutions-a whole new way!” Great idea!! Instead of resolving to “give up” things, we will resolve to gain what we would like, like massages, hugs, fun things like movies, spending more time with the kids, etc… Sounds like a good way to start off a New Year to me.

And then KitKat25 asks “If Given The Chance…Would You Change A Decision You Regret?” First reaction would be to say “yes”, but then when stopping to think on it, what kind of impact would it have on us as the people we are today? Would we be different? The same? A very good and thought provoking blog. And then she goes on later to ask us to “Name Your Favorite Julia Roberts Movie(s)” for me that is Pretty Woman and Sleeping With The Enemy.

RevDocLov shared “For All Snow Lovers” An article about how some don’t rely on, or, want, help from the Government when nature delivers a wallop.

Sunshine79 shared her first joke of 2010 with “Sexy Ears!”….a case of misinterpretation maybe?

Frank747 “SURVIVED” New Years and by the sounds of it….he had a very “lovely” time with all of those topless ladies. All clean fun…imagine that.

Thenewguy2957 said “Happy days are here again!” Yep, days are starting to get longer again, won’t be long till Spring gets here. Of course for me, it’s going to feel like forever.

RevDocLov (and I accuse Straddle and Sunshine of being blog whores? Hmmmm…going to have to rethink that one! ) shares “New Year’s First Stupid Mistake” about a driver who passes out at a gas station, and, of all things, has a meth lab in the back of his car!!!!! How stupid!

And speaking of Straddlemynose…his blogs askes “Who’s better, AT&T or Verizon?” All I know is my personal opinion is that Sprint sucks!!! AT&T isn’t much better, but, I deal with them for now.

Chuck111 wrote “hello” I think he has more friends here than he realizes.

Wordsofwit asked “Which Major Company Do You Refuse To Do Business With And Why?” Blogs like this are good, gives us somewhere to vent about a company, AND, gives others a heads up of what to watch out for when considering a company to do business with.

Somnium gave us “FYI- New Year, New Laws!” A new round of smoking bans and such.

whisperingcomet in her blog “wish me luck” letting us know she was going to a “grown up” party.


Jan 8 @ 5:19PM  
Lunanegra blogged about being “In love with a friend”. I think a lot of us have “been there”. I know I have. If it helps any, I decided his friendship was worth more.

Ynot7769 gave us “This Is A Special Service Announcement From DarkKnightWalking” Leave it to the members here in Pervia to do what the media won’t and tell us that AIDs can be contracted through the ears by listening to assholes.

Sunshine79 asked “How’d You Get Here??” I guess the “moral” to this one…..don’t hide in the fridge!

Straddlemynose asked everyone “[/B]What is your favorite Girl Scout Cookies?” Thin mints here. And THEN, he asks, “Would you fuck someone you despise, regardless if they were HOT?”, ummm…Nope. And then…………………………he goes on to ask about “[B]Fetish for piss/Peeing on or pissed on, who likes it?” Don’t know about others, but it’s a definite no go for me. Yuk!!!

whisperingcomet said “Hi honey, I’m home” She went out partying and a little karoke. Then she went on to blog about “Weed ”, asking what we in Pervia thought about legalizing it. Always said if it got legalized and they tax it….could make way to shrinking the deficit.

Soft_touch938 said “Well look what I found….(erotic story). She found one of her erotic stories. Yes, read it before, but, it was nice to read it again.

Dumblonde said “well…thank god, I guess” she’s a tough lady, been battling breast cancer. DB, it’s a new year, and a new beginning. Glad to see you back.

Sunshine79 asked “Coupons Texted To Your Phone?” I don’t think so ….I’d rather just either print them out, or do the good ole fashioned clip them.

Fordman09 gave us the “First one of the year”. Yep, his first begging for sex of 2010.

Sunshine79 gave us “A Lesson From Geese” Well, that explains why they are so blasted noisy when they’re flying.

A warm welcome to sexyplayfulman who blogged about “New Year and Resolutions”. I certainly hope all of us have a much better year this year.

Taisen had a powerful blog with “Tired of hiding it and being ashamed of myself”. Alcoholism is a disease, and I’m hoping she can beat the disease. Taisen, I’m here for you if you need someone to talk to.

Straddlemynose asked “If you got vanity plates, what would you put on them?” I don’t know, probably something about DogsRGR8.

And we had some “Expressions Explained” by Sunshine79 . She also blogged about “Hello theres a billion porn sites out there go jerk off free”. Guess the title says it all huh?


Jan 8 @ 5:38PM  
Lunanegra blogged about “Pulling Back to Make it Through”. Very insightful blog about “cleaning up” in life. Talk about an excellent blog.

DarkKnighWalking gave us a favorite repost with “In honor of our latest one line wonder…” For those who don’t recognize trolls…this one is a must read.

Straddlymynose asked everyone “What song would you sing when trying out for American Idol?” I seem to recall him saying he had a good voice….wonder if there is a way to get him to “prove it”. Then he later blogged “My Bengals Suck”…What? NO…the LIONS suck, not the Bengals! Get it right! And, a little later, Straddle gave us “Would you lick in between toes, and all over the feet?”..ummm….nope.

flavorbuster shared some “Pillow Talk” in his blog. I don’t recall ever having that kind of “pillow talk” with Mick, and believe me, he could come up with some off the wall things.

