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Isn't it funny

posted 1/6/2010 3:33:31 PM |
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tagged: thoughts

How people can hold onto a grudge like a lifeline? Seem to live to be condescending, insulting, and just all out rude. Why? What drives someone to act like that? Bad life growing up? Bad relationships maybe?

I've had family and friends alike tell me I'm always so "optimistic", look at the glass as half full, type of person. That I always see the good in people. I like to think they are right. True, when someone gets me riled, I will "let loose", I'm only human. But, I let it go and move on. So I have to wonder on those who don't "let it go" and "move on". Instead, they have to set out to be jerks. Not let it go, but hold onto that grudge as if it's the most important thing in the world. And with some, it seems the more you try to ignore them, the more they try to rattle your cage, get a reaction. Why? What's the purpose of riling up others? Boredom maybe? No life? Or because it's so damn easy to hide behind the computer screen knowing that the person being annoyed can't reach you?

It's so easy to sit here at the computer and insult, belittle, and act like a fool. But what happens if that person that one just insulted is in front of you? And you realize you may have bitten off more than you can chew? I guess my point is...Never assume you "know" the personality of the ones you're picking on. It could kick you in the ass someday.

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Jan 6 @ 3:35PM  
Interesting perspective....

Jan 6 @ 4:08PM  
I totally agree with you about a lot of this perspective, Dawn. Years ago I use to be pretty bad about holding grudges. Today I try to let things go and move on instead of being a prisoner to anger and grudges. Still not perfect, but I'm better than I use to be. I do try to have fun and relax whenever I do get on the internet.

Jan 6 @ 4:10PM  
yeah, I am a great person to know and when I'm lied to or screwed I get mad yell depending on the offense I may even forgive and let it go (not keep bringing it up)
But geez some people it seems that is all they live for is total obsession on how to be an azz Now I am NOT refering to anyone here i am talking about people i know and talk to in the real world You know not my internet life of friends the ones I can actually see in person

Jan 6 @ 4:20PM  
From another point of view, some people won't leave you alone long enough to get to the point of forgiving. Oh wait.. that one is in real life too.. temporarily if there is justice.

Jan 6 @ 4:20PM  
I don't understand people who hold grudges either. I don't think it's very healthy for people to be like that and I've always been taught to be the bigger person when it comes to disagreements with someone. I'm not saying I'm perfect....far from it, but as I've gotten older, I've tried to live and let live. Some things just aren't worth it and life is too short for pettiness.

As far as the online world, I think some people take it to extremes because they do have that option of hiding behind their computer and would never be like that in the real world or they would probably get their ass beat!

I've just learned to ignore it and move on. Like I've said before, I feel sorry for those types of people because there has to be something bad in their life to make them lash out like that.

*and before anyone gets their panties in a bunch...I'm talking about people in general and nobody in particular*

Jan 6 @ 4:37PM  
I've had family and friends alike tell me I'm always so "optimistic"
That would be me too! I'm always optimistic: I'm positive if given half a chance, something will fuck up!!!

Actually, who knows why people do the things they do relevant to wasting theirs and others time, trying to make lives more difficult for other people! My guess is, they're leading a miserable life, have little respect for themselves, let alone consideration for others and try to 'pull' some people down to their level- an 'ego' boost for them, if you will!!!


Jan 6 @ 4:39PM  
I've learned that ya gotta pick your battles or what you're going to get mad the end of the day, was it worth it? Did it make you a better person? Can you still look yourself in the mirror?

Jan 6 @ 4:56PM  
Grudges, anger over what you cannot contol, hate, vengence are all negative and cause stress. This will age you and cause a bad attitude and keep you unhealthy. You have to let things go, pick your battles, and if you have to be the bigger person then just do it. good blog. I hope it helps those that don't know how to just let things go. Kudo's.

Jan 6 @ 5:09PM  
Leaving a kudo , but not commenting at the moment.

Jan 6 @ 8:46PM  
Ya know...I'm just too tired to carry grudges. It takes a lot of energy to keep nursing them yanno. Think about it. If I'm pissed at someone do they really care? Nah.

They go on about their business and I'm left with this "job" of keeping my being pissed stirred doesn't hurt them one bit but it sure fucks with my head and emotions just remembering 'n stirring....

I have enough trouble with knee jerk reactions....I get pissed and blow up with all kinds of fallout and then have to clean up my mess and make apologies but then I just let it go for cripes sake.

The way I look at it is...if I carry a grudge then THEY win. Ain't gonna happen.

Jan 6 @ 8:52PM  
I am glad that neither I, or nobody I know really well is like that. Of course, if they were like that, they would likely have faded out of my life as I don't care to be around people like that. I am lucky in that is not a major issue with my family.

Jan 6 @ 9:38PM  
Point-taken; not for me, but for others. *Tosses green-smiley cookie.*

Jan 6 @ 9:41PM  
I must be from another planet because I can't honestly remember ever being that angry with someone that I would want to hold a grudge.

If I ever had the feeling that someone "screwed me" I always looked to my behavior or my acceptance of their behavior.

I think perhaps I learned at an early age to distance myself from people I perceived as being "trouble" thus eliminating a lot of heart ache.

Jan 7 @ 1:12AM  
I do have a temper and can blow up when provoked enough and usually tell people what I am thinking in more than one language LOL But then it is over and done with and I usually just forget about it. I have known elderly people still holding grudges from when they were kids or teenagers. To me that was just a waste of a big part of their life and the only person miserable in the end was them. To be honest I usually find those who can't let go of something pretty annoying to say the least.

Jan 7 @ 5:09AM  
I don't believe in pushing people's buttons...or holding grudges. Laugh, love and let go is the way I like to live my life. In my opinion, animosity and holding grudges is very stressful, very bad for your health and a complete waste of time.

Jan 7 @ 9:54AM  
yano SOME are too stupid to pick up on it all together....

Jan 7 @ 10:08AM  
Actually, I need to correct myself. I do not know or associate with people that hold grudges and/or are vindictive by nature. However, I do know a lot of people, mostly women to be frank, that definitely hold grudges against their exes.

Jan 7 @ 10:13AM  
I don't know what CAUSES individuals to behave that way and hold grudges. I do know that they are CHOOSING to act in such a manner, and it would take another CHOICE to let go.

If you need examples of negative behavior look at the toxic interactions between many divorced couples. The movie "War of the Roses" exemplified this to a comedic degree. But there's nothing funny about how holding on to that anger can destroy lives, especially children's..

Jan 8 @ 5:49PM  
i never stay mad at ant is to short.oh yes now they tell me i might have prostate cancer.but thay should get it all i hope.see this is why i dint stay mad


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Isn't it funny