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posted 1/1/2010 6:13:38 PM |
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I fucking don't...answer calls from "Withheld" numbers. I mean really, come on. Who the fuck would answer a call from someone who withholds their number. Doesn't work for me, don't think twice about who could it be, and I am not hoping they leave a voice message so I will know who the fuck it is...I don't need to know. I already know it is a paranoid fucktard that apparently doesn't trust who he is calling or he/she has something to hide that I am not looking to find. any thoughts?

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Jan 1 @ 6:19PM  
ahhh shit, i usually dont answer mine when I know who it is.......

Jan 1 @ 6:25PM  
I don't answer calls when the number is blocked and I sure as shit don't answer the damn 800 numbers. Thankful for caller ID and Call intercept. Sometimes I will answer the 800 ones, and just not say a word and let them hang up. Other times I let them hear the kids ( use speaker phone ) and they hang up ! Guess they don't like kids .

Jan 1 @ 6:26PM  
hell i answer em....but then i'm an asshole soooo if they realy want to be stupid i'm perfect ..cause i can hang with the best of em' and make some quit their jobs lol

Jan 1 @ 6:34PM  
Ha! Whisperin...your on the right track...I only answer if I want to or if it's my Mom...she deserves my time and respect. crack me up! Never thought about just not saying anything....
Ynot...I don't get it???

Jan 1 @ 6:45PM  
I learned from my mother in law I guess? I used to complain about the calls and she told me one day that all she did when she had my son visiting her ( 6 yr old ) , she would let him talk to them and they wouldn't stay on long. So I came up with the idea of not saying a word and waiting for them to hang up or let them hear all of the kids. Best when the kids are arguing or being loud playing

Jan 1 @ 6:50PM  
If only Talulah could talk....or really if I could do voice inpersonations....I would talk to them like Sly talks to his turtles on The Rocky Movie.....cuff and link....

Jan 1 @ 6:53PM  
Ynot...I don't get it???

pranks....telemarketers who don't understand ''i'm busy thank you '' etc....i'm their worst nightmare.....more experience then most all of them that call in controlling the conversation.....

Jan 1 @ 6:56PM  
Oh I Lakota. LOL Confuses the heck out of them because they probably do not have anyone there to translate.

Jan 1 @ 7:09PM  
I am sure it would be funny to answer in a different language than they were expecting...I just don't answer....and really I think I am not supposed to be up yet....Thank god for old Rocky movies...I don't have to think....

Jan 1 @ 7:15PM  
Nope. Way I see it....if they have to hide their phone number, then they aren't someone I want to talk to.


Jan 1 @ 7:19PM  
thank you Sugar.....

Jan 1 @ 7:19PM  
Same here, if the number does not pop up as being in my address book..I don't answer and they can leave a message if they want me to return a call.

Jan 1 @ 7:21PM  
A few years ago I had to start screening my phone calls and had to set up to where people had to show themselves on my caller i.d. Why I did this was I had a few girls or young women calling me and leaving sexual messages on my voice mail. I'm guessing they got my name out of the phone book, and the fact that my name is a male. The sexual harrassment from them got pretty old real fast!

Jan 1 @ 7:31PM  
Did you kids know that even if you have someone on call reject they can still leave a voice message? I think that's weird.. ..

Jan 1 @ 7:48PM  
I guess I'm not quite up to speed techno wise with my phone! I can hear only one ring tone with those two large metal bells on the front! It's not quite like one of them there new fangled flip ups I've seen- the receiver lifts off from the side of the phone! The microphone is black and is permanently attached to the front! Only thing you have to do to use it, is crank the windup handle for a few seconds and your good to go! Doesn't have one of them there picture screens tho- guess that's an upgrade. Not really portable tho, it mounts on the wall! Big advantage is- no expensive batteries, so no lost connections- pretty cool huh??


Jan 1 @ 7:52PM  
Same here, if the number does not pop up as being in my address book..I don't answer and they can leave a message if they want me to return a call.

well dayumm......then put me in yer address book n send me your number n THEN i can call

Jan 1 @ 8:01PM  
Are you saying something like caller unknown as in caller I.D. ?

Jan 1 @ 8:20PM  
Forgive me I'm coming in late but if I don't know them I don't answer .....

Jan 1 @ 8:38PM  
Hmmm...I once had fantastic phone sex with someone who called and "withheld" their phone number.

*Now I can't remember if that phone call was real life...or just a fantasy.*


Jan 1 @ 9:04PM crack me up....crankin the phone... ...Late Flavor? Nope...but where ya been hidin lately? Happy New Year! oh and Kit...I would likea recording of you phone sex scenario...I need some practice! ...he haw! ...oh and Flav, the "withheld" pops upwhere the number or caller name would....never had one huh? I get them every so often, but i am just saying I don't answer. Not even a bit curious...

Jan 1 @ 9:09PM  
I agree. I don't answer them either. I can't stand that shit.

Jan 1 @ 9:33PM  
Look^^^^^ Sunshine popped in! Hey honey...did ya have a nice dinner??? Good to see you...missed you all day long!

Jan 1 @ 9:45PM  
Kit...I would likea recording of you phone sex scenario...I need some practice!

Yeah right! Like bunny could EVER learn anything new from me.

Not that I EVER would record my sex escapades on the phone...

Jan 1 @ 10:28PM  
Actually Kit Ihad to kind of wing it the first time I had phone sex, but once you get into a scenario it is easy to keep it up. This is kinda straddlesqe, but I hae this one story line involving a me as a young 16 year old with an older guy and he is teaching me to....well ha....never mind, I cant give you my secrets....

Jan 2 @ 5:01AM  
well ha....never mind, I cant give you my secrets....

You're such a big tease! If begging would get you to spill your story I would definitely try it, but I've since learned that you will only tell your stories when you are good and ready.

I'll be all ears when that day cums...

Feb 13 @ 4:15AM  
You ever heard the guy who answers a telemarketer and tells him it is the crimescene for murder of the guy he is calling? I like to answer Cell Block C,
FBI Tip Line. Sex Change Organ Donor Center. LOL

Apr 15 @ 2:01PM  
A lot of large companies autoblock every extension so people cannot call directly back into the same person everytime... so occasionally I do answer blocked calls especially if I have just left a message with a large company.

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