Shellsmack said “Men, get over yourselves”. Yep, some do want to take the friendship that one step too far. And then, shellsmack blogged about “Cigarettes Burning Out”. If I were still smoking, this new paper used on cigarettes today would drive me nuts. Yeah, I know, “safety”..yeah, more like annoyance.

Soft_touch938 blogged about “Tools, tantrums, n’ too much caffeine” Yep, when I’ve had too much caffeine, and feel like I’m about to throw a tantrum…I stay away from my tools.

Surv6969 gave us the “Playoff Picture and Week 17 Results” Yeah…Lions are not going to the playoffs. Nothing new there. And Sunshine79 followed up with her “GO COWBOYS” dance.

Soft_touch938 gave us “Just some funnies”. And she didn’t copy and paste either! Go Softie!!

sawduster asked “do we really have it that bad on here? Honestly, I don’t think so. For the most part, this is a fun site. Yeah, there are moments where a troll pops up… but, they eventually go away…sometimes with a little “help”.

Sunshine79 shared a poem in “Bless My Computer Too!”. Yes folks, she blessed her computer! Maybe that’s the trick to keeping them working?

RevDocLov figured it out in “Now We Know Where Dubya And Company Disappeared To…” I just figured they went into retirement. Glad Rev is on the case!

girlcountry gave us “An update” on how her dad is doing. Best wishes to her and her family.


Jan 8 @ 5:45PM  
Straddlemynose gave us a couple of blogs..First there is “What quirky fetishes get you going?”…hmmmmmmm…..gonna keep that to myself. Then he asked “Birth Time and Birth Weight”. Maybe there is a connection between time of birth as to whether someone is a night owl or a day person.

Ynot7769 gave us a visual in “Ya Ever Wonder Bout Poppeye And Olive Oyle’s Nights?” What is in that Spinach????

Wordsofwit blogged about “Singles Site Expels “Fatties”?” Yeah, well, that’s why AMD rules… they don’t discriminate.

RJ53 blogged about “Beautiful People” She is wondering what really makes a person beautiful.

Cottoncandydragon had a fun blog in “Whose birthday do you share?” I found out I share a birthday with Barry Williams, aka, Greg Brady.

Scotsavant shared “Baking Bread”…Are weevils really in flour? If so, I was doing fine going through life not knowing that.

Fordman09 blogged “two years left” Yep, 2012 is 2 years away. Is it the “end of the world”, or, “end of the world as we know it”. I think big changes are coming…I don’t think life is going to end, but, that there will be major changes coming. We will see. He also blogged “Finally figured it out!” A new way of begging for sympathy sex?

Sunshine79 had an interesting blog in “Inmates & Emails” I believe inmates should have access to email with complete monitoring.

Max49 gave us a “Little Johnny” story in “Fascinate”. Johnny sure is an observant little guy.

RJ53 said “What A Lovely Way To Start The Day” She is happy, she’s getting snow. Why is that those who want the snow..don’t get it? But yet, those of us who don’t want it…get too much? Something ain’t right about that.

sawduster shared “chicken dumplings my way”…Talk about a “delicious” blog.

Soft_touch938 is “Playing Devil’s Advocate” and laid it out about this being a “sex site”. A very valid point she made is why we signed up here in the first place. Sex. But for some, it’s become more than just a “sex site” too. Guess it’s all in how we look at it.

Straddlymynose had a couple more blogs…”What date would you want to hold your wedding on? Seems he’s been preoccupied with the idea of weddings lately….hmmmmmm. Ok, then he asked “Who is going to watch the new season of Biggest Loser tonight?” I’ve seen commercials for it…and they were boring, so, never watched it.


Jan 8 @ 5:56PM  
Whisperingcomet asked “what’s up? Her little dog wasn’t acting as he normally did, which had her wondering. Then later she blogged “[/B]I need help with my little dog” as he seemed to have issues with eating. Later, she updated everyone in “good people” to let us know that her dog had an ear infection and will be ok.

wrote about “Blog Hogs”…People like to blog…no problem in it, that’s they way I see it.

Ksk72 blogged about “Random Boners” Yep, that got everyone’s attention. 201 views.

RJ53 shared “Address for the troops”. Excellent idea to always keep the troops in mind and send them a thank you once in a while.

Sunshine79 wrote “Blog Whore” Let’s give her a hand..she hit 1200! And then some!

Max49 gave us something to chuckle at with “Technician at the Firing Range”. Guess someone should have explained to the tech what is meant when it’s reported you missed the target?

Dmb420 asked “How often do YOU masterbate? Looks like Pervia has a horny population.

Secretsexkitten blogged about being “Incredibly Horny!” Well, she’s at the right place…

Sunshine79gave usShort of A Story about Everybody,Somebody,Anybody,, and Nobody. And then shared “Such Dirty, Dirty, Minds!” Those were definitely cute!

