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AMD Week in Review

posted 1/1/2010 6:02:09 PM |
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Well, here we are, a Review that will cover blogs from last year to the New Year. So, let’s put 2009 behind us and look forward to 2010 and make sure it’s a better year for all.

And we start off with a new blogger, karma who blogs about “The day after Christmas”. She blogs about “the one” in the family who seems to make a big production out of the holidays. Seems she’s got it under control with her idea of including the reciepts to the gifts for that particular “one”.

RevDocLov gave us a chuckle with “Twas the Night After Christmas” Who would have thought Santa would have to use our court systems.

Secretsexkitten had a “Quick poll”. She wanted peoples ideas of what makes a better profile pic. Seems the majority prefer a face pic.

Sunshine79 blogged about “Most Ignorant”, then retitled it “Most Ignorant: Edited” as she added a link to the original blog. All I’ve got to say is, they’re all over, not located in just one area.

casuallylooking gave us a repost of “Day At The Office”. Loved reading that one again CL. Thanks!

1bunny629 said “You’ve Got Mail” and shared a couple of emails she received from a couple of……..admirers? Don’t you just love em?

whisperingcomet wrote about “Pitter Patter of little feet” a cute story about her daughter’s Christmas morning. I remember my sisters and I just running into our parents room to wake them up on Christmas morning. Nowadays…kids text their parents to get them up.

selectusername entertained us with some “TUNES

PinkToeNails wrote about “Typical scammer profile!” Ah yes, wouldn’t be an online dating site without the occasional scammer. Of course this one couldn’t decide whether he has a son or a daughter. I mean, seriously, if they’re going to try to run a scam, they need to keep their story straight.

Hot4you120 asked “do you think I could sleep my way to the top?” I don’t know, give it a try a let us know.

ShadowMale shared with us “People and their asses.-A practical guide to cyber bullying”. Here’s an idea folks. One can’t be a “cyber bully” if one is ignored. Right?

sawduster..I loved this blog . “some things sure stir up something. Not to be used without caution” A fun blog coming up with insults. All done in fun, not meant to go after anyone.

Lunanegra gave us “Fill it in…” A fill in the blank blog. Something for everyone to have fun with.


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Jan 1 @ 6:10PM  
flavorbuster[/B] said “I HAVE A THOUGHT FOR ALL OFYOU!!!” A link to Nights In White Satin by Moody Blues. I love that song!

Sunshine79 gave us a chuckle with her “Horse Races” blog. And who would have thought a “horse” could use the phone?

whisperingcomet asked us if we have plans on “New Years Eve….” Whatever your plans….just remember to have fun… but DO NOT drink and drive . It’s not worth it to spend the time in jail, or, worse yet, losing a life.

KitKat25 asked “Who Do You Look Like”. And before any of us smart asses could give the answer “myself”, she told us not too.

Sunshine79 told us about “The Conch Light”. A humorous story about one person’s “bright idea” to make a night light out of a conch.

Soft_touch938, in hitting the wrong key, gave us two blogs titled “Post Christmas Post”. The first one, no message in it, so AMD members ran away with it by posting their own messages. The second one, Softie put in her original message. Both have turned out to be fun blogs. Way to go Softie!!!

RJ53 shared her holiday with some of America’s troops in “Just kids”. She gave our troops a wonderful Christmas dinner at her house. Way to go!!!!!!!

DesertSmile clued us in on the importance of communication in her blog “Open Sexual Discussions”. No, it’s not a blog of erotica, but, one of partners having an open disussion with one another on what they like, or, fantasize about in sex.

whisperingcomet has invited everyone to a trip to the past this in “New Years Eve…Part II” She wants to go back to the simpler, much more relaxed days of the 1940’s.

Straddlemynose blogged “My BENGALS clinched the AFC north division!” Congrats on your Bengals doing a great job this year!

Straddlemynose then moved on to blog about “Women feet crushing and butt crushing on toy cars, plush toys, and fruits” What can I say? The title speaks for itself. And THEN he blogs about one of his favorite subjects in “Facesitting! ”.

Lunanegra blogged about “Total Disclosure”. An interesting blog about telling someone the whole truth. Definite kudo for this blog.

whisperingcomet said “Just so everybody knows we ain’t no dummies” and opened up a discussion on literature.

Straddlemynose asked everyone “What did you get for Christmas?” I got………stuff. Then he goes and shows his kinky side yet again with “[B]Would you want to be tied up and blindfolded during foreplay?” [B]


Jan 1 @ 6:17PM  
Soft_touch938[/B] said “Down with Christmas” No, not THAT!! She meant she took down her Christmas decorations . And asked whether people like pennies because she had heard that “they were thinking of doing away with pennies”. Pennies never bother me.

KitKat25 asked “What Movies Can You Watch Over And Over Again?” Saw a lot of good movies listed.

RevDocLov gave us a chuckle with “Stud Service”. Wonder if the little boy ever figured out what “Pa got for Howard”.

girlcountry wished Pink Toenails a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

girlcountry is also “Worried” about her dad. Prayers and thoughts with you and your family.

Lisa46 asked us to share “Real Stories” about Christmas, or, Christmas past that make us smile.

Wordsofwit posted a link for a “Free Site For Watching Videos” I’m going to have to find time to check that out.

Max49 showed us “Stupid Cops” who gave up a pursuit once it crossed state lines because the other state is “an hour ahead”.

Dmbchick420 shared “Last Day of Class” That little Johnny, he sure knows how to make an impression.

