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what the Hell are you thinking

posted 1/5/2010 7:06:09 AM |
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I just have to say this and I my be hated on this site forever but after about 10yrs I dont care anymore
so look people this is a sexual site not one to find your true love on but not saying you cant but geting pissed off when you see a dick or some pussy on here, come on what do you think this site is for. if your looking for love then just use Match Doc. for god sake and stop getting pissed off when some one wants laid and ask you for it. THIS IS A SEX SITE how hard is that to get
I dont show my dick on here but if some one els wants to hey knock your self out
we are all big boys and big girls on here we have all seen these thing before Right! if not look around on here and you will So stop being haters we are all here for fun and enjoyment SO STOP THE HATE Love or make love or just fuck if thats what you want
Thanks for your time

Oh and by the way the spelling may be off but FUCK spell chek

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what the Hell are you thinking


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Jan 5 @ 7:22AM  
Hael Yeh, I fokkin naver yoos spael chak!

Jan 5 @ 7:49AM  
welcome to the often, blog long...enjoy! seriously, join in the blogs, you will get to know some great peeps, and a few dicks...but we have fun here.

Jan 5 @ 8:57AM  
umm its actully an adult site....just sayin ...

Jan 5 @ 9:04AM  
I don't think it is nearly so much the dick or pussy pics as much as it is the approach many of those people take in trying to get some through emails, blogs, and their profile essays.

Jan 5 @ 9:24AM  
I don't think it is nearly so much the dick or pussy pics as much as it is the approach many of those people take in trying to get some through emails, blogs, and their profile essays.


For instance, I received this today:

hey. my cock needs a ride. would u give him a ride

That's an example of WHAT NOT TO SEND. I don't think anybody here is a "hater". If you are looking for to get laid on here, a little effort needs to be put forth is all. Not just "hey ride my cock".

Jan 5 @ 9:31AM  
Another factor is that with women and crude, lame approaches from guys, and men with scammers, is that they rapidly become conditioned to be negative towards people and the site in reaction to what they encounter.

BTW, welcome to the blogs. You will get a lot more comments if you change your settings to automatically approve all comments.

There are good people here and while many come to find one thing and most fail, they also find something that brightens their day. It is a matter of seeing the glass as half full instead of half empty.

Jan 5 @ 9:50AM  
I do know there are A LOT of good people on here but if you dont like something just say no thanks or thats not the way I roll you dont have to be hating everyone and every thing hell help the rud people. tell the sweet talk not cock talk there are so many walks of life on here and they all want to here something diffrent help them out tell them how you like it. just dont think everyone is an ass rite off there are no crysle balls to know what your thinking so help someone out by saying what you want you my find a diamond in the ruff

Jan 5 @ 10:13AM  
I don't answer a lot of emails I get on here. There are a few reasons. One of the reasons is I don't have time to respond to every single email I get on here and I don't feel some are even worthy of a response (see message I got above). Another reason is when I do respond with a simple "no thanks" then I am still pestered (most of the time). Again, I don't have the time to keep saying, "No, I'm not interested, but thank you.". If anyone reads my essay, they should know what I'm looking for anyways. Sometimes I get a nasty reply if I tell them "No thanks" or a "Why are you on here then?".

I guess I don't feel the need to explain what I'm here for 100 times a day. Again, that is what my essay is for.

Usually the guys or gals that get a response from me are the ones that have something intelligent and/or witty to say that catches my attention and I know that I will be able to hold a conversation with them besides how big my tits are or whether or not I want to chat or use a web cam.

To each their own. I'm not faulting anybody for the reasons as to why they are on here and I don't feel anyone should fault me as to why I'm on here. I find that to be very hypocritical.

Jan 5 @ 10:22AM  
just say no thanks or thats not the way I roll

And most times, after I politely say no. I get the rude letters calling me names, I'm a bitch, cunt, fat, shouldn't be on this site, etc.

Being nice doesn't get ya anywhere here......not with the men.

Jan 5 @ 10:32AM  
but if you dont like something just say no thanks or thats not the way I roll

I used to be that polite. But after getting the "well then you shouldn't be here" and other nasty comments..I got to the point where I say hell with it and just delete. Why should I be polite only to get a nasty and immature reply back?

Jan 5 @ 10:43AM  
well just like you dont like when people are jackoffs to you the people who are trying to been nice get treated like shit because your anoid with some jackoff so who just became the jackoff is all Im saying the world sucks so make it alittle nicer

Jan 5 @ 10:54AM  
Kinda hard to "be nicer" when feeling attacked.

Welcome to the blogs btw...hope you enjoy them.

As for "being nicer", in order to be treated nice, be nice and respectful. Goes both ways.

As the saying goes: "For every action, there is a reaction". Treat me like shit and I'll return the favor. Treat me with respect, and I will treat you with respect.

Jan 5 @ 10:54AM  
Not to be the rude person or the spell check police but damn. I am not a perfect speller but I at least make more sense when I type. As far as the blog goes, like DMBChick said. We don't always have time to respond to everyone and why should we be polite when all we get is nasty come backs for doing so?