Max49 shared some “Reasons to Become a Nurse”. I’ll pass….don’t like blood and needles.

ThePurpleProphet said “When I grow up”….and gave us a blog about what we wanted to be when we grew up.

Straddlemynose asked “2010 VanCouver Winter Olympics. Which sporting event will you be watching?” I prefer Summer, so I really don’t watch the Winter Olympics…they only remind of how cold it is out there.

Lunanegra blogged about “Wanted to then/is currently doing now/would rather be instead?” Another blog about employment? Not really, more about dreams and what, if anything, being done to fulfill them.

Straddlemynose asked “What are your top 3 Drew Barrymore movies?” She had a lot of good movies that is for sure.

Onehornytoad69 popped in to say “Hello” Gave us a quick update on how he’s been.

Tassie1 dropped in from the forums to blog about “opinions?” Apparently there is a KFC commercial in Australia that has some people up in arms. I tend to think some people have too much time on their hands and look for reasons to be jerks.


Jan 8 @ 6:03PM  
Wordsofwit gave a heads up on “Profile Essays” Yes, I admit, mine could use updating… just never get around to it.

Xena343 asked “Has anything Unexplainable every happen to you?” Her cell phone has a mind of it’s own…it called her sister’s phone, and, Xena doesn’t know her sister’s cell phone number. YIKES! A phone with a mind of it’s own!

Ynot7769 blogged “Friends…some of ya’ll gotta stop yano…” Yeah, the pic…gave a WHOLE NEW meaning to the phrase “piece of ass”!

Max49 shared “School Daze” with us. Now I understand why those kids in Catholic schools do so well.

Soft_touch938 gave us “Softie’s perfect day…” She talked about a snuggly, snowy day. Actually, this blog was a beautifully relaxing blog.

Lunanegra blogged about “Fast Food!” Where everyone shared who their favorites are.

Blondie_779 let us know about the “Passing Of A Member Of This Site ”. Although we didn’t know him, let’s send along some best wishes to Activeguy813’s family for their tragic loss.

KitKat25 asked “Which Would You Give Up For 3 Years?” Definitely NOT my car!

Onehornytoad69 asked “”Should we…” Due to recent events, he’s wondering if maybe when we blog, it shouldn’t be about such personal things in our life. I say, we blog what we want. They are our blogs, and if someone makes a comment we don’t like, we can either leave it up there, or, delete it.

And I will agree with Wordsofwit on “This is the most peculiar evening I have ever seen on here.” Guess it had to happen sooner or later…things were getting too quiet I guess.

DarkKnighWalking said “Good Evening Madames and Messieurs” and offered to be our waiter……Oh, oops! Ya know, I think he was being a tad sarcastic here. He wants to serve up crow. I know what that means!

Soft_touch938 blogged “DingDingDing!!” She has found a couple of ways to keep warm this winter. One involves a bunch of blankets, and, another, her new treadmill. If I had one, I’d go with the treadmill. Only I would beware of buying a used one. Just a though ya know.

Tassie1 asked “sensible dress sense. ?” There’s a time and place for showing, just takes common sense to know when and where.

Soft_touch938 observed “It ain’t a full moon” It’s a blog in reference to some of the “nastiness” that has been going on lately. It will be nice when the humor and fun returns.

Sunshine79 offered up a “Perfect AMD Breakfast” Everyone put in your orders! Then she gave us a good chuckle with “What’s a 710 knob”. I’m going to have fun with my Dad on that one. Thanks for the idea Sunshine!


Jan 8 @ 6:06PM  
In light of the events last night.....



Jan 8 @ 6:15PM  
Whew! That was a lot to cover. Great job and a greenie for you. I always play nice except when I am a bad girl.

Jan 8 @ 6:44PM  
great coverage!

Jan 8 @ 6:57PM  
Great Great Great week in review!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so good at this!! It just seems to make the weeks fly by anticipating your reviews!!!!!


Jan 8 @ 6:58PM  

Excellent review....kudos.


Jan 8 @ 7:14PM  

Jan 8 @ 7:19PM  
Very good
But I'm more of a slut instead of a blog whore

Jan 8 @ 7:32PM  
Whew....2010 got off to quite a start

Jan 8 @ 7:36PM  
Brava, Brava, Brava.

Excellent review and a Kudo

Jan 8 @ 7:55PM  
A job very well done sugar!!


Jan 8 @ 9:05PM  
Very very good job, Dawn. You always do a great job at this. Here's a kudo!

Jan 8 @ 10:01PM  
It was certainly an interesting week.. but with my temper on slow simmer this week I tried to avoid as much of it as possible.. I feel better today.

Good review! I gives you one of my green nuts.

Jan 9 @ 12:12AM  
Excellent's my pleasure to present you with my first greenie of the year....good job, damn good job...

Jan 9 @ 12:25AM  
Awesome review Sugar! Thanks for the mention. I think you've found your calling.

Leaving you with a greenie...and another standing O.


Jan 9 @ 8:15AM  
Definte Greenie Lady!

Jan 9 @ 8:46AM  
Great job and kudos

Jan 10 @ 10:31PM  
Unbelievable...what a week! Thanks for the review!

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