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Do couples really choose a side of the bed and stick with it?

posted 1/8/2010 12:58:29 AM |
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tagged: love, couples, straddle, bed

I was talking with my sweetie recently about shopping for a bed together with her when the time comes. We plan on getting a king size bed with a nice headboard. I brought up which side she would take if you're looking at the bed from the foot of the bed. She then turned the question on me and asked me what side I would take. I told her that I would probably take the right side of the bed, no particular reason. She then said that that would work since she almost always sleeps on the left.

We got to talking more and more about this and thought this was pretty funny about the fact that seems like most couples tend you pick a side of the bed and stick with that side afterwards.

Having a little more fun with her, I asked her what she would do if I just so happened to be on her side when she came to bed. She answered that she would probably get on top of me and have her way with me ......but that she still intended on getting that left side of the bed for the night.

Would it matter what side of the bed you would take with your s/o, and which side would you take. Also, would you stick with that side, or mix it up from time to time?

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Jan 8 @ 1:04AM  
Also, what kind of ideal bed would you buy for yourselves?

Jan 8 @ 1:07AM  
I'm pretty much in the middle of my bed these days... all boxed in with my pillows.... I call them my husbands....LOL But if I had a significant other,, my side of the bed would be the right side... or dependeing on how the room is arranged... you know how that old saying goes.... man closest to the door....

And I would have an iron bed with a canopy over it with lights...... oh wait... I already have that!!

Jan 8 @ 1:09AM  
I can sleep on either side myself. Heck, would just be happy with someone in bed with me ( long term ) . If she wanted a certain side of the bed, no biggie. As long as I have someone to cuddle with and wake up to , I am happy. Not meaning that in a bad way either. Not talking about one night stands.

Jan 8 @ 1:09AM  
When I was married, we didn't have particular sides of the bed. I just always slept closest to the door because my ex is deaf and he could not hear if the baby cried or if there was a disturbance in the house. Fortunately it was only the baby crying that ever had to be dealt with.

Jan 8 @ 1:12AM  
And I would have an iron bed with a canopy over it with lights...... oh wait... I already have that!!
Very nice

If she wanted a certain side of the bed, no biggie. As long as I have someone to cuddle with and wake up to , I am happy.
I'm the same way...


Jan 8 @ 1:16AM  
Never really had a side that I preferred. Which ever side was not in use when I got into bed I guess. As for beds I would like a modern platform bed.

Jan 8 @ 1:16AM  
For me, believe it or not it does.

I didn't even realize it until I had my Motorcycle accident and because of ease of getting out of my wheelchair and into bed I was using the right side.

Up until that point I always slept on the left, It put DKW closer to the door and since I always went to bed before him, he's a vampire I swear, it was easier that way for both of us.

The two weeks we tried me sleeping on his side of the bed, I couldn't sleep. I finally had to have the girl who was helping me, move the bed over so I could get my wheelchair to my side of the bed. It took some getting use to maneuvering in and out of the wheelchair, but I started sleeping again

As for the type of bed, we just bought a new one, because I couldn't get comfortable on my old one. We bought one with a large layer of foam under the quilt top much like the totally foam mattress you see on TV, I don't hurt as much when I get up now as I use too.

But remember, all the above changes came about because of a bad accident. But the mattress is great.

Jan 8 @ 1:16AM  
Dunno, I sleep in a hammock.

Jan 8 @ 1:36AM  
well being the gentleman that I am, I let my sweetheart chose what ever side she prefered, just as long as she knew up front i was sleeping on the left side

Jan 8 @ 1:37AM  
I'm not sure why I choose the sides I choose. I've slept on both. Now I go to bed on the right side....looking at it from the foot of the bed...but I sleep catty-cornered with my head on the right and my feet on the left side. That's because my stupid electric mattress pad doesn't heat over the end of the mattress so in order for my feet to stay in a warm zone I sleep from corner to opposite corner.

I have just an ordinary bed with cloth mattress...full size. It's enough for me and I lucked out and got the most comfortable mattress...everybody ( ) has remarked how comfortable my bed is. I think it's a Serta sleeper mattress.

Jan 8 @ 1:48AM  
just as long as she knew up front i was sleeping on the left side

Hey...move your arse over! I get the left side!

Jan 8 @ 6:31AM  
I have slept on both sides of the bed...but like some of the others...I always end up on the side closest to the door!!!
My X would change the room from time to time....talking about being confused.. ..(I am very slow to Change......)
My choice now is the right last GF wanted my side..of the bed....but i wouldn't give it up!!!

Jan 8 @ 7:04AM  
Since I spend the majority of time alone, I choose the middle. On those rare occasions I am with CL , I am a left side person, no matter where the door is.

Jan 8 @ 7:47AM  
Is the side of the bed determined when you are in the bed or standing at the foot looking at the bed. I never quite understood.

For all the years before hubby's illness I was a left side (positon while in bed) sleeper. But after 11 years of sleeping along...I am all over the bed; left, right, middle.

I fear I could never sleep with anyone again as I now have bad sleeping habits and like to roam.

Jan 8 @ 8:38AM  
I want a giant bed. I like to sleep in the middle. I don't care where you find a spot.

Jan 8 @ 8:39AM  
I am all over the bed; left, right, middle.