Not many guys read my essays. If they can't take the time to read my essays then why should I take the time to repsond to them? If they do read my essays and they get pissed off because I don't want to " hook up, meet and fuck " , why in the hell should they send me nasty emails? They get thier feelings hurt or whatever. That does not give them the right to send me rude and nasty comments. I am allowed on any site I want or choose to be on. I don't give a flying fuck who likes it or doesn't. They can kiss my small fucking ass. I ONLY respond to NICE people and that's my choice.

Jan 5 @ 11:42AM  
There is no need for a "crystal ball" (as you put it) if you are literate. Like the ladies above have said you can look into a persons essay and read exactly what they are into, or check out their blogs/posts and at least TRY to understand what the person is into. And seriously there are not very many women out there that want to be talked to as if they are a brothel whore! And even if you do find that chic are you completely sure you want to put your dick in her? Just because its the net doesn't mean you don't have to make a good first impression.

Welcome to the blogs! Oh and just to let you know use spell check here or you'll never hear the end of it!

Jan 5 @ 12:47PM  
What the Hell are you writing?

IF you have been on this site ten years, and IF you have been reading along much AT ALL, you would already have seen that nearly all people who come around get welcomed, supported or helped in whatever they are asking or talking about. Rude people, the ACTUAL haters, spammers, scammers and assorted assholes or TOS violators in general get slammed and shown the door. People who actually think they can post ONE line and have two dozen people line up to fuck their brains out WITHIN 5 MINUTES get laughed at and ridiculed for being THAT fucking STOOPID.

Also for the record...the line at the top of this place says ADULT DATING. It does NOT say FUCKFEST, WHORES'R'US, ALL CUM ON INN, EVERYONE FUCKS IN HERE or any other things even remotely related. Yes it also says sex personals, but when anyone posts a blog, here are the first two rules that appear in BRIGHT red lettering that many STILL fail to see:
Blog Rules (Yes, there are some rules.)

Do not "broadcast" messages to readers. Example: webcam requests, sex requests, etc.
Blogs that are "simply" of what you're seeking - this is what your profile is for.

The personal ads are in the forums, not on the blogs.

And as for nude pics. There are two choices when uploading a photo. Contains or does not contain nudity. Nudes cannot be seen by free members. And most prefer it that way. I know I do, it is difficult to carry on any sort of intelligent conversation with someone's COCK in my face every time I read a comment from them. Want nudes, there are a gazillion site that will give anyone all they want to see for free. Videos too. Does NOT mean they have to set a nude as a main profile pic either.

Nope...I'm not pissed, angry, upset or bashing you. Or being what I feel is one HELL of an overused line these days, "Don't Hate." Matter of fact, here's one back to you in return for thought, and it's a hell of a lot older.


And a dollars worth of free advice. I am personally one of the biggest advocates for anyone to blog about anything they want to, but starting out around here with "Get a grip" and "What the hell are you thinking" is not going to win anyone any popularity points.

Just my nickel.

Jan 5 @ 12:50PM  
Like the ladies above have said you can look into a persons essay and read exactly what they are into, or check out their blogs/posts and at least TRY to understand what the person is into

Which no one ever does, because they are so excited over your picture, they immediately send you a wanna fuck. How hard is it to tab over and read my essay?? I personally, read anyones & everyones who messages me. That dictates whether or not I'm writing you back.

My essay CLEARLY states why I'm here and my expectaions. But, no one reads it.
Maybe they should show the essay tab 1st, then the profile tab. More people would get the hint.

End all be all to this blog & topic. Life's a bitch. Deal with it. No one here will ever be equally happy. Just ain't gonna happen. Can't please everyone.

Have a good day Sir!

Jan 5 @ 12:50PM  
lol see this works just like a crystal ball and now we all know what a woman wants
thanks for all your comments. now if we can just get everyone to read them

Jan 5 @ 1:02PM  
Have to disagree with that one. You're preaching to the choir.

Neanderthals do not read blogs.

Jan 5 @ 3:43PM  
What a woman wants in a man she will consider fucking: Personality, a bit of small-talk, personal information so that she has recourse should she be assaulted, raped or whatever, the right to know who she is fucking..

What she would prefer: A man (or woman) who is someone with whom she can form some form of bond with before anything physical happens. A person who actually reads her essay section first and determines what exactly she is up for so that she is not bombarded with wanna fucks from every tom with a dick.

What she expects and gets: Oh baby I wanna fuck you, you're so hot (with no picture) or come here and suck my dick/watch me cam/write dirty to me. Can you now understand why women get a bit bent out of shape about this crap?

Men get the same kind of crap only from people who want them to go to pay sites and put out hard earned money or want them to send cash to save their mothers whose heads were trampled by elephants and whatnot.

No one is hating.. we are just fed the fuck up with the same old shit.

Jan 5 @ 4:21PM  
"Much Ado About Nothing"

William Shakespeare
His play is ironically reminiscent.

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