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Who's better, AT&T or Verizon?

posted 1/2/2010 4:22:27 PM |
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Which company in your opinion has the best wireless plans, coverage, and quality to them, AT&T, Verizon, Alltel, or Sprint? How long have you been a customer with your present cell phone provider, and what type and color phone do you have?

Bonus question:

What's your ring tone on your cell phone?

As for me, I have both a landline and cell phone. My cell phone is with AT&T. Been with them since June 2005. I was with another company prior dto that and they had sold out to another cell phone provider, so i jumped ship and took my cell number with me. Been pretty happy with AT&T ever since.

To be honest, I really don't need a cell phone because I very rarely use it. I do carry it with me when I'm out and about, and it does provide peace of mind when I am out in case I'm in an accident or for whatever the reason is. As for the type of phone, my ex got it for me off ebay. It's a hot pink razor. I have three ring tones on it. The ring tones are "Take on Me" (a-ha), "Voices carry" (Til' Tuesday), and "Love is a Battlefield" (Pat Benatar).

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Jan 2 @ 4:38PM  
I also am with AT&T for cell, as well as home phone, internet, and TV. I was with T-Mobile but they kept dropping calls in the middle of a call. I had a Hot pink razor that wore out and replace it with a Nokia. I have 3 ring tones. "I just called to say I love you" for my wife, "Jump" for my son, and the regular tone for everyone else.

Jan 2 @ 4:46PM  
I don't think we get the service of that provider around my area. My ex had it with T-mobile when she got here and she had to go with another provider here.

I have Verizon for my landline, AT&T for cell phone, and Time Warner for my tv and internet service.

Time Warner has been bugging me to death about switching to their landline service now since I went with their high speed internet recently. I'm still waiting to see what happens in the spring with Verizon selling their landlines here to a company called Frontier. If and when that happens I will look into going with a Time Warner landline phone.

Jan 2 @ 4:56PM  
Toughy. I enjoyed both companies!!!

Jan 2 @ 5:05PM  
I have Verizon- had them for over 8 years now! Quite satisfied with their service and convenient to pay my bill online! I dropped my land line last year! Used to use it for my fax machine! The money I save by dropping my land line, almost pays my cell phone bill! I take it wherever I go- I have an auto charger for it!

and what type and color phone do you have?

Mine is a Samsung now- the last one was too! This one is silver colored! Even my flat screen TV is a Samsung- previous CRT TV was a Samsung- had it for 10 years! Very good success with Samsung!

You working for the Census Bureau now??

It's a hot pink razor.

Heh... I can see why you don't use it much!


Jan 2 @ 5:05PM  
I've been with Verizon. They've got a ton of towers in the tri-state area I'm licensed in, and even indoors I've never had a problem of calls being dropped or sending.

Jan 2 @ 5:08PM  
Sprint - 7 years

Blackberry - Black

Ring tone is a standard old phone ring. It's a damn phone not an orchestra - I really hate those annoying ring tones and jingles.

Jan 2 @ 5:10PM  
I only use my cell four to ten times a year. I lives in my car. It is different than anyone else's as it sounds like a telephone. I don't even have voice mail programmed. It is a Kyocera and I like it as it has a big keypad. I am prone to what is called "fumble fingers", so that is a plus. It cost me nothing to get it. My carrier is Virgin Mobil and I am fairly happy with them. I go to some pretty out of the way places and it doesn't drop the signal.

Jan 2 @ 5:10PM  
i'm with at&t, been with them for over 3 years. coverage is good, i used it while i was driving. sprint, i got one of their wireless internet things, and wish i'd never done it. they would not set me up on an auto pay and i was constantly behind. finally i told them if they wouldn't do it, to cancel. and fuck their early termination fee. it might bend my credit but wouldn't break it. because of their record with me, i wouldn't suggest them to anyone. and i have since heard they have a bad habit of screwing up peoples payments.

as for the others, never dealt with them, so couldn't say.

Jan 2 @ 5:12PM  
Oh, due to land line experience, I can't stand AT&T and refuse to do business with them. Verizon has been pretty good, they provide my cable TV, land line, and FiOs Internet.

Jan 2 @ 5:21PM  
Greenie for you, a very useful post for people seeking to switch carriers.

Jan 2 @ 5:24PM  
Greenie for you, a very useful post for people seeking to switch carriers
Thanks, Bruce!

