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Inmates & Emails

posted 1/5/2010 11:48:05 AM |
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tagged: fuck, life, sunshine

So, I met someone on here over a year ago. We became good friends. No sex exchanged. Turns out he was a tattoo artist by trade. Which was awesome. I wanted more tattoos. And he gave me more tattoos.

Well, around my birthday last year I was supposed to have an appointment.
And when it was my time, I called him and got no answer. I emailed him and got no answer, I IM'd him and got no answer. I called the shop he worked at and got no answer. He was nowhere to be found.

Out of the blue, I get an email from a corrections institute. Asking if I want to correspond with an inmate. I'm weary of even opening this email & I almost shoot it to my SPAM box.

I gave it some thought and went against my better judgement & opened it.
Turns out, it's my tattoo guy. And here I sat wondering WTF happened to him!

I reply to the email and shortly after I get a confirmation & a link to a site made especially for inmates to correspond thru email.

I find out he's in jail for conspiracy to commit robbery. Something big. Not tiny. He's in a Federal Prison.

Anywho, do you think it's right that inmates have access to emailing friends & family?

(Yes, all messages are read & monitored)

Anybody wanna fuck?

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Jan 5 @ 11:57AM  
I don't see anything wrong with it as long as it's monitored so they can "make plans" for escapes, drug deals, etc.

Jan 5 @ 12:17PM  
I don't see anything wrong with it and they are being monitored, so I think it's fine.

Jan 5 @ 12:24PM  
This is an excellent post.

I used to work in a med-max security prison as a counselor, and I can tell you, that the correspondence that inmates received were golden to them.

The prison was my first job out of college and after my internship. I learned many valuable lessons while working there, but most of all, I learned that more often than not, the punishment of prison far outweighs the crime. (I am excluding crimes of murderous nature, rape, and crimes against children.)

The environment is inhumane and despite how many times an imate tells you, "I can do this "number" sitting on my head", it's important to look at the person behind that facade. There are statistics that say that people with Antisocial Personality Disorder (formerly known as "sociopaths") make up around three percent of the general American population, but 75% of all inmates suffer from the disorder. The promblem with this statistic is that these diagnoses are frequently made IN the prison setting. You have likely heard people say that when you send someone to prison you are making them a better criminal, and I think this is entirely truly. You are molding the mind of a criminal in that setting, while the majority of the people that enter the prison environment may have Antisocial Traits, sending them to prison only enhances those existing symptoms instead of "serving justice".

Allowing inmates email communication with selective individuals is a positive move towards the "new" philosophy of justice that the US has declared as the agenda. Formally the US has adopted the Restorative Justice (as opposed to Punitive Justice) mission, where we seek to not to "punish" the criminal, but rehabilitate them. To help re-integrate the person back into society in a way that encourages personal responsibility and self-maintained growth, and significantly reduce the gross recidivism rate.

And yes, I would like to fuck.


Jan 5 @ 12:25PM  
I don't see anything wrong with it as long as it's monitored like sugar says!

But, I'm afraid you might have to drop the "Anybody wanna fuck? " thingy tho, otherwise you might have the entire inmate population banging on your door- maybe even a few guards too!


Jan 5 @ 12:32PM  
I think it should monitored and they should also go by what the crime was. I don't think they should allow child molestors email or internet use at all. They probally read all of the emails, at least I would assume so. I know when my ex was in jail before he was allowed to have my letter they looked at it and read it. He was only in a county lock up and they were picky. They also checked his before it was allowed to be sent to me.

Jan 5 @ 1:31PM  
E-mailsof are probably easier to keep track of than letters coming in. Some of these people have husbands, wives and children on the outside. Keeping in contact with them can be very important. Most of these guys are going to get out sooner or later and do you want someone out there who blames the system for the loss of their family from not allowing contact? That would not be a person I would want to meet up with. Just like I would not want to meet up with the child who felt like the system was the reason the parent was out of their life. You might say "well they did the crime" but that is not the way human emotions work.

Jan 5 @ 2:43PM  
Considering the price of individual postage, it's probably more economically feasible for them to just pay for internet. Plus that's less paper used which will also be a financial consideration. Email will not be treated any differently from regular mail. It will all be monitored and reviewed. The same rules will apply.

Jan 5 @ 3:13PM  
I would have to say as long as it was monitered....then ok.

Now to respond to what pleas said...some criminals can be "rehabilitated" arguement there. My disagreement comes in where you say that they shouldn't be "punished"....hello! Did you get in trouble as a child? Did you get "punished"? Priviledges taken away? Grounded? That is what's wrong with today's society...nobody faces up to the responsibility of what they've done.

Sorry Sunshine! But that irked me!

And if I misread him, please let me know.

Jan 5 @ 5:39PM  
Anywho, do you think it's right that inmates have access to emailing friends & family?
They should have NO internet access in jail or prison for them. If they're going to stay in contact with their family, they can write out a letter with pen and paper. Nothing more!

Jan 5 @ 5:56PM  
Oh, Straddle? Is that so?

So, if I were to go to prison, which is a possibility, for not being able to pay my child support because of physical limitations making it difficult to get a job in this economy, I should not be able to contact my family any other way than via pen and paper?

