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Soup & Crackers?

posted 12/29/2009 11:50:43 AM |
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tagged: fuck, food, sunshine

Anybody up for having soup & crackers with me?? Brrr......It' chilly out, even for the Southern States, lol

Are you a soup, bisque, chowda or stew person?

Do you do crackers or not?

I love my Grandma's Split Pea & Ham, Yum!

I do love a good, hearty chicken & rice, with crackers.

What is it you enjoy?

Anybody wanna fuck?

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Dec 29 @ 11:54AM  
my fav, is homemake vegatable and beef served with a big slice of cornbread...yum-----my!

Dec 29 @ 12:00PM  
I love french onion soup with cheese on top

Dec 29 @ 12:04PM  
Beef stew...or vegetable soup..homemade. Stew is saltine crackers with butter on them, soup is saltine crackers crumbled up and dumped in the soup.

Don't wanna fuck today....not in the mood...

Dec 29 @ 12:17PM  
Hmm.. Fav soups... My turkey soup is good but have only made it twice and no crakcers. The Turkey casserole is even better! Having that tonight.
Love tomato soup with crackers and grilled cheese.
Chicken soup with crackers.. Yummy...I like to put the noodles on top of the cracker and soften the cracker just a little bit to eat it.

Never tried a beef stew with crackers. Usually When I do that we use rolls to go with it. Cornbread is mostly used for my chilli.

Dec 29 @ 12:19PM  
Oh.. forgot a fav soup that I don't make cause hubby and kids don't care for it. Never did crackers with it but damn I wish I could make it. Waste if I make it just for me. My mom used to make this and showed me how. It's ham, beans, potatoes and bacon. It's awesome.

Dec 29 @ 12:20PM  
I love my harvest stoup. It's made with burger and veggies and that's pretty much it.. it's yummy. I like a slice of oatmeal bread with a bit of butter on it along with the stoup.

Dec 29 @ 12:20PM  
I completely forgot about tomato soup! I love tomato soup with grilled cheese...mmmmm.

Dec 29 @ 12:28PM  
I like em all!

Dec 29 @ 12:51PM  
I love tomato soup or chili loaded down with crackers. I really like Ritz crackers with chili.

Dec 29 @ 12:57PM  
New England Clam Chowder!!!! All time fav. In a close second is mom's cheesey potato soup. No crackers, if its a good soup/chowder you don't need them.

Dec 29 @ 1:21PM  
Cream of tomato with oyster crackers and grilled cheese
Chili 'n oyster crackers..They don't get real soggy like saltines..

Dec 29 @ 1:31PM  
I love soup on a cold day. Crackers crumbled on top makes it even better.

Dec 29 @ 2:00PM  
I love all soups and stews, but I really like a good lentil or split pea! Where I work they make a soup of the day and then one for the evening as well as gumbo everyday. The gumbo kinda gives me indigestion, but I like it. I get to bring left over soup home to enjoy. That is really nice. My favorite they do is lentil, which is kinda weird for some, but I really like it. It is thick like split pea. Crackers...oh yeah! Sorry your could Sunshine! I am sending you warm thoughts!

Dec 29 @ 2:20PM  
I meant sorry your cold....didn't have my contacts in.....

Dec 29 @ 2:22PM  
Lobster Bisque, a bit rich, but one of my favorites none the less.

Dec 29 @ 2:51PM  
Lobster Bisque, a bit rich, but one of my favorites none the less.

I am with you there. When I worked at the Hyatt thirty years ago, the employee's cafeteria served the most wonderful lobster, crab, or shrimp bisque. I remember it well and fondly!!! My daughter makes a marvelous bisque for seafood, she is quite a cook.

I wound up yesterday coming up with two ham butt portions for twenty five cents a pound. Yeah, two is a bit much for one person, but at that price, I couldn't let them ride. I will do one up tomorrow and then follow up with a big pot of split pea and ham soup. I do a bad ass version of it. Plus, the aroma wafting through the house really brightens a cold day!

Dec 29 @ 3:03PM  
You all are making me hungry for soup !!!!!

Dec 29 @ 3:19PM  
My recipe for split pea soup is very simple to do, if you do it right. It is very time consuming. Get your pot boiling and put in the ham bone(s) and rind. Then simmer for a couple of hours. Remove the bones and rind. Then add the split peas, bring to a boil for two minutes returning to simmer. Then add in your ham, fresh garlic, carrots and onions, at let it simmer slowly for hours...magic!!! This formula works for bean and bacon, lentil, and a few other soups. On those last two I add a cup of red table wine to the mix like a merlot or cabernet sauvignon.

Dec 29 @ 3:41PM  
Are you a soup, bisque, chowda or stew person?