Jan 2 @ 6:05PM  
Home phone and internet is with At&T, cell phone is with Tracfone. I didn't see the necessity of another bill for a phone I hardly use. Mine is just a flip phone, Motorola, has a camera. Ringtone is Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. I also have Twisted Transistor by KoRn, Enter Sandman by Metallica, and Paradise City by Guns N Roses.

Jan 2 @ 6:07PM  
AT&T is the devil, but I have landline, net and cellphone service with them. I hate AT&T because 3x in the past 2 years their internet has cut out on me. In one particular case, the tech came and switched the wrong wires to my family's apartment, causing us to go without phone service for a week, and internet for two weeks. I raged. Their gaffe didn't show up on the bill, but I wasn't too happy. They also sent me to the credit bureau by mistake when I transferred my service to my new place. AT&T is...ugh.

My mobile service isnt too bad, except the signal where I used to stay was terrible. Its great here. I have 7 ringtones since I get bored easily:

Theme to Dexter
"Superconnected" by Broken Social Scene
"Mercury" by Bloc Party
"Cherry Blossom Girl" by Air
"Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse
"Kim and Jessie" & "We Own the Sky" by M83

Jan 2 @ 6:49PM  
Until I moved out-of-country, I was with AT&T and I was very satisfied with their service. My phone is this fabulous purple color and I'm so loving it because not everyone has a purple phone. As far as my ringtone goes...I guess I'm a bit boring. I just use one of the standard ringtones that comes with the phone. Come to think of it...the Jaws theme would be perfect for someone in my life right now.

Jan 2 @ 7:48PM  
I had sprint a few years ago and they kept over charging me, plus the service sucked in my opinion. Went with ATT&T for a bit, and that service for us anyway wasn't that great. I now have Verizon and love it. I hardly ever lose calls and they don't overcharge me like Sprint did. Never tried T-Mobile. Hubby has Sprint ( cause it is a work phone and they pay for it ) , when I call him, he is always dropping the phone call. The service sucks.

Have had my blackberry for a few months now with verizon and haven't had any problems with them. They are pretty good when you call them with a problem and I like that. Good customer service. They fixed my phone for me and didn't even charge me. ( I don't have the insurance either )

Land line is also with Verizon, but we have thier FIOS internet, and tv.

Ring tones:

a thousand miles from no where ( dwight yoakam)
addicted ( saving abel )
beer for my horses ( toby keith)
believe ( staind )
wasted ( carrie underwood )
crack a bottle ( eminem )
fast as you ( dwight yoakam)
how do you like me now ( toby keith )
i love this bar ( toby keith )
i wanna talk about me ( toby keith ) -- hahah I use this for text messages ... lol
i want you ( savage garden )
psycho ( puddle of mudd )
right round ( flo rida )
all i want ( staind )
bad girlfriend ( theory of a deadman )
hate my life ( theory of a deadman )

I have alot of them lol. Keep downloading them and use different ones for different people. Love going to for more.

Jan 2 @ 9:29PM  
What's your ring tone on your cell phone?
I have some kind of weird ring but I want this one to my verizon phone.

Jan 2 @ 10:11PM  
VirginMobile, NO contract, $30 a month for 300 minutes.

Jan 3 @ 12:22AM  
Have T-Mobil for my cell and wireless home phone. Had Cingular before they went back to AT&T. Had a couple Nokias then a Crackberry - got rid of that for another Nokia....more reliable and better reception for my uses. Where I used to work, the room we were in was referred to as the vault, because it was a concrete room for security. T-Mobil was the only carrier that worked in there without dropping.

Ringtones for a few special people.....right CL

Jan 3 @ 12:27AM  
I've had Verizon for the entire time I've had a cell phone. I've been impressed with their coverage. I remember going up into the boondocks of Maine for a wedding a few years ago. My sister and myself (both having Verizon) were the only people that could get any reception at all.

Jan 6 @ 1:53PM  
I'm very happy with Virgin Mobile. No contracts. $50.00 a month gets me free nights that start at 7:00pm & weekends, 400 (I think?) anytime minutes, & unlimited texting. Great customer service (AMERICANS!).

Jan 6 @ 1:55PM  
P.S. Good taste in music, Staddle!

Jan 6 @ 9:51PM  
P.S. Good taste in music, Staddle!

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Who's better, AT&T or Verizon?