Warm welcome to new blogger KayJay19 who wrote “Ask KayJay [Round 1.….FIGHT!]” Telling everyone to go ahead and ask him questions.

Straddlemynose asked “What would you request your s/o to send you by mail?” I’d have to say I’m with WoW, Skwirl, Desert, and Dione on the handwritten letter. Of course, add a little cologne for a nice touch.

whisperingcomet shared her “New Years Resolution” Comet… wishes to you on that one.

Hot4you120 is “just wandering” if he were an immigrant and needed his green card how many ladies here would consider marrying him. I don’t think he’d have much problem finding someone willing to help him.

Somnium shared a blog about “Giant B-29 RC Model Airplane Flight Demo”. That would be one helluva a model airplane to have.


Jan 1 @ 6:25PM  
Straddlemynose[/B] asked everyone “How many situps can you do at once?”. I remember when I could do 60, now, yikes…only 20!

Wordsofwit had us sharing in “What are your hobbies and specialized interests?” These blogs giving each other a look into the things we do are always fun.

Sunshine79 shared a cute “What’s His Name?” story about keeping pets names straight.

Max49 gave us a chuckle with “Earring”. Only earring I’d better find in my bed is one of my own.

Surv6969 gave us our weekly NFL update in “Weekly NFL Results. Colts lost. Why the starteds played as long as they did[B].” What can I say? The Lions…stomped by 14 points.

Sunshine79 got us all talking about “Soups & Crackers?” Nice hot bowl of chili on a cold winters day sounds good.

Wordsofwit gave us some tunes in “Jethro Tull ” to listen to.

Ok, here we go:
Ynot7769, Somnium, and DarkKnightWalking gave us something to “think” about in their blogs: Ynot???, I had a thought, and Well, this is what I think. I “think” these 3 were up to raising some hell. And why not? It was fun!!!!!!! The way it used to be around here.

Straddlemynose asked us ladies about “Men’s chest hair”, if we preferred men with hairy chest or bare. I personally like a man with a hairy chest.

And our three fun guys,
Ynot7769, Somnium, and DarkKnightWalking were at it again with their blogs: “OMG!!! Someone got to cottontail”. “Hokey…NOW I remember!”, and “Attention, Man with the hat”, and let‘s not forget “NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA YOUR IT!!!!! . And Ynot broke out the hi jacking sign! The good ole days…when blogs were hijacked for FUN!!!!!!! We need more of that.

Fordman showed up and said “OK, Time to start some shit!” He was asking what we in PERVIA think of Lady GaGa. And I still say she’s a “Madonna wannabe”!

PurpleProphet popped in with “Missed me,missed me”..then he asked the ladies for a smooch.

Somnium exclaimed “Damn! It’s cold here. Yep, it’s frakkin cold here!!!

BlueEyes708 asked “Does anyone remember?[B]” The show Laugh In. Yes, I remember watching it with my Dad and my sister.


Jan 1 @ 6:27PM  
Dharma shared an idea on “my thoughts on a possible cure for impotency” . She has an idea for massages …and if you wanna know for what …you’re gonna have to read her blog.

Soft_touch938 shared “New Things”. Yep, she’s gone gold! Now she can see all of those “naughty” pics.

Ok, I’m going to stop at this one and wrap it up for now. I will pick up where I left off for the next Review. I just want to take this space to wish every one of my friends here a Happy New Year and best wishes for all of you. Let’s make 2010 a kick ass year!!!!!!!!

Jan 1 @ 6:36PM  
Superb job as usual......

Jan 1 @ 6:40PM  
DAMN.....we did some blogging this week, and great job!

Jan 1 @ 6:43PM  
Man, we had a busy week after all; it must have been the Holiday Spirits talking to us.

Good job.

Jan 1 @ 7:02PM  
Great review as usual

Jan 1 @ 7:16PM  
I am wore the fuck out...I couldn't even remember what mail I was talkin about or the blog either...Yes, a long frakin week...can we nix nay on the holiday shit for awhile...I can't handle another one...

Jan 1 @ 7:20PM  
You got it goin' on Very good

Jan 1 @ 7:22PM  
Another job well done, Dawn!

Jan 1 @ 7:24PM  

Jan 1 @ 8:08PM  
You have a talent, my dear, for disseminating large amounts of blog entries and summarizing them in a way that is interesting and informative to all. As a result, you have contributed to a heightened sense of community
and camaraderie among blog contributors.

Thank you!



Jan 1 @ 8:17PM  
Another standing ovation for you my friend! For yet another job well done!!!

How about a year in review!?!??!

Jan 1 @ 8:29PM  
How about a year in review!?!??!

LMAO @ Pink

Shhh...You'll make Sugar quit if you push for a year in review.

Awesome job Sugar! Leaving you a greenie...and a standing O.


Jan 1 @ 8:47PM  
How about a year in review!?!??!

I thought about that. It made my head hurt for a while, even when it was in theory and even if somebody else was doing it. It would be awesome. However, I think it would be near impossible to do and from personal experience, a week in review would take me 10 hrs. If I were to start a year in review now, I would probably finish some time in August.

These things are really hard and time consuming. I say that by way of thanking sugar for her hard work.

Jan 1 @ 9:23PM  
Thank you everyone. I'm glad you enjoy these reviews. aspiringwriter is right, these are time consuming. He should know, he's written a few of these himself.

A year in review? It's a nice thought....but...HELL NO!!! Just doing a week in review is hard enough!

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AMD Week in Review