I'm like that too..I tend to gravitate to the cool side..
I do go to bed on the right side simply because of my room layout..It's more convenient.

Jan 8 @ 1:09PM  
Left side, thats my side and I'm stickin to it, unless I slowly roll to the middle, then I guess, it's all mine.

Jan 8 @ 1:37PM  
the fact that seems like most couples tend you pick a side of the bed and stick with that side afterwards.

This has been true in my experience in every instance (probably too damned many). Also, regarding the size, the larger the bed, the less likely people are to disturb one another if they toss and turn, get up at night, someone is sick, etc. And as a footnote, headboards are fine, but not footboards for me.

Jan 8 @ 1:45PM  
Most people have a bed larger than a twin. I don't know of anyone who sleeps by themselves in the middle of a bed larger than a twin, it is to one side or another. That being said, whatever side the lady likes to sleep on is fine by me and I have slept on both.

I prefer a large bed but often that is dictated by the size of the bedroom. I don't like a bed that eats up a room. In my bedroom, for example, a queen sized bed is optimal.

Jan 8 @ 2:15PM  
Yep, I like being on the right side. Don't know why, just can't get comfy on the left.

Jan 8 @ 2:33PM  
I've never liked king size beds... spent too much time trying to locate the edge of the bed or finding my partner, but I might need one if I were to be with someone again.

If I'm sharing a bed I prefer the left side, but when I'm alone I'm usually in the middle or cross-ways with pillows everywhere. I admit, I am a space and cover hog!

The best bed I've ever had is a Sleep Comfort bed, I love it and it's the best for my back. It helps ensure I wake up in a good to great mood instead of being very cranky. It was worth every penny and is still going strong after ten years... one of the best investments we ever made.

Jan 8 @ 2:48PM  
Years ago when I was married and our daughter was a baby, my wife at the time, slept on the left side of the bed, when we moved to a new house she slept on the right. The first night we were getting into bed and she told me to move over, I told her that she had slept on the left side of the bed since the day we got married, why the right side now. She said, Damn you are dumb, women always sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door so they can get to the baby quicker. I said, well if there are no children which side of the bed do they sleep on. She said that they still sleep on the side of the bed that is closest to the door, as they are the ones that get up the earliest, they are the ones that check out the noises in the house ect. I am not sure how much of that is true, but I have lived with one woman since my divorce and she slept on the side of the bed that was closest to the door.

Jan 8 @ 3:32PM  
Damn!!!!!...I always have to sleep on the WET side........

Jan 8 @ 9:37PM  
General rule of thumb.......Always have her sleep on the side where the phone is!

Jan 10 @ 11:09PM  
I like both sides of the bed...I used to be rigid as far as sleeping on the left, but now, it really does not affect my quality of sleep...

Jan 10 @ 11:44PM  
I sleep in the middle and really don't give a fuck where anyonelse sleeps!

Jan 11 @ 12:09AM  
LMAO @ bunny!

Wow're so forceful tonight.

*Considers switching from the left side to the middle.*

Jan 11 @ 12:18AM  
me forceful??? HA! ...maybe I am, maybe I'm not....

Jan 11 @ 12:20AM  
I wouldn't have a problem with my sweetie sleeping in the middle right next to me.

Feb 8 @ 4:52PM  
Well this is probably going to sound crazy, but I have a nose problem and I can actually breathe better/easier sleeping on my left side and significantly more breathing difficulty sleeping on my right side . Therefore, I have ALWAYS taken the right side of the bed to I can sleep on my left side . For cuddling, I must take the left side of bed so I can be on my left side for spooning. For any other sexual endeavor, it doesn't make a damn hill of beans what side of the bed I'm on, and preferably in the middle so there's plenty of room to rock n roll .

Feb 10 @ 8:48AM  
IF your standing facing head board i preffer shes on right if i'm on my left side sleeping i'm behind her..and tryin to change that SUX.....

anyone sleep on that side not busy ??/

Feb 10 @ 8:53AM  
btw its also better if shes' scooting toward me not away.....just sayin ....

Feb 10 @ 9:20PM  
i'd spoon i mean scoot closer to ya ynot!

Feb 10 @ 10:16PM  
I think that if my babe was so hell bent on taking one side all of the time, I can see myself having a little fun with that every now and then.

Feb 10 @ 10:23PM  
I sleep on the right hand side, and no it is not currently nearest the door, course I do spread out a little bit too, since no one else is there.

Feb 10 @ 10:26PM  
I sleep on the right hand side, and no it is not currently nearest the door, course I do spread out a little bit too, since no one else is there
Yeah, I usually sleep on the right side of the bed as well. I really hadn't noticed that until me and my sweetie were talking which sides we usually sleep on. lol

Feb 27 @ 10:39AM  
Depending on the season my ex slept snuggled tight to my left side or sprawled half way across me. These days I find leaning toward a comfortable spoon.

Apr 4 @ 10:31PM  
Left side I can't sleep on the right at all. I love my queen size bed with its big oak head board. ^^

Dec 9 @ 11:17AM  
Center of the bed naked and feeling skin on skin holding her tight to dream of her thru out the night and than to wake up and fight the urge to tease and play with her sweet hot body as she wakes up saying ding ding round 2

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Do couples really choose a side of the bed and stick with it?