Does it make a difference if you KNOW the person who is imprisoned? Does it make a difference if that person has been there for you through thick and thin? Or is that just every body in jail is there because they are a horrible person?

Jan 5 @ 6:01PM  
I'm sorry that you don't like my answer, Sam, but that's how I feel. You have your opinion on this like others do, and I have mine. We can't always agree with friends on everything in life.

Jan 5 @ 6:03PM  
I'm sorry that you don't like my answer, Sam, but that's how I feel. You have your opinion on this like others do, and I have mine. We can't always agree with friends on everything in life.

Besides, there was no internet service 20 years ago, and society managed to cope. We're all a little too spoiled today with technology.

Jan 5 @ 6:04PM  
I'm just gonna shut up cuz you obviously don't get the point. Hugs.

Jan 5 @ 6:28PM  
I agree and disagree with you, girlcountry.

Why do we take away a child's privledges when they do something wrong?

So they don't do it again.

The idea of Restorative Justice is that we will use effective methods to teach a person who is guilty of a criminal act that what they did is not acceptable in our society and that they should not do it again. You then educate that person and facilitate reinforcing social reform so that they are less likely to ever feel as though they need to do that behavior again.

Punitive Justice is when you throw someone in jail for disobeying a law so they pay for their crime. It's like spanking a child for doing something wrong and never making an effort in explaining to them WHY what they did was wrong.

The goal, in my eyes, shouldn't be to punish. It should be to change. Some of the methods may seem the same... But the focus should ever remain the bettering of society through education and reinforcement (positive or negative, as the need dictates).

Jan 5 @ 6:48PM  
Yanno children were punished when they were growing up....and I always asked them if they knew why they were being punished, and every time, they could tell me why. So it was a behavioural CHOICE that they made. They knew that they would be punished and did the behaviour anyway.....the same with criminals in the system. Everyone has a sense of right and wrong....some have ignored that sense for so long that it doesn't work anymore. That's called having a "seared conscience".....Do I feel sorry for those? Nope! They are were they are BECAUSE of their choices.

Now, this doesn't include those that are there for reasons such as Skwirl mentioned. Should each case be looked at in a case to case basis? Yes, I believe that it should.

Again, sorry Sunshine! This is one topic that I feel passionate about, for many reasons!

And yeah! I wanna fuck! You wanna???

Jan 5 @ 7:10PM  
well, let me wade in on this....I am not offering an opinion, or quoting sats from another site...I am telling you what I see with my own two eyes, happen over and over...

Mentally ill people get into all types of just seems to drift up to them...and oft times mentallly ill people dont make very good choices....many seem to have the perfect timing to be at the wrong spot at the wrong time...and a lot of it is learned every day of their life.

but my point is,...SMI, which stands for severe mental illness patients often end up in prison, hell they were raised to go....

so they are in prison, soon or later get elvalutated, tried on various mental heallth drugs until some type of combo clicks for them and a they get their meds given to them, at the same time each day....they get on track

before you know it, they are released or paroled, sent home with about 4 weeks of medicine....but remember they need direction,with no one to police their medicine, they soon drift into old patterns,and get haphazard about when and what time they taket the meds,...

after a few days of this, the illness starts telling them they dont need medication they stop taking it all together.

after a few weeks...the small voice inside is screaming for medicine!!! but now all the meds are gone, no one can get them in, in a timely manner, so by the time they get back on their medicine they have been without for weeks, and are heading for a full breakdown.


Jan 5 @ 7:14PM  
all I can say is that they are in jail to be punished. If there going to let them do all these fun thing maybe ill go stay

Jan 5 @ 7:18PM  
Now Comet...I will agree with you there! The mentally ill is a whole different catagory and should be treated as such. I was referring to the ones that continuously commit crimes, the habitual offender...they make the choice to do what they do!!

Jan 5 @ 9:08PM  
If they're going to stay in contact with their family, they can write out a letter with pen and paper. Nothing more!
Alright Straddle use your noodle. Paper can be hardened to make a shank. The pen is already a shank in itself. They can't stab anyone physically on the net but perhaps emotionally. ....

Jan 5 @ 10:02PM  
Sam, I didn't know that what I said on here with my personal opinion would make you take me off your friends list. I just really felt that prisons really can't afford to split hairs with every prisoner in prison about who has more rights than others and who is more deserving than others as far as the internet goes. I can't imagine why they would even put you in jail or prison under these conditions, because I don't feel that that would be right.

I think you could have at least emailed me a personal email to me and let me know that you felt that we weren't friends anymore with each other instead of finding out another way over this issue.


Jan 5 @ 10:41PM  
I believe its ok. Internet is no different than the old style letters that are still sent out, Telephone calls that are still made and even pictures that were taken of inmates to send to their family and friends. Now i have even heard of cell phones being used to talk to family and friends and take pictires of themselves. Also fo family using cell phones to send pictures and videos back to the inmates. All supposed to be monitored. They broke the law, this is true. But not all inmates are animals. Go By their crime and behavior in prison beore giving them extra benefits.

Yes Sunshine Yes

Jan 6 @ 3:20PM  
How did I miss this blog? I really think it is a luxury and shouldn't be a granted passtime in prison. Are taxes pay for the internet and the computers. Do you want to pay for this luxury?

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