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What Movie(s) Can You Watch Over And Over And Over Again?

posted 12/28/2009 5:24:02 AM |
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You know how you come across a movie from time to time that you really enjoy? A movie that mesmerizes you and makes you want to watch it again...even if you just finished watching it that very day?

Well, I consider myself a total movie person. What can I say...I love movies!

And this got me to thinking about all the movies I've watched over the years...and which ones I've watched over and over again. So I thought I would pose this question in the land of Pervia.

What movie(s) can you watch over and over and over again?

Me? I've watched the following movies at least 5 times and some of them many more times than that.

1. Good Will Hunting
2. The Wedding Singer
3. My Best Friend's Wedding
4. E.T.
5. Jurassic Park Trilogy
6. Field of Dreams
7. Titanic
8. Gone with the Wind
9. Under the Tuscan Sun
10. Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark
11. Dirty Dancing
12. Wedding Crashers
13. The Devil Wears Prada
14. Back to the Future
15. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
16. Steel Magnolias
17. My Cousin Vinny
18. Romancing the Stone
19. Ghost
20. The Pelican Brief
21. Reality Bites
22. Speed
23. Enemy of the State
24. Die Hard Movies
25. Say Anything
26. Footloose
27. The Little Mermaid
28. The Wizard of Oz
29. Top Gun
30. The Mambo Kings

There is no limit on the amount of movies you can list and no...I will not tell you how many times I've watched #11. I'm taking that bit of information to the grave.

Your turn...

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Dec 28 @ 6:21AM  
Die Hard ( original )
Brave Heart
The Patriot ( Mel Gibson )
Lethal Weapon
Tears of the Sun
Lord of the Rings
And many more even a good porno or two !!!
I watched Platoon eight times in a row which each time saw something I missed, then eventually noticed acting that could have been better to make a scene more realistic but what the Hell it's a classic.

Dec 28 @ 6:32AM  
shawshank redemption
the green mile
the castle.
*and believe it or not..
gone with the wind .
there was another one about ; 50 dates or something, a movie about a girl who loses her memory after a car accident and a determined lover trying to win her over. every morning she wakes up she is back re-living the same day with no memory of the day before.
no doubt i'll think of it later.

Dec 28 @ 6:44AM  
a few of my favs....

The Dirty Dozen
Wedding Crashers
Kelly's Heros
Gone with the wind
anything with Kurt Russell...

Dec 28 @ 6:55AM  
Forgot to mention films with Kevin Costner. He is a very good & convincing actor.

Dec 28 @ 7:16AM  
Flavorbuster: Wow...Platoon is great, but I don't know if I could watch it that many times. I'm also a big fan of Mel Gibson and Kevin Costner so I love your movie picks.

Tassie: The name of the movie you couldn't remember is 50 first dates with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. I'm a big fan of this movie.

Comet: I love Kurt Russell...He is definitely hot!

Good movie picks so far Pervia. Keep them coming...

Dec 28 @ 7:42AM  
My Cousin Vinny

Cat Baloo 60's with Jane Fonda and Lee Marvin....he won academy award for his dual rolls....

Dec 28 @ 7:53AM  
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
Planes, Trains and Automobiles

After that, it is easier to put them in categories:

Abbott and Costello
Marx Brothers
Laurel and Hardy
War movies
James Bond with Sean Connery or Roger Moore
Gangster flicks
Most John Wayne
Most Janes Cagney
Most Humphrey Bogart

Dec 28 @ 8:08AM  
How to Lose a guy in 10 days
Mamma Mia
White Christmas
that's all I can think of right now

Dec 28 @ 8:24AM  
I have a serious of ADHD so unless the movie is really good,I only watch it once..
Not a big movie fan

Dec 28 @ 8:44AM  
My sister's keeper ( man I couldn't stay dry eyed through most of it )
How to lose a guy in 10 days
All of the bring it on movies ( cheerleading )
Green mile
Santa claus movies
Star wars movies
Wedding singer
Wedding crashers
Dirty dancing
Pretty woman
Both of the Miss congeniality movies
Practical magic
The proposal ( I like Sandra Bullock )
A knight's tale because I loved Heath Ledger and have seen alot of his movies. Very talented.

Can't think of the others but I do have a long list lol. I also like watching t.v series over and over.

Dec 28 @ 8:45AM  
It's a Wonderful Life
Miracle on 34th Street
Gone with the Wind
The Sound of Music
The Wizard of Oz

Dec 28 @ 8:55AM  
2. The Wedding Singer
I can watch this one over and over. The song at the end on the plane was my wife and I's first dance.

But my number 1 movie is GLADIATOR.

Dec 28 @ 9:15AM  
White Christmas
Holiday Inn
Christmas in CT
Double Indemnity
Any 40's or 50's gangster movie
And movie with Betty Davis or Katherine Hepburn
Meet John Doe
Mr Smith Goes To Washington

And so many more that I can't name them all!!