Soup and chowder mit crackers for me!


Dec 29 @ 4:42PM  
My favorite is cream of potato with lots of bacon and cheese.
Chili is always good and so is a good beef stew.

Dec 29 @ 4:44PM  
I feel, and have been told, that I do a good variant of that using beer instead of water.

Dec 29 @ 4:45PM  
My favorite is cream of potato with lots of bacon and cheese.

Oops, forgot the reference!

Dec 29 @ 4:56PM  
I love my harvest stoup. It's made with burger and veggies

Geez Skwirly girl that is what we make our veggie soup with except we add pototoes yummy

Chili with peanut butter sandwichs, New England Clam Chowder with oyster crackers and of course veggie soup with crackers. That is about all the soups I really enjoy oh wait don't forget soup beans with cornbread shit wish I had the makings for Chili guess I'll call my sister and ask her to make a grocery stop for me

Dec 29 @ 5:21PM  
My favorite would have to be MY fish chowda (yeah we do say chowda up here in maine) with oyster crackers.

And damn you now you made me hungry for fish chowda and I refuse to go out into the frigid cold to get it, of course the bus's are about ready to stop running so no way i'm walking!

Dec 29 @ 5:37PM  
Oh yeah...I forgot about the Gouda Ale soup they make at is so rich any creamy you could float in it!

Dec 29 @ 5:47PM  
I usually make stew with veggies and whatever meat I have on hand, beef, buffalo, venison or a combination of whatever. Usually turns out well and the kids always liked it.

Dec 29 @ 6:15PM  
All of this soup talk has me wanting soup now. lol. Feeding sis , her fiance , my kids and hubby my turkey casserole and I am making myself a grilled cheese with tomato soup and crackers !!!!!!!

Dec 29 @ 6:32PM  
I make 4 good soups.

Navy Bean & Ham
Vegetable Beef
Chicken Noodle, and
Broccoli & Cheese.

Crackers in ALL of them!

Dec 29 @ 6:47PM  
Everybody, and our weather...brrr, is making me hungry for soup. I will just have to wait until I do the ham tomorrow and get the soup doing afterwards, two days out.

But I will just have to settle for left over prime rib, potatoes, carrots, and onions. I may be a pauper to an extent, but I will eat, and eat well!!! I will do this over a fire, running short of firewood, while watching whatever bowl game is on this evening.

Dec 29 @ 6:55PM  
Well I think everyone just about covered all the bases on this one! Yum! Let's eat! I'm hungry now! Can't make up my mind which I want, soup, chili, stew, it's all sounding good!!

Thanks Sunshine....we're all starved to death now!!

They all sound sooooooooooooooooooo good!!!!!!!

Dec 29 @ 7:08PM  
Navy Bean & Ham

Did you ever make it with smoked pork hocks/..Just boil 'em up for a great base..
Strip the lean ham/pork from the bones and mmm mm good

Dec 29 @ 8:09PM  
Well, I'll take some chili and crackers

Dec 29 @ 8:09PM  
Mexican tortilla and chicken soup
Winter squash soup with crusty bread
Corn chowder with oyster crackers
Cheddar and Beer soup with kielbasa sausage
Chili with corn tortillas or corn bread

also love lentils, split pea soup w/ ham, beef stew and veggie soups.

Dec 29 @ 9:30PM  
Broccoli & Cheese


Dec 29 @ 9:36PM  
Making Me Souper Hungry!!

Dec 29 @ 9:37PM  
Chilly outside? Geez! It's a balmy 16 outside up here in Michigan.

I like homemade chicken noodle with crackers. Got to have my crackers.

Dec 30 @ 1:05AM  
There is a restaurant here that makes broccoli-cheese-jalapeno soup that is to die for!

I make Taco Soup that is so good! My recipe came from the school cafeteria, believe it or not!


Dec 30 @ 1:58AM  
I like just about any kind of soup except vegetable (the veggies are too mushy for my tastes). Not a big fan of stew for the same reason. Yesterday I had croutons in my cream of tomato soup. I've been craving my baked potato soup...with homemade bread!

Dec 30 @ 6:55AM  
Making Me Souper Hungry!!

LOL she's so clever!!

Dec 30 @ 9:05AM  
I feel, and have been told, that I do a good variant of that using beer instead of water.
I don't use water, just chicken broth. How can you go wrong with beer? I will have to try it next time.

Dec 30 @ 3:52PM  
Just got a quart of slow cooked beef stew from my friend a few doors over and it smells great. Only problem is, I don't eat meat.....Oh well the stew still looks good. Guess I'll save the beef for the dogs on the other side of the road.

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Soup & Crackers?