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Men, Get Over Yourselves!!

posted 1/3/2010 10:00:53 PM |
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There comes a time in every woman's life that she finds a man who is dear to her and she absolutely loves his "friendship". She loves the way she can confide in him, trust him, kid around and feel special, cared for and caring in return.

HELLO? Friendship!!

When that man tries to take it to another level, it totally wipes out the whole relationship and everything stops.

Men need to get over themselves and realize what a special "friendship" they have. Period!

After many years of trying to be "friends-only" with men...which I thought was possible...I've come to the conclusion that no, it's not possible!

What's sad is that men make such good friends to's too bad they always fuck it up.

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Jan 3 @ 10:09PM  
want me to bite his ankles smack?

Jan 3 @ 10:17PM  
i think they 'fuck it up'' due to an attraction that probably was there from the beginning

maybe they didn't have what it took up front to tell you? and thru time got to where they had no choice ..?

Jan 3 @ 10:21PM  
A very interesting topic. I'll have to write more about this later. For now, I'm reminded of the scene from When Harry Met Sally.

Jan 3 @ 10:21PM would be the one girl. know it babe.

Jan 3 @ 10:32PM  
Whats worse than that is to be friends with a guy for almost 20 years, see him through becoming a widower then countless breakups and he finally marries a gal only to be told by his new wife "it's not right that you are such close friends with a married have to end the friendship".

WTF..and the asshole did.

I am happy to report his marriage is a miserable failure and he is unhappy as hell, but who am I go gloat.

And no...we were never more than friends...about as close as brother and sister.

Jan 3 @ 10:33PM know it babe

yano upon further thought you should be flatterd that they like you so much they ''played'' friend to try to get closer to you ..till they couldn't take it anymore..yano your animal magnetism....

Jan 3 @ 10:37PM  
Oh "Y" need to be hugged, I can tell it now.

DESERT, mercy girl, that's really sad!

Jan 3 @ 10:38PM  
Oh "Y" need to be hugged, I can tell it now

whatcha waitin for

Jan 3 @ 10:40PM  
Waitin' for the possie to lay off my ass!!

Jan 3 @ 10:40PM  
Any adult male should already know a woman holds the floor & is the only one who can say when. Crossing the line when she isn't ready isn't cool. If she is ready, watch out, here comes ....GODZILLA ....

Jan 3 @ 10:52PM  
That's what it feels like FLAVOR..."Gozilla"!!

Jan 3 @ 11:01PM  
Well men need to lighten up & stop thinking with their dipsticks until it's the right time damn it.

Jan 4 @ 12:57AM  
"In the beginning, God created earth and rested. Then God created man and rested. Then God created woman. Since then, neither God nor man has rested."


Jan 4 @ 1:01AM  
Some women see other women as a threat. Lost two friends young enough to be my sons because their wives got jealous and started freaking out about them wanting to hang around our house even though they were invited as well. Stands to reason that if something was going to happen it would have in the 12 years I knew them before they met these women. And if had not happened by then it was not going to. Then there was one who got jealous of my daughter who was only 13 at the time. Usually these couples do no last and are pretty miserable for the time they are married. The green monster can sure make fools out of some people.

As for men messing up friendships by trying to take it too far, It is because they think with the brain in their pants instead of the one in their head. And it is so annoying.

Jan 4 @ 7:58AM  
[QUOTE] their wives got jealous [QUOTE]

Insecurity in oneself has to be a bitch
You my find that there are a few good men out
there whom you can be friends with Shell..Just gotta' believe

Jan 4 @ 8:13AM  
I have had many guy friends and nothing sexual happened. My best friend for the last 10 years is a male. He has never or wouldn't ever try anything. He looks at me like a sister. He tells everyone I am like his sister. I love him dearly and he loves me and my children. Shit, he even likes and cares about my husband. He gets along with my husband also. He comes to see us when he can and we either go out to dinner or I make something here. My kids adore him. You can be friends with nothing more depending on the person.

Jan 4 @ 10:37AM  
Sucks too....I hate that.

Jan 4 @ 3:40PM  
Thats why all my male friends are gay...most of which are drag queens. Best of both worlds a girl friend and guy freind in one

Jan 6 @ 1:38PM  
You have to become a "fag hag"! They are the perfect male friends. Also great when you need some shoe shopping therapy!

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Men, Get Over Yourselves!!