Dec 28 @ 10:14AM  
Wow. I love movies so one list could never include all of them. But the following selections are some of my all-time favorites.

Finding Nemo
White Christmas
Its a Wonderful Life
A Christmas Carol
The Day The Earth Stood Still
High Noon
The Natural
As Good As It Gets
Stalag 17
The Goodbye Girl
When Harry Met Sally
To Kill A Mockingbird
Forrest Gump


Dec 28 @ 10:36AM  
Cast Away
All the Kevin Smith movies (Clerks, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, etc.)
American Beauty
Lady In The Water
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
Fight Club
The Big Lebowski
Bruce Almighty

There are more, but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

Dec 28 @ 11:31AM  
The Breakfast Club

Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Dazed And Confused

Full Metal Jacket

Gone In 60 Seconds


How High

Dec 28 @ 12:19PM  
Jurassic Park Trilogy
Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark
Back to the Future
My Cousin Vinny (absolutely in lust with that girl)
Die Hard Movies
Lethal Weapon
Most War flicks
Most action shoot 'm up movies
Newer versions of The Outer Limits

Any of the classic SciFi movies:

War of The Worlds (original)
Forbidden Planet
20,000,000 Miles to Earth
The Day The Earth Stood Still
When Worlds Collide

Any of The History channel series:

How it Was Made
The Universe
How The Earth Was Made

Any of the Discovery Channel series:

Science series

There are many more, just can't think of them off hand!

Don't even THINK about getting me to watch musicals! I have feelings of course but not for that, unless my partner tricks me into bondage and then whips out a musical DVD or sumphin!! Might not be so bad then......


Dec 28 @ 12:24PM  
Dirty Dancing
To Kill a Mockingbird
Jungle Book
Dirty Harry
Neverending Story...1 & 2
True Grit....or most any of John Wayne movies
The old Jerry Lewis movies (w/out Dean Martin)
The Ghost and Mr. Chicken w/Don Knotts

Dec 28 @ 12:57PM  
Good lists.

Dec 28 @ 1:01PM  
geeezzzzzzzzz I could go on forever, but as of now...
Shawshank Redemption...Morgan Freeman's voice lulls me to sleep everynight.
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
Conagher, with Sam Elliott

There is a ton more, but I can't list them all. Apparently I have spent many hours watching or listening to movies. I am a movie hound! Cute Blog!

Dec 28 @ 2:22PM  
There are three that come to mind

Smoke Signals
Dance Me Outside
In The Spirit of Crazy Horse

Any DVD I happen to own for the rest.

Dec 28 @ 2:23PM  
Trading Places
Moulin Rouge
The Fifth Element(every time its on tv, I'm there )
Chicago (2003 musical)
Forrest Gump
Coming to America
Charlie's Angels(the movie, not the show)
Batman Forever, Batman Returns, and Batman Begins
X-Men,X-2 (X-Men 3 is dead to me)
Mrs. Winterbourne
The Color Purple
Rush Hour
Shrek 2
Weekend at Bernie's
Memoirs of a Geisha (even though it wasnt faithful to the book, but even the book wasnt faithful to real geisha, so whatever..its good Saturday afternoon fluff)
Dumb and Dumber
Bedazzled (the one with Brendan Fraiser)

Dec 28 @ 2:41PM  
Finding Neverland
anything Disney Princess
Over the Hedge
and so many others that I won't hog up any more space writing them. I love movies.

Dec 28 @ 3:37PM  
I would have to say The Breakfast Club as my most watched movie.

others include...

Sixteen candles
The Wedding Singer
Back to the Future (along with pt.2)

Dec 28 @ 8:57PM  
There's a "few" I like to watch:

Purple Rain (saw it last night)
Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Star Wars Trilogy
Jurassic Park Trilogy
Breakfast Club
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Speed II
Lethal Weapon series
Bird On A Wire
Gone With The Wind
Wizard of Oz


Dec 29 @ 2:33AM  
Awesome lists peeps! Some of you even mentioned a few movies I forgot to put on my own list. Thanks so much for sharing your favorite movie picks with me.

Dec 30 @ 4:45AM  
I forgot to mention "Peggy Sue Got Married". That's a pretty good movie.

Jan 3 @ 12:16AM  
Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Dazed And Confused
Both movies that I haven't seen before and need to make their way on to my netflix list.

For the most part, I'd rather see a movie that I haven't seen before. So great is depth and breadth of good movies that I know I haven't seen. Usually when I do want to re-watch a movie, it's because I want to share it with somebody who hasn't seen it yet. So it depends on who I'm with.
One of the exceptions to this is my all time favorite movie, Brazil. I'll watch it, by myself, maybe once a year. It's such a dense mindscape that I usually end up with a whole different appreciation of it whenever I do.

Some other exceptions that were on others people's lists:
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Mr Smith Goes To Washington (or any other Capra Movie)
The Big Lebowski

Jan 6 @ 12:40AM  
Also, The Wedding Singer

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What Movie(s) Can You Watch Over And Over And